Brecon Casey Aceslasher, AKA Obsidian

Brecon C. Aceslasher, AKA Obsidian, is a fictional Superior bandicoot published in Kratos' XD Comix. He is known to be a fearsome adversary similar to Batman. He is a ruthless rodent who wears black to blend in the shadows, and wears a ominous mask to scare his opponents. Aside from his suit being filled with Kevlar and Nomex, making it bulletproof and fireproof, wired with a 2,000-volt electrode network, and having his own semi-cybernetic right-arm, he has perfected escape artistry, studied 10 martial arts, and has won 18 robo-gladiator awards. He is an expert detective, and has his own boomerang which he uses in combat, as well as several explosives and a gas mask. He had met the Titaneers when they were enslaved in a robo-gladiator match, and aided their escape. Since then, he has become a major ally. Obsidian is an Australian-accented fighter which nobody has been able to defeat. He has a great sense of humor, and is sometimes considered a jerk. His powers include super-strength, super-flight, super-mentality, super-longevity, a healing factor, X-ray vision, psychometry, omnilingualism, and a psychic shield.
  • MCode: HfOllPshPsySfSlSmSsXrv


Brecon was born on Kratos with a billionaire couple who owned a company called Acer Enterprises, which was known for it's technologies and major finances on several other science corporations. Unfortunately, when Brecon was 4, his mother died of Huntington's Disease, which the doctors discovered that Brecon has not inherited. When Brecon became 8, however, his father died of pneumonia. This left Brecon under the care of the butler, Donny, and Acer Enterprises under the control of a major worker Jameson Joltaine.

Years later, Brecon is left in an orphanage when Donny dies in the hands of a gang of thugs, which they escape when the police arrive before they can kill him. He then decides to become part of the CIA to prevent any other casualties. But doing so requires experience and trust. So he spent the next few years training in combat. He studied 10 martial arts in his time, and he secretly gained weapons training when he was 16. He was even trained in escapology for 5 years, giving him vast experience. Though he was able to get in, he made a mistake while tracking down the gang that killed Donny. His overconfidence and revenge is what led to him being fired after the first year. Brecon has since decided that he wasn't really meant for justice, and goes off on his own.

5 years later, still retaining the training he had wasted in his previous days, Brecon visits the company attempting to apply for an internship because he wanted to keep his family's legacy. He discovers several technologies for the military including advanced armor, weaponized prosthetic arms, and 3 prototype vehicles: The Sabre, the Darkwing, and the Cycloid. He is given permission to be part of the research for these technologies, and he turns out to be an expert at improving them. As a reward, the company gives him the blueprints for the vehicles, allowing him to make his own. He even finds a cavern that he used to play in with his friends when he was a child, which he had called 'Sanctum'. He decides to turn the place into his own workshop, retaining the name of the Sanctum. He then gets an idea that he can fight crime in another way. He makes a semi-cybernetic removable arm, he makes his own combat armor, and he makes the 3 prototype vehicles into his main form of transportation, and after seeing black shiny rocks in the cave, he named himself 'Obsidian'. He eventually does gain ownership of Acer Enterprises after the same gang kills Jameson.

Becoming his own hero, Obsidian investigates the gang's reason for killing Donny and Jameson. It turns out, they were working for an underground criminal organization called Willow Grounds that became involved with Acer Enterprises a long time ago, but their contract was terminated, and they had tried to boost their defenses. To make their upcoming invasion easier for them, they hired the gang to kill Donny, and get Obsidian sent to the orphanage. They also killed Jameson because they were afraid that Obsidian would get more power and that the company would be put under control of the vice-owner, Joey Wallowine, a minor leader of the organization. But Obsidian got to him before they could, so a big conflict ensued between Willow Grounds and Acer Enterprises. The battle lead to several casualties, but Obsidian was able to take them down.

Later on in his career, he tried out for 3 years as a robot gladiator who fought biological androids of several known gladiators. His legacy was made stronger ever since, and he gained various awards. In fact, this career is what lead to him meeting the Titaneers, who were abducted by a corrupt robot gladiator leader named Garrison Electrax, whom he aided them in defeating.


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