Ocellus is an Equestrian Changeling and a future character in the MLP franchise. She is a shy Changeling and one of Twilight Sparkle's new students at her new school. She is voiced by Devyn Dalton (Cornelia and Cornelius in modern Planet of the Apes Saga).

Role in the series

Due to the leaked footage, Ocellus appeared early in the episode Draconequui Wonderland with Gallus, Silverstream, and Smolder as four of the first customers of Mischief, Maleficence, and Strife. Though Ocellus gender was kept anomamous in the episode because the episode was made before the premere, which then confirmed female. She's also revealed to be bisexual because of sexuality being complicated for Changelings since they had been known to disguise as both males and females from time to time, as not only is she the secret crush of fellow Changeling student Gaster, but she falls in love with the school's first Draconequus student, a Star Butterfly-esque Draconequus named Mixie.


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