Craneton Zander Legsworth V
Officer Legsworth
Vital statistics
Title Legsworth V, Officer Legsworth
Gender Male
Race/Species Whooping crane (Grus americana)
Faction Legsworth Fishing Industry, Zootopian Police Department, First Precinct
Description Snobby, Criticizing, Picky
Skills and Abilities Natural Flight, Natural Crane Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia
  • Avianopia (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Officer Craneton Z. Legsworth of the Legsworths of the bird only city in Zootopia is the son and heir of the famed owners of a powerful fish market that has influence to even Zootopia. Legsworth felt being heir of a muilti-million fish market is too, predictable, and has ventured for his own persuits as a officer of the ZPD to get a much more exciting career. However, he does have the misfortune of being a snob, always being quick to criticisize his fellow officers for being "Mannors-depraved", always being a bit picky about sitting in "Non-Sofisticated" chears, and is always quick to nitpick Chief Bogo's leadership skills, to the obvious annoyence of said chief, who has a rather personal opinion against High-Lifers, and is not afraid to let Legsworth know it. But will Legsworth ultamately prove his worth when he and some new friends, among them a tough guy vulture named Officer Buzz who personally amuzes Legsworth, to save Zootopia from savaged herbavores?


Coming soon...


  • "Oh, good show, old bean."
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