Bob Gray Friller
Officer Bob Friller
Vital statistics
Title Officer Friller, Officer Spaz, Friend of Officer Anna Conda
Gender Male
Race/Species Frilled-neck lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)
Faction Zootopian Police Department, First Precinct
Description Total Spaz, Prankster, Egocentric, Half-Wit, Casanova Out For Bachelorettes
Skills and Abilities Natural Frill-Neck Lizard Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia
  • Reptilopolis (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Officer Bob G. Friller is a ego-centric half-wit casanova-wanna-be Frilled Lizard from Zootopia, particularity it's reptile city, who is the friend of Officer Anna Conda, who only went along with becoming a cop for the sake of scoring himself some girls. At the least, he's an unenlighten half-wit, at the worse, he's asentually the lizard verson of Johnny Bravo. Out of the other cop misfits, he's Chief Bogo's least faverite, cause of him obviously only being in a dangerious occupation to "impress babes", Bob being a strong believer of the steriotype that "Chicks dig Uniforms". Bob is in due need of a major reality check, and nothing does that more, then having to be the one to save Zootopia, along with Anna and friends, from savaged herbavores when the ZPD's usual finest are caught in something of greater concern. He has a voice on par with Seth Rogen.


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