Oaosha Tera Bleecker

Oaosha T. Bleecker is an Alternate UUniversal Roovy from Planet Uridia. She is a kangaroo-like creature and the adopted daughter of expert con artist Xelix and the adopted sister of Laura Faerge, as her single father left her to be a crusader whom she never heard from again. Though she is apparently a joke as a con artist, she has a different expertise that she fears sharing because it would risk her ending up like Awesome Jaxtom's daughter. She is a Censen who inherited Cerwan's Mutation and harnessed Uridium energy to use phasepowers, keeping it a secret, and thus the only one who knows about it is Xelix, but he doesn't let her know that he knows as he discovered it through his high-tech eye gear. She has adequate wrestling skills, and will protect her adopted family with her life. She is the AUU version of Borderlands Sasha.


Oaosha was born to a crusading Vault Seeker. But when Oaosha developed Censen powers, which she inherited from her mother, fearing for her safety, and since this power got attention from Queenpin Valshey, who was looking for any Vault to become better than Awesome Jaxtom, resulting in her mother's death, her father sent her to be taised by Xelix, his con artist friend, to protect her. Xelix had thus become the only one who knew about Oaosha's hidden Censen powers and they both kept it a secret from even her surrogate sister Laura, whose parents were killed by the Phaseforce as con artists. The two thus grew up with Oaosha seeing her Censen powers as a curse since she was lead to believe it's what got her mother killed. The both of them were raised to be con artists that eventually got a big score with a smuggler named Aurgust Krooger, whom falls for Oaosha. They both con him and an Armatage employee named Rhybe. Though their cover was blown when Laura recognized Rhybe from high school, making Aurgust realize the scam and getting them all to escape with their lives. The group decide to use the briefcase full of 100 millites worth of cash to start a new life, but it is stolen by Valshey, who recognizes Oaosha, Laura, and Rhybe's partner Vawghner, thus destroying the briefcase and the money in it, forcing them to escape. But when they are ambushed by a Sarcohiver, Oaosha and Laura get separated from Rhybe and Vawghner.

They return to Dare City, their hometown, get their caravan fixed by Scoot, and find out from Xelix's home that he has been kidnapped and that they are in danger of Valshey, who has seen them as candidates for help in finding the Spatial Vault, a teleporting Uridian Vault. They are attacked by Flinch and Krame, and they escape with help from Aotho, who comes across as hostile and gets knocked back by Loadston. They reunite with Rhybe and Vawghner and go to the holding place of the Vaultlock Project, which Jaxtom intended to use to find the Spatial Vault, but they are found and threatened by Aurgust and Maurmice Vanchavez, a rogue Armatage employee, not knowing they were doing it at the same time since Maurmice is Valshey's ex-husband who separated due to their conflicting goals for the Vault. The group manage to escape them with the Vaultlock Unit, named Vau, after being rescued from Valshey by Aotho, and head out to find one of his upgrade pieces in a crashed Cerwan Ark, a spaceship for terraforming and cultivation of life. There they meet Coss Loadsby who helps them retrieve the piece. Oaosha and Aotho go in to get it, and they both share that they both have phasepowers. Aotho teaches her how to control these powers, and this helps them get the piece. However, they are ambushed by Valshey, who discovers that nobody knows about Oaosha's phasepowers, and leaks it out, breaking Laura's trust in her, while also twisting and injuring her Censen arm to keep her from using it, forcing them to find the final piece of Vau.

Because of her keeping this secret, the angered Laura berates her and Oaosha said she didn't tell her to protect her because power like hers would put people in danger. Regardless, she and Vawghner, who was revealed to be Valshey's son, are left behind as they infiltrate Armatage HQ to find the final piece. Held hostage, Oaosha and Vawghner end up rescued by Coss, who manages to give Oaosha a healing syringe that completely heals her Censen arm so she can use it to find and save them before Valshey's forces miss them. When Aurgust, Flinch and Krame catch them, they chase them to the Armatage HQ, where they make it in time so Oaosha can stop the mind-controlled Rhybe from killing Laura under the control of Maurmice, using her phasepowers to destroy his implants. They escape but end up ambushed by Aurgust, Flinch and Krame. Though they kill Flinch and Krame, Aurgust, in a rage because of the two being his adopted children, is able to steal the final piece of Vau and retreat. They escape the Armatage HQ, but find that the Spatial Vault guardian, Spatius, has been released and they have to destory Vau to send it back to it's territory. Valshey survived with only her legs pulverized, but is chased off by Aurgust, whom she took the final piece from and left him to die because of him no longer of use to her, as well as Wawn, Verette, and Millette.

They return to Old Bravo, Aurgust's hometown, where he explains that he was an adopted Krooger until his father abandoned him to a ransom from Jaxtom because he accidentally cost him his job as a Krooger, and he believed that he had no other place to go but Valshey, and now that she's turned her back on him, he has a better place with Oaosha, whom he ended up having a crush on. He makes it up to her and her crew by helping them open the Spatial Vault again and take down Spatius. Oaosha and Laura enter Spatius' teleport gland which gives it teleporting abilities, and kill Valshey when she confronts them inside, with her legs replaced with rockets. Laura stays behind to detonate the bomb since it doesn't work out-of-range, and after they destroy it, Laura almost dies from her injuries until Oaosha heals her with her Censen powers, learning that the powers aren't a curse after all. After this, Oaosha and Aurgust become a couple and live in Dare City together.


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