Officer Pryce

Officer Pryce Fillmore Coleman

Officer Pryce F. Coleman is a half-Asian Rottweiler Dog who works for the UUPD. He descended (from his mother's side) in a line of ancient hero dogs who shared their souls with a spiritual dragon spirit that disguises itself as a body tattoo on the chest that is both hidden in the skin and dyed in the fur. His glowing tattoo spirit is called "Mi Shenu", a very noble, kind, and righteous spirit who is his secret of succeeding well into the police force. Contrary to what popularity normally does to most, he stays noble, honest, and fair, and never becomes egotistical or forgets his sense of honor. Though it does nothing to prevent Officer Axle from becoming jealous of him, though Axle knows nothing of Mi Shenu because it's supposed to be a family secret since the dragon souls are incredibly powerful, and would instantly attract evil forces to seek and abuse their limitless powers for easier conquest or an easier crime-spree.


Pryce was born with the name Shijuang Lu and was raised in Mongolia on a world in the Video Game Universe. His mother was known to be a charwoman who shared a membership wit a group of ancient dog warriors who possessed limitless power in the form of sharing their souls with spiritual dragons that took the form of chest tattoos. Pryce was rather confident that he would take his mother's place as a member of their organization. Once she died, Pryce went through a ceremony and gained his mother's old soul dragon named Mi Shenu, which he had little experience in controlling his powers. And since this power needed to be sealed from the public due to the increasing corruption on his world, it was a danger since his uncontrollable power could blow their secret.

Fearing that he would lose Mi Shenu as well as his dream, Pryce ran away from home and hoped e could learn how to control his powers on his own. But when he ended up almost exposing his secret, he had to return home so he can be properly trained. Though to his surprise, they didn't kick him out. Instead, they forgave him since he learned a quick lesson and was able to secure his cover with determination, which was the fuel of his powers. After giving him the training he needed, they decided to let him go off-planet to explore and make a new life of himself, with the promise that his powers remain a secret.

Pryce eventually legally changed his name to what it is now and became a member of the UUPD, and he did well hiding his secret. He used it to do well in the police force, and any criminal who tried to reveal what they saw were never believed. Though this success came at a cost: the jealousy of Officer Axle. Though the entire force knew about the tattoo, they believed it was just an ordinary tattoo. But Pryce knew that underneath the fur was the truth, so he made it a priority to never let himself get shaved in any way. Pryce became an excellent officer and nobody knew his secret for years. However, one day, he won't be able to keep this up for long, espeically when if a dangerious enough situation would force him to make a tough call to maintain his secret, or risk a life to be lost.

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