Buzz Kelly Vulturlini
Officer Buzz
Vital statistics
Title Officer Buzz, Officer Vulturlini
Gender Male
Race/Species Red-headed vulture (Sarcogyps calvus)
Faction Zootopian Police Department, First Precinct
Description Jazzy, Tough, Undertaker Heritage
Skills and Abilities Natural Flight, Natural Vulture Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia
  • Avianopia (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Officer Buzz K. Vulturlini is a jazzy tough guy vulture from the bird only city of "Avainopia", a city in Zootopia. Not being fond of the family business of being an undertaker, nor the steriotypes of vultures being "Corpse Eaters", Buzz soughted out to be a cop in hopes he can be different. And quickly becoming friends with Officer Legsworth, Buzz aims to become a cop for the ZPD, in due to Zootopia not entirely falling into Steriotypes. Of the misfited officers, Buzz gets into the bad side of Chief Bogo really easly cause of Buzz's lack of proper respect and often follows his own rules and conduct over the ZPD's. Alongside new friends, would Buzz and the others be enough to save Zootopia from a massive surge of savaged Herbavores when Bogo's usual best cops, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, got their hands full with something of slight greater urgentcy?

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