The Uouons have called for HA and Louger help for an impourent mission of peace between them and a promdoment UIS race, The Ka'Navi. A race of Teadr 2 giant eagle-sized shelled-antennaed beetle-moth beings that were personal enemies of the Uonons because a clumsy ambassitor, unfortunately named, Ambassitor Klut C. Fool, ruined a sacred treasure and lead to a bitter and desistating war. The Ka'Navi commenly attack Uonon colonies even after the war was over because the Ka'Navi deemed the action "Unforgiveable", thus leading to the USRA races to stand up to the Ka'Navi. The Ka'Navi figured the Uonons newfound USRA status would make revenge difficult, so they joined the Union of Independent Systems to be able to be of equil power. They are also the great enemies of the bug hating Daboassas for pretty clear-cut reasons. The Ka'Navi came to established a great kinship with the Zhaerthis and the Vezzrick, fellow distasters for the USRA. The Lougers and the HA are joined with the ambassitor of the Uouons, the awkword clumsy brother of Master Jaya McNorqueAmbassitor Ni'mrod McNorque, who Jaya asks the heroes to watch over, keep him safe from himself and any that would get upset. The intention for sending some as dopey as Ni'mrod is because he knows how to fix things, and he is what is needed to repair the Ka'Navi's sacred artifact. And thankfully, the Ka'Navi are asked to humor it by a representive of UIS, a Zhaerthis named Orderkeeper Oi'Ki'Aa. However, Junjie and Friends once again team up with Glowrod and company, to their clear distain considering the track record, plan to take advantage of Ni'mrod's clumsy behavior and break the artifact even more then already, risking an enturnal feud with no garrintied end in sight. It's up to our heroes to make another Glowrod and Junjie team-up fall flat on it's face once more.

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