Officer Jannet

Officer Jannet Yara Mears

Officer Jannet Y. Mears is a first class police officer Grant's gazelle for the UUPD, and is Officer Axle's partner. She is a silly enthusiast, and sometimes kind of an oddball. Axle doesn't seem to appreciate having her as a partner due to her enthusiasm and giddiness, though he does care for her, he's just not very open about it cause of his sense of pride. But while she may be much of a gentle person, she is an experienced cop. Sometimes her name varies a lot from Jennet, Janet, and Jenet, all as nicknames (and unintentional typos by MSM and mostly Scroopfan).


Jannet was born in the Dragon Realms. As a child, she was rather average, and very enthusiastic at anything extreme. Though she grew bored with her life by age 13. That was when her life changed when a thief nabbed her mother's purse with intent to misuse her credit cards to commit fraud and to steal normal money. Jannet, without thinking, charged after the brute dispite him obviously being taller then her, but with surprisingly quick grace and style, beat the surprised and unprepared thief to submission. The unlucky crook's surprise on his face when he discovered that Jannet took taekwondo lessons, even though a beginner, she fought like a master. Jannet's eyes began opening up to the possibility of making a difference and bringing people like the extremely unlucky thief to justice. Jannet began watching police shows, and began to get a fascination.

Once she became 19, Jannet decided to sign up to become a police officer for the UUPD. Though the force believed that she had no experience to become one outside of being lucky on the one guy that tried to steal her mother's belongings. So they sent her to a training academy to build up her skills more professionally then just her lesser level of taekwondo, even improved upon it. Despite being beat from the intense training, she was able to get through it without a scratch. Though her enthusiastic and giddy side still remained. She learned how to accurately use a gun, yet liked to fire it in the air a lot, she liked holding a nightstick and using it to beat criminals down a little too much, and she enjoyed the thrill of it all. But she was never allowed to drive a police car because of this, so it was decided that she needed a partner. And that partner was Officer Axle, who wasn't agreeable with her addition, or having her as a partner after his last one ended up injured and with permanent mental damage after a bad encounter with Looger Boosalis, though he will keep his promise of keeping her safe.

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