Officer Axle's Greatest Challenge Part 2

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Officer Axle's Greatest Challenge Part 2: The Police Eel Who Lost His Job is the 18th Episode of the 2nd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. After getting fired in Part 1, and once again failing to bring Looger Boosalis to justice, Axle gives up hope. He starts getting drunk, and lay into the street like a useless idiot. Worse yet, before the lougers and the police force, including Officer Pryce, a new cop with a un-explained ability of always being on top, be able to further do something about the situation, Looger had later gained the ability to generate electricity himself as previously deminstracted. Fortunately, the Lodgers played it safe first and use the Spybug to spy on Looger before heading torwords battle like stupid and overconfident soldiers. The Lodgers manage to convince Chief Bullington to bring Axle back to the police force. But they discover that Axle is in a scrap of his own, and the Lodge goes to find him. They find him, and Axle, enlighten by the words of those around him, decides that he has no choice but to apologize to the Lodge after how he treated them, both recent and in the past, and agrees to join forces with them, and take down Looger and stomp Qui's plan before the villain teams become aware of her plan. Perhaps Axle would see the Lodgers as the great heroes as they are (Albeit still nip-picky on their choice of members and a flimsy track record).


Prologue: Recap

Previously on SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles...

  • Officer Axle: I need some advice on how to stop this Looger guy.
  • Officer Axle: He's been at large for some time now, and he's got a huge criminal record.
  • Shifu: We'll need to know much about this Looger guy, and see if he really IS in league with some of our enemies.
  • Officer Axle: Now, your under arrest--
  • ???: Bottom's up!  (Something fast knocked out Axle.)
  • Officer Axle: I know where Looger's hiding in Ohio.
  • Darkness Qui: I shall not only disable your pain sensors, and improve your immunity to electricity. I shall also grant you the abilities of Axle himself.
  • Looger: Why didn't I think of that?
  • Axle: Old warehouses? But, Loogar perfers that old cabin in Ohio!
  • Icky: Alright, I'll be right there--(Turns around to see Axle in front of him) YIKES!
  • Axle: I'm arresting you for interfearing in a police investigation!
  • Sparx: Icky won't last 10 days in jail! (Voice over of scenes of Icky with Oxinator)
  • Icky: NO, NO! HELP!!!
  • Looger: (Suddenly bursts in electricity, and gets a bit larger as his voiceover says) By tomorrow, I'll be powerful enough to destroy your entire Police HQ!
  • Icky: FIRST HE LIES ABOUT LOOGER BEATING HIM, AND NOW HE COOPS ME IN THIS PIECE OF SHI-(Realizes what he just said, and covered his beak)...
  • Chief Bullington: What do you mean he lied?
  • Chief Bullington: YOU'RE FIRED!!! (The words echo through Axle's head)
  • Looger: SOON, NO COP WILL BE ABLE TO STOP ME!!! (Cackles)
Bob Marley - Bad boys-1

Bob Marley - Bad boys-1

Theme Music

Intro (Bob Marley- Bad Boys)

Chapter 1: Axle the drunk.

The area as before.

  • Axle laid on the ground, being patafic.
  • (Axle): "I bet your wondering.... Didn't Spongebob and friends just came to me at the end of the first part? Yeah, the writers want to add a few more establishment shots before we can continue this, and be done with it. As you just painfully noticed, my life went to shit."

Hours earlier.

  • Axle walked alone in the city.
  • Axle: "I...... I lost my job..... I got nothing anymore..... I'm a nobody now. And not the monster kind, just a someone who's nothing and means nothing. And all because I messed with those misfits.... And my own rookie-like mistakes. I got nothing now. Nothing."

A bar.

  • Axle was drinking like a patfahic joke.
  • Axle: "(Drunk) Give me another round of beer, barkeep. It's my (hic) only form of happiness."
  • Bartender: (Italian accent) I think-a you've had enough of-a vodka for one-a day! You-a drunk!
  • Axle: (Slurred, dubbed as Brian) I'm-I'm not drunk, okay? I-I just have a speech impediment. (Barfs)...And a stomach virus...(Falls to the floor)...and an inner ear infection.
  • Bartender: "Hey, Mario. Kindly sent his poor sap on his-a way, eh?"
  • Axle: "(Hic), Aw come on, don't be like that- (head slams into floor) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ."

Axle's House

  • Axle: (A taxi drives him there, and throws him at his door)... (Wakes up, still slurred)... How did I... How did I get back home?... Have I been... Have I been... Sleepwa(Hic)lking?


  • Axle: (Watching TV, still slurred)...Oh, please, my momma fought better than (Hic) that! And I...I never knew her! (Phone rings) SHUT UP!!!
  • Telephone: Okay!
  • Axle: I...I...I don't care if Looger...destroys the HQ! Let that (Hic) jackass make a fool of himself! (Laughs) Is Jannet a deer or an antelope?...I forget! (Hic)...Deers and antelope are hard to distinguish...(Takes a slurp of beer, and crumples it, throwing it in a can)...I couldn't be more...more happier! (Burps loudly)...I wonder if I can...can shoot electricity out of crack. (Hic)...I think I can.
  • (Axle): Okay, let's not see this part.

After that moment.

  • His house is on fire.
  • Axle: "(Hic), Aw damnit! I ruined my house! Now, I'm most likely gonna end up homeless!? I don't care! I don't give two cents anymore!"
  • Axle mumbles on drunk, walking away from his own mistake.

Police station.

  • Bullington got everyone's attention.
  • Bullington: "Everyone, I am not gonna suger coat it..... Loogar join forces with a dangerious threat from another universe."

Chapter 2: Looger's threat

Meanwhile, at the warehouse.

  • Loogar punches through the doors.
  • Loogar: "Sit back and watch Miss Qui, as I make mince meat out of law and order! (Laughs maniacly as he charges forth)"
  • Darkness Qui only sat back, and waited for her grand sceme to unfold, as Loogar is unknowingly followed by the Spybug.
  • (Bullington): "As we speak, Loogar asentually declaired war on us thanks to that red dragon making him, asentually a monster!"
  • Loogar is seen destroying the city, causing desistation!
  • Loogar laughs heartingly as he crashes cars into small pieces!
  • (Bullington): "Loogar has now became a threat to national and universeal security. Tri-corn issued the milliterry to evacuate the residents of the town, fortunately, thanks to us, ahead of time before Loogar could get here, but he is still a threat, a relentless threat."
  • Loogar grabs the statue of Tri-corn (seen from The Glob episode) and breaks it apparted!
  • (Bullington): "All the High council could do, is offer the frighten people santuary, until Loogar is stopped. Tri-Corn desided the only ones who can stop that relentless beast..."
  • Loogar destroys a fire hydrent!

Police Station.

  • Bullington: "Is us..... Everyone, we have no choice, but to prepare for war against Loogar. He has to be stopped, or we may as well pray for the fates of all of the universe. But there is some good news, the lougers are gonna help us beat this guy! They faced some great dangers before, and won, and nothing is ever gonna make them turn tail and run."
  • The Lougers came in.
  • Shifu: "But we must advise we DO NOT take Loogar head on. He's too dangeriously power thanks to Qui."
  • Icky: "The guy malmitulates electrisity, can't feel physical pain, and is insanely brutal...."
  • Patrick: "Worse of all, he's, he's....."
  • Sandy: "He's running around.... IN THE NUDE?!"
  • Cops: "EW?!"
  • Squidward: Well, what did you expect? His clothes couldn't fit his incredibly huge body.
  • Chief Bullington: Yeah, that does make a good point.
  • Merlin: "That's why we have to be smart about this, and use mind, against brute force. Remember Loogar can be somewhat of an idiot."
  • Janet was still crying.
  • Janet: "Why should we trust you guys? The only one who can take down Loogar no matter what got fired cause of you guys?!"
  • Shifu: "Believe us, Janet. We now regret our mistake when we discover his method behind his madness."
  • Bullington: "Which is why the Lougers talked me into letting Axle take his job back. Axle may had done stupid things, but at least he did stupid things for the sake of upholding the law. We all have to remember that. He did what he had to do, cause inside his prideful, jerk-off shell, beats the heart of an eel who cares for us. Haven't we all done stupid things before?"
  • Pryce realised that, even though Axle voilated police code, he knows well Axle's the united universe's best hope now.
  • Pryce: "Your right chief. We shouldn't turn our backs on him. I'll go find Axle before Loogar does."
  • Spongebob: "We're going too. We got everyone into this mess, we're gonna clean it up."
  • Bullington: "Ok, the rest of us will have to suit up and gear up! We got quite a battle waiting for us?!"

Chapter 3: Getting Axle Back.

Ruined city.

  • Loogar laughs as he smacks around mailboxes!

Otherside of the city,

  • Pryce: "Ok Lougers, we need to find Axle before Loogar does. Tri-corn already evacuated everyone out of the city, so finding a broken hearted eel shouldn't be too great a challnage."
  • Trixie: Yes, The Great and Powerful Trixie thinks that Axle should forgive us for once.
  • Squidward: But it won't be easy for us since we purposely/accidentally revealed his lie to the Chief.
  • Iago: Yeah, thanks a LOT, Ickster!
  • Icky: HE PUT ME IN A CELL WITH A FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL OX, DUDE!!! You'd do the same thing, too!
  • Lord Shen: We'll discuss your punishment later. Right now, we have an eel to find.
  • Lord Shen: "Correction, it was ALL of our fault in this tripped domino dishaster..... But you quilifived as the first dimino of the effect."
  • Icky: "Oh that's complete BS guys, I feel like I'm being treated like the fat kid from "The Goonies"."
  • Po: "Just be glad your not fat enough to be forced to do humiliating "Jelly Belly" dances."
  • Icky: "I'm realitivly skinny Po."
  • Po: "I know, just thought I referecne it."
  • Gloria: EVERYONE FOCUS!!! We have to find Axle and get him to help us stop Looger.
  • Bill: Yeah, where's the Mane 6 when you need them?
  • Gilda: I believe they're busy on their new Season 4 premiere, which should come on TV tomorrow.
  • Boss Wolf: And thank God I didn't hook up with Luna. She really WAS gonna be Nightmare Moon again..... At least I think so. Have to remember to check the MLP Wiki again just to be safe.
  • Pryce: Guys, focus! Let's start with Axle's house, at 156 Ohmond St.
  • Marty: Yeah, let's get started.

Axle's House

  • Alex: YOU'VE GOT TO BE F***** KIDDING ME!!! (They see that his house has been destroyed)
  • Private: What happened?
  • Gilda: Perhaps he got drunk and accidentally destroyed it.
  • Dodger: Not a problem. (Sniffs around the area)... Alright, I got his scent. But I'm also smelling beer for some reason.
  • Mushu: No wonder this place got destroyed. Axle must've accidentally ignited it with his beer.
  • Sandy: Yeah, beer is an alcohol, which is also a flammable substance.
  • Tito: Whatever. Let's just find this Axle dude and help him out with his... Uhhgh... Drinking habits.
  • Icky: "And we better put the pedel to the medal guys! Look! It's Qui's robots asending to the sky?!"
  • From the distence, Qui's robots are seening landing in the city.
  • Cynder: "Qui must've sent them to capture anyone who may be still in the city."
  • Lord Shen: "Or as a preventive measure against US!"
  • Gilda: "We'll deal with those tincans later. The sooner we find Axle and slap on sense into him, the better!"
  • The heroes get the load on!

Chapter 4: Drunken discovery, and hangover forgiveness.

Random street.

  • Axle lies in the street, in a pitiful, disgusting state, and unbelieveably drunk.
  • (Axle): "And now, we compence with the story for realses."
  • Familier Shadows surround Axle, as Spongebob came forth.
  • Spongebob: "Axle, you awake?"
  • Axle: "(Slurred) Aw, go away, box leperchan, I'm not in the mood for another probing?!"
  • Icky: "First of all, THAT's aliens. Secondly, it's us ya drunken clown."
  • Axle: "(Slurred): "Oh hi Grandma Oval. You looked strangely feathery today. (Burps)"
  • Pryce: "I, think he's so drunk, he couldn't even recinnise us. He's most likely hallusinating."
  • Icky: "From getting drunk? How does that work?"
  • Sandy: Well, alcohol has intense affects. A small dose of alcohol may seem harmless, giving you euphoria, flushed skin, and social inhibition, but HIGHER doses cause you to develop progressively severe impairments of balance, muscle coordination, and decision-making ability, and increased nausea and vomiting from it's disruptive effect of the semicircular canals of the inner ear, and chemical irritation of gastric mucosa.
  • Rico: BORING!
  • Axle: Yeah... (Barfs)... Besides, I don't know who you are. All I know is that you're... You're... Bugging me. (Hic)... I just... Lost my job, and I... I... I live in happiness, now.
  • Sandy: Alright, Axle. Just because we cost you your job doesn't mean yall' should just drink yer' problems away. Besides, you need to stop. You might slip into a coma and die.
  • Alex: What?
  • Sandy: Yeah, too much alcohol can lead to slipping in a coma, or even death from the depressive effects of it on the central nervous system.
  • Sandy: Unintentionally, yes.
  • Axle: I... I... I don't know what you strangers are (Hic) talking about. (Burps)
  • Girl Sora: Uhhgh! You could at least say 'excuse me'!
  • Axle: Look at those hooters! (Hic)
  • Girl Sora: Wha--?!? (Slaps him)
  • Axle:... I didn't know girls could hit (Hic) that hard.
  • Pryce: Alright, we need to get him to the police station. He's too drunk to fight now!
  • Icky: "Let alone be out in public."

Police Station.

  • Hours later, Axle wakes with a nasty hangover.
  • Axle: "OW! It's like I was repeatingly hit with a sledge hammer, then bitch-slapped once."
  • Axle sees the Lougers and the Police force.
  • Axle: "Oh, it's you guys. What did I do this time? Or am I due for serious scolding?"
  • Soothsayer: "Actselly, we desided that your are best suited against Loogar after all."
  • Axle: "What? Did you guys lost to the guy badly?"
  • Tuilo: "No, we just desided to play it smart first BEFORE we tackle Loogar."
  • Axle: "Look, none of you guys want me. All I did was screwed up. If I just learn to somewhat more or less give you guys a chance more often, we wouldn't be in this mess."
  • Bullington: "Axle, I just wanna say, in light of events turning badly, maybe firing you wasn't the best desidion ever, OUTSIDE, of teaching you a lesson. I expect all of my cops to be honest with eachother, and themselves. You weren't just being honest to your fellow cops, you weren't being honest with yourself."
  • Axle: "And I'll never be. I made rookie-like mistakes that can't be fixed now."
  • Icky: "Look, we already have a plan to stomp Qui's insane musle-bound moron, we just need you to help us."
  • Cynder: "Your parents would be proud you followed in their foot-steps. They would be proud of everything you did, even defeating Loogar once. So you made a few mistakes. We all make them once and awhile. It's all in the matter of learning from them."
  • Janet: "Remember Xenon? That taught you not to be so quick to judge a book by it's cover. It's what prevented you from sideing with Tri-corn about that Pteradatcal. And Larry and Le Fifi? Wait, you didn't learn anything from them. It's basicly the same "Book by it's cover" lesson. Ok, what about Pred? Wait, that's the same thing too...."
  • Axle: "...... Not exactly Janet. Pred taught me what I should've learned from Loogar, Larry and Fifi, or the other ones. Just because someone like me does a great job at something, doesn't make me a god. We're all but limited beings. All those mistakes were mine alone, and I should've knew better. Known Better. I acted like a cocky rookie, AND look how well it turned out for everyone!"
  • Points to a window, destroying a destroyed city.
  • Axle: "If I was just more open to the misfits, maybe Loogar would've been stopped alot quicker. We may not all be cops, or vigilanties, but we're after the same goal: Sending scum like Loogar crying home to mama.... So to speak. Misfits, though I'm still not gonna agree with your methods, would still find your track-record filmsy, and still hate Skipper, I'll admit that you guys, and Skipper more or less included, are ok in my book."
  • Kolwalski: "Uh....... Thanks, we think?"
  • Skipper: "Well, I guess coming from you, it's good enough for us."
  • Icky: "Now, can we go back to preparing for Loogar? He'll soon enough come after us."

Chapter 5: The Big Showdown


  • Loogar is still commiting mindless destruction!
  • Loogar then sees some of Qui's robots.
  • Loogar: "That dragon lady's robits. I wonder if they're looking for something. All well, back to aimlessly destroying the city!"
  • Loogar resumes his mindless destruction!
  • Loogar: "...... Oh wait..... I just remembered now. I was suppose to get to the police station, SO I CAN CRUSH IT LIKE A WRESTLER?! It's a good some odd miles from here, but I don't mind alittle rampage while I get there?!"
  • Loogar charged forth, destroying various objects in his wake!

Police Station.

  • Loogar slowly steps forword.
  • Loogar: "Alright, ya pigs! Loogar's here to mess you up like a bo-"
  • Suddenly, Loogar was interupted by opbra singing!
JonTron - Nessun Dorma

JonTron - Nessun Dorma


  • It was Axle doing a drumatic pose!
  • Loogar laughs.
  • Loogar: "Look who desided to play hero even when no one wanted him! You ain't a cop anymore, Axle. Your nothing to me!"
  • Axle: "I'm more then a cop, Booger! I'm a hero!"
  • Loogar laughs!
  • Loogar: "No one likes ya anymore, stupid!"
  • ???: "You would be amaze how quickly we can forgive when vermin like you threaten our city!"
  • Loogar looks to see Pryce, and the UUPD police in riot gear.
  • Loogar: "Oh, you desided Axle is worth dying for, eh? Get ready to pay handsomely for it."
  • Axle: "Hold it, dog-face!"
  • Loogar looks angerly at Axle!
  • Axle: "This is a two partner tango! Your mine, mutt-butt!"
  • Loogar: "Well, do WE have a death wish, eh? Oy, ya robot twits?!"
  • Qui's robot's appeared.
  • Loogar: "Make yourselves useful and kill off those other twits! Axle's mine!"
  • Axle zooms away!
  • The robots surround the UUPD police.
  • Bullington: "Ok Officer Pryce, now what?"
  • Pryce: "...... I must ask you keep this to yourselfs."
  • Bullington: "Wha?"
  • Pryce's dragon tattoo begins to glow.
  • Bullington: "Huh?"

City streets away from here.

  • Axle runs from Loogar as he continues to persue, firing volt after volt!
  • eventally, Axle gets cornered by a destroyed building.
  • Loogar: "It's over Axle. Your done being alive."
  • Axle: "Actselly, I willingly came here."
  • Loogar laughed!
  • Loogar: "Oh it's not like you befriended a gang of misfits and one of them is a wizard capable of turning me back to norm-"
  • Suddenly, Merlin appeared and took away Loogar's powers and size!
  • Loogar: "Oy! That's cheating?!"
  • Axle: "Nope. Just stragity. And, you fell for it like the idiot you are!"
  • Loogar: "GRRRRRRR?!"
  • Loogar charged, but was instentaninglessly zapped?!
  • Axle: "I think I might be done with this in time for lunch."
  • ???: Oh, yeah? That's what YOU think!
  • Axle: What the fu- (Darkness Qui comes and burns him with her flame breath) AAOOWWW!!! (Turns into ash)
  • Looger: HAH! (Qui flies off carrying Looger)
  • Boss Wolf: GET THAT WOLVERINE!!!
  • Merlin: I'll handle it. (Makes Qui and Looger teleport back to them, only to find that Looger has been given his powers back, and is much larger than usual) Okay, now THAT'S cheating. (Tries to take the powers away again, but Looger zaps him down)
  • Looger: (Roars)
  • Icky: "Well, this bites. Hate it when Baddies cheat!"
  • Max: Well, I guess Looger's not going down so easily, guys.
  • Icky: Well, to be fair, it wouldn't be a showdown if we just had this whipped up so easily.
  • Gilda: Thanks for the tip!
  • Merlin recovers quickly!
  • Merlin: "Ok, quick changes in tactics!"
  • Merlin quickly restores Axle to normal.
  • Axle: Well, I'm alittle disappointed I might be late for lunch, but, you know what they say... The bigger they are, the harder they... Die... Wait, that's not how the saying goes, uh... FUCK it, point is, Loogar's going down!
  • Po: Don't worry, I got this! (Attacks Looger, but he is just too buff, and Looger smacks him to a wall, and roars. He then heads for the police station)
  • Spyro: Not on my watch! (Uses his ultra-fury to surround Looger in a purple aura and get bombarded with energetic dragon heads. This brings Looger back to normal)
  • Looger: NO! Qui! quick, change me back into my cooler form!
  • Spyro: "Don't bother Qui. My engry perimently disables the powers you granted him. No one, not even Malefor himself can be able to make him powerful again."
  • Darkness Qui: Well....... Another, unpleasent defeat. Sorry, Loogar.... But it appears it's not gonna work out after all. I'd help you out, but sadly, this is where we ado.
  • Darkness Qui vanishes in a ray of magic.
  • Looger: Oh bloody nuts! Don't ya hate it when the powerful villains leave you the very last bloodly minute?! (Tries running away, but Axle zaps him down)... Owch!
  • Axle: (Dubbed as Joe Swanson) I'm Axle, your waiter. Today's special is justice served cold with a side of jail, and order the souffle now, because it takes 10-15 years!
  • Axle cuffs him!
  • Cynder: "Wasn't it strange on how Qui acted? Like, Qui knew Loogar was gonna fail?"
  • Icky: "Yeah, you would think she be more mad or something, right?"
  • Axle: "Well, maybe she got used to dissappointment at this point."
  • Merlin: "Seems possable, but, I can't help to think, something else is going on."
  • Axle: "Aw crap! We forgot the Chief and the others! Those robots are gonna murderised them?!"


  • Icky: (All the drones are defeated)... Sometimes, it counts that we Lodgers sometimes outnumber villain armies easily.
  • Pryce: "Well, there was originally alot more, but I helped defeated the great number of them while you were busy with Loogar. What was left was all you."
  • Axle: "Ok, I want to know now, HOW ARE YOU SO DAMN GOOD AT THIS, PRYCE?! Sorry, but not even I could defeat a good chunk of a robot army! The hell's your secret, who's your hidden partner?!"
  • Chief Bullington: (The cops look at each other, knowing they have to keep Pryce's power a secret)... That's NNTK, No Need To Know, Axle. By the way, I have some news for you.
  • Axle: Yeah?
  • Chief Bullington: Because you showed persistence, courage, and vowed to keep our deputies from winding up like Doe, you have become a great assit to our force. So, it is my greatest honor to make you an official Police Sargeant.
  • Axle: (Gasps)... R-r-r-r-really?!?
  • Chief Bullington: Absolutely. You've earned it.
  • Axle:... YES!!! YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!! (Sees the Lodgers) Guys? (Dubbed as Shang) You are the craziest misfits I've ever known... And for that, I owe you my career. From now on, you have my trust! I mean, I'm still NOT gonna always agree with how you guys work, but you have my trust.
  • Icky: "Well, it's a step in the right direction."
  • Axle: "I owe you misfits for this."


Qui's pirymid.

  • Qui sat alone at her throwne. She didn't bother taking out any form of rage against Celisus or Narcotic, or had QP do it for her.
  • Darkness Qui: "I am, somewhat disappointed Loogar ended up a failure.... But at least I owe my thanks to you for showing me the vision from the future, stranger."
  • A familier griffin-shaped silluette was shown.
  • ???: "No promblem, Missus Qui. I desided to do a fellow villain, a cheritable service for once."
  • Darkness Qui: "But still, I want to repay you in some way."
  • ???: "Why yes. Firstly, we agreed I can be allowed to recurit Loogar for a future plan I am making concerning a new villain team I am working on. So, I want to make a second deal. I would like you, and your assusiates to be involved with this once I am able to form the villain team."
  • Darkness Qui: "Hmm, I'll think about it stranger. I still wanna try to united the villain teams togather for a new villain's act before I consider anything else, Professor."
  • ???: "My offer is always open to a fellow hater of those lougers."
  • Darkness Qui: "I just want to know one thing, Professor. Who is that strange Cynder girl, and why is she so, concerned with me?"
  • ???: "I must apologies, but I am not gonna be able to do that, even with my powers beyond mortal limitations. But I will warn you this, you and she, have more in commen then you think."
  • The stranger vanished.
  • Darkness Qui became more concerned. She knew there's something more to Cynder then just being insane.

An undisclosed Location.

  • Sing Jin Sue approched The stranger.
  • Sing Jin Sue: "You knew about the black dragon girl and choose to obscure it, did you?"
  • ???: "Well, I wanted to ensure she doesn't end up doing something that'll ensure a vision I had of her eventally being captured for causing a mass attack to happen. She is the most powerful of the louger's enemies, and it would be a shame to lose such a potainional ally. Understand this well, Sing Jin."
  • Sing Jin Sue: "Thank you master. And if the vision were to be, ineditable?"
  • ???: "If it were to be so, it would not be much consinqunece. There would still be powerful villains in the universe. Now, we will pick up Mr. Loogar when the controversy surrounding him dies down, but just before any planned exicution."
  • Sing Jin Sue: "Understood, I'll keep a steady eye on the wolverne for updates."
  • ???: "Good. You are dismissed."
  • Sing Jin Sue leaves.

Dragon Temple.

  • Icky: "Man, glad we got rid of Loogar so quickly. I'm exhuasted."
  • Trixie: Well, The Great and Exhausted Trixie needs to watch more soaps.
  • Icky: And I might watch some Dummiez 101 later on.
  • Tigress: May I ask what this Dummiez 101 show is?
  • Icky: We'll talk about that some other time, stripes. Now, we need some rest.
  • Spyro: Hey, guys? We got a note.
  • SpongeBob: A note? From who?
  • Fidget: Gimme that. (Snatches letter, and opens it)... It's from Twilight. "Dear Shell Lodge, we just had the greatest adventure of our lives which will be a GREAT Season 4 premiere for our series. We'll be coming over tomorrow to watch it on The Hub with you guys. Plus, Pinkie's offered us to have a sleepover at Sugarcube Corner to watch Survivor: Dragon Island, and babysit the Baby Cakes for the night after the Season Premiere. The Cakes are going out of town for a while so Pinkie has been kept in charge of the Baby Cakes until they get back. Come over anytime. Signed, Princess Twilight Sparkle." 
  • Icky: "Well, nothing says a great day off like harmless baby sitting. How hard could the baby cakes be?"
  • Iago: "Uh..... Remember the episode they appeared in?"
  • Icky: Yeah, I was just bluffing.
  • Lord Shen: Well, Icky won't be going because he's being punished for starting this whole thing to begin with!
  • Icky: Well, so do you!
  • Lord Shen:... CRAAPP!!!
  • Ignitus: (Appears) Actually, Icky won't be punished because Lord Shen was the actual reason he screwed up by sending him on the job of watching Axle.
  • Lord Shen: What?
  • Ignitus: I'm sorry, Shen, but if you get down to it, Icky got it screwed up for a reason.
  • Lord Shen:... (Sighs)
  • Ignitus: You will be joining Mimi in kitchen duty for 3 days unless a member of a High Council member desidingly pardons you. You know, in case Celestia would like to talk for you for some reason.
  • Lord Shen: Uhhgh! Well, I guess I'll be missing the Season 4 premiere of MLP. I expect Kairi's prepared to watch it. By the way, where is she?
  • Ignitus: She went to bed early.
  • Lord Shen: Oh.
  • SpongeBob: At least Axle trusts us now. He would still criticised us, and make some shride remarks, but he trusts us now.


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