Of Changelings and Underground Terrors is the 40th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. The Lougers thought that giving Equestia a surprise visit during a speical event in the Friendship Summet would be the greatest thing they have done. However, when doing so, Thorax's brother, Pharynx, comes barging in beaten up and scarred up, shocking everyone present! Thorax, as the Changeling representitive, went to see him, but it's discovered that the Dread Malworth was nothing more then a sign for things to come. The Dread Malworth was a slave creature to an anichent Changeling enemy from their underground days, known as The Underground Kingdoms, home of a legion of underground terrors, from Molemen, Giant Grub Beasts, Subterrian Cave Trolls, Giant Bats, and Lava-Folk. All ruled by the king of the subterrian world, The Undergrowth King, The Storm King's long-lost brother who's kinda abit of dorky spaz. But his second-in-command is where it is a concern, a rogue female changeling and a missing sibling to Pharynx and Thorax's named Larynx, her best friend and a ripped wing changeling named Elytra, and the bumbling moleman sidekick, Holesy McDirty. Now, the Undergrowth King has declared war on the surface world because he came to believe that the Storm King finally came to took over everything and has declared war on the Subterra, and is too stupid to listen to reason. Can our heroes hold back the terrors of the underground?


No More Equestria missions! (X-OvrLuvr: Don't put words in my mouth, Deapdool!)

  • Deadpool: (He's seen sneaking into the Shell Lodger Garage and carrying some explosives in his arms) Okay, we only get one shot at this, so we better not mess this up. How much do we need to blow this joint up?
  • WB Deadpool: If you're talking about the van, and assuming they haven't made it indestructible, by which I mean Deadpool-proof, I'd say about 75 kilograms.
  • YB Deadpool: What?! Ugh, I hate the metric system! How much in American?
  • Deadpool: Dude, f*** math, just use whatever it takes! (puts explosives on and inside the van)


  • YB Deadpool: (Deadpool was seen outside the temple, hiding in a bush) OH YEAH! THAT WAS AWESOME!
  • WB Deadpool: I told you, 75 kilograms! That was pretty sweet, though.
  • Deadpool: How's that for Deadpool-proof bitches?! (to the readers) There! They're not going back to Equestria to stall for any more original stories! Hope you guys will be happy to see Tiki again!
  • WB Deadpool: "Ya do realize it might be just that episode that's a break, right, cause immediately after is-"
  • Deadpool: "Hey at least it's the ONE episode that gives Equestria Missions some PAUSE! Just, roll with it!"


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