Oak Golden Bind (Ghost)

The Ghost of Oak Golden.

Oak Golden Bind is a former grand adviser and "secret student" of Princess Celestia, and was surprisingly the original owner of the Golden Oak Libary back when Ponyville was relitively new. Oak was always a valuer of law and order, and wanted to make Equestia a much more safer and organised place. However, she had some, problems. Firstly, she was also hopelessly obcessed with riches, orginating from a more "poorer" side of Canterlot where the sanitation workers and servents lived, natrolly believing that money litterally makes life better (when it actselly doesn't too much) and a serious negitive opinion of the Draconquui of Draconequua, which was kinda predictable to those that take value of order would take a disliking and disfondness to it's oppisite. Oak, growing up, was known to try and make fillies and foals grew up with a hatred for the Draconquui, but failed because the young ones saw no reason to actselly do that, and know nothing of some war they don't know anything about. Oak blamed her "un-rich" origins for not making her taken seriously, not realising that it was the already existing order Equestia has with Draconquui. Luckly, Oak has connections with a aunt who served as adviser to the Princess, realising that those connections will surely help her. But to even get noticed by Celestia, she had to attend Celestia's magic shcool, so she went out of her way to learn magic. Combined with her desires for order (and in some case, wealth), she earned the cutie mark of a dragon-like creature covering a sword, which was a known symbol of order. Oak asked and begged her aunt to ask Celestia to make her a protosae, but the Aunt insisted that "Celestia doesn't just randomly pick ponies she doesn't know just because of sheer power alone", but because Celestia only wants to personally train those who are truely dedicated to friendship and harmony, and considering that Oak was an anti-Draconqiouus twat, it's a safe bet Oak is not getting the position. Eventally, Oak's aunt retired and a much more grown up Oak took her place, giving her a chance to be more near to Celestia. Oak was able to persayed Celestia's normally unturnable judgement that Oak would make a magnifisent protoshay for her and would garrintie a great user of magic. Celestia, while agreeing relucently, insisted she wanted to be "private" about this cause of Oak's controverseal views. However, eventually, Oak discovered about the story of Lord Order, the alicorn of Order who wanted to destroy all the Draconquui, but thanks to the Alicorns beleiving that the entire race is not the true shorce of the problem, he was punished and banished to the center of the world. Oak desided to confront Celestia personally. However, Oak had an extremely bad argument with Celestia about letting the Draconquui live and not imprisoning all of them like what was done to their tyrant king, and said that had they done it, Discord and his brother wouldn't've happened. Celestia insisted that the Draconquui, outside of a few bad insistences, had long reonuced and discontinued loyalty to the kind of choas the Choas War gave. It prompted Oak to angerly quit and call Celestia a weak fool! Eventally, she came into the new at the time Ponyville, and found what was a nameless libary building litterally just called as such. Oak, as an extremely talented Unicorn capable of extreme feats, claimed the Libary as her own and turned it into a tree as proof of her accomplishment as a student of Celestia. That was when she delfelupt more nasty habits, an obcession of books, which fuels her other obcession: becoming powerful from every new knowledge she learned. Oak was attempting to turn the Ponyvillians into a cult of Lord Order worshiping fanactics and become xenophobic to Draconquui. She turned the libary's un-used basement into her personal labertory where Oak has studed on a speical magic spell called "The Maidus Horn", making her horn capable to turn victims into gold statues, and she wanted to teach it to all the Unicorns to turn them into her Order inforcers to prosicute Draconquui that made the mistake of visiting Ponyville, and turn them into statues for Oak to keep, "for safe keeping" as she claimed, when in which was also to satisfy her gold lust and have a collection. Until finally, Celestia confronted Oak and was disappointed of the atrosities she was commiting against Harmony and to the Draconquui, and was reinforced by her strongest Unciorn guards and King Wacky and Queen Pranks. After a dishastorious fight that insued property damage, Oak was defeated and was punished by both Equestian and Draconquui councils to be cursed forever and imprisoned in the roots of the Golden Oak libary, which somewhat killed her in the process. Celestia ordered the event, discribed as "The Ponyville Dark Secret", to never be disclosed, made public in the media and to be kept secret unless it's an emergeny concerning her, something that Mayor Mare's bloodline has long kept. She would remain there until a more public student of Celestia many years later would end up owning the libary, become a princess and would lose the Libary to Tirek, though it doesn't do anything to Oak's imprisonment. However, when Twilight's Friends ended up dragging what was left out and turn it into a memory decoration for the castle, that's when she comes back, and would prove that some part of the libary's past was best left forgotten.
Oak Golden Bind

Oak Golden Bind when she was alive.

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