Obody C. Gecolodeon is an Alternate UUniversal Blarp from Planet Vinzotyx. He is an ostrich-like, flightless, bipedal, herbivorous pterosaur and a former geek and big fan of the Heroes Act since he was 12, and on the same year the Villains Act was destroyed. However, as the years passed, by his 18th birthday, he began having second thoughts, believing that since they were constantly getting help from the Shell Lodge Squad, they have been getting entirely reliable on them since it took until their arrival for the VA to die, and thus heroism in the AUU had been so easy, he doesn't find it fun anymore. Thus, he quit being a geek, and sought to prove it to the rest of the AUU, mainly by labelling them as geeks as well, blackmailing them through their future visit to Dexter Fangasium's Fan Base on Vinzotyx, and later on blackmailing them further by recording them in private playing nerdy games like Wars and Weapons, as if nerdiness is apparently something to be ashamed of and is embarrassing to some people. Worse off, it lead him to be a pawn of a once VA hopeful until the VA's dispansion lead to him missing out on membership, named Chessmaster, a known organiser of dishastor through tactical malmitulation, armed with both a silver tongue and a brainwave malmitulator. But it is still possible to get him interested in the geekdom that comes with heroism.


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