The Heroes Act and Lodgers are sent on a mission to the Planet Secruetis, an AquaNox-style ocean planet where all life on the surface is gone and the surface irradiated, as people now live entirely underwater and have developed an aquatic heritage, including people who can't normally breath underwater. This occurred when resources went dry on land and mining in the resource-rich seas caused a resource war that melted the ice caps, flooded the world, and even poisoned the surface with energy and radiation. The people genetically rebuilt the now-extinct former life of the ocean into newfound creatures and the ocean is divided into several political power countries, the most dominant of which are the democratic Aotlonic Federation run by humanoids, the oligarchic Paticific Union run by colorful merbeings who are actually land-based people whose legs have been genetically merged and morphed into fins, and the monarchic Intonic Kingdom run by worm-like beings who have all but abandoned their land-based heritage and become primal polychaete beings. But there was another threat out there threatening to conquer all the 'vulnerable ocean' around them. They were called the Bion, a parasitic biotic-origin species that used to be land-based beings until they decided to turn everyone into primitive aquatic creatures and live a peaceful existence, losing their sentience in the process. They now attempt to assimilate any sentient lifeform around them and consume them into becoming one with the unsentient seas. But one mercenary pirate named Brino 'Tear-Eye' Fisch is out to eliminate the Bion once and for all, and even wants to do it himself, proving to be a match for even the Lodgers and Heroes Act combined with his crew, Bruge, Oppolini, Harbor, and Onnet, on his submarine the Incubus. But what makes things worse is that Tear-Eye's friend and corporate crime boss Ev Toppler has been assimilated by the Bion and his power allows the Bion to spread his influence onto the other kingdoms in a subtle method of spread. Now the Lodgers and Heroes Act have to stop El Toppler in his infected state from spreading the Bion across the planet before it's too late, but was the planet's fate sealed before anyone had a chance to fight back?

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