Obscuran Valley

Obscuro is a world that originated in the Disney Universe, is found in the famed Equinoxious System, and is the homeworld of the infamous Mothrons, which are moth-like dark angelic beings that started out as an average moth-like alien race which more or less had a sour relationship with their planetary neighbors the pre-Lightflies. But when light began being fought over for it's power, it turned these beings into a dark-hearted race that also seeks the power of their equally-ascended neighbors through a never-ending war, which they still do to this very day. Obscuro is a world that is the complete opposite of Ligero, as it is the last planet in it's system, and thus is not only as cold as Pluto, but is also as dark as light rarely exists, though rare similarities to Ligero exist there. But one major difference is that it is a complete wasteland as light cannot be found to support plant life, and thus plants were magically bred to not only nourish on darkness, but also be carnivorous and hostile. Other forms of wildlife exist and are also carnivorous, and even the herbivores have carnivorous features to fight the carnivorous plant life they feed on. The world has large flying islands, rock fields, and mountains, and the many places that light exist are that of which are necessary to nourish the Mothrons that feed on it for nourishment, including the eggs that rely on feeding on light for development and even metamorphosis. Also, like Ligero, it has reduced gravity, except it is 15% reduced to normal gravity.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will be reintroduced and renamed Tenebrismo.


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Fauna and Flora

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