Olarm Gubble Pooler
Vital statistics
Title Sea-Human, Sea Hag, Last Human in the AUU, Nymyan Demon (Pirates),
Gender Female
Race/Species AUU Original Human
Faction Pooler Tribe
Description Bubbly, Curious of Her Own Kind's Technology Even Before Her Knowledge of Them, Brave, Talks Less Often,
Skills and Abilities Fast and Agile Swimmer, Can Stay Submerged for Hours, Increased Jumping Height, Gymnastic Skill, Wields Two Junja Shark Tooth Knives, Rarely Wields a Gun, Can Communicate with Non/Semi-Sentient Sea-Life,
Status Alive and Kicking
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Pooler Island, Harbanisan (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Wiltink System)
  • Anywhere in the Tezen Ocean
Alignment Heart of Gold
Olarm G. Pooler is an Alternate UUniversal Original Human from Planet Harbanisan. She is a very isolated and strange human who has a very strange lifestyle as she was raised by the planet's native dolphin-like Harbins since she lost her original human parents during the beginning days of the Villains Act. Left an orphan, she was adopted by Harbins, and grew up different and an outcast. Raised by aquatic mammals, she learned how to stay submerged for long periods of time, she can navigate as fast as her foster parents even without flippers, and in a way, she formed webbed hands and feet, and became adapted for water. As the Villains Act kicked her own race out of their dimension, Olarm became one of the only humans in the AUU who stayed behind, and the Villains Act has NO idea of her existence. She was only known by the native inhabitants of Harbanisan as a kind of 'Sea Hag' who haunts swimming areas and does unnatural things. Truth is, she's harmless unless she has to protect her island home, her family, her friends, or anything important. She grew up not knowing that she was a human, but when she finally became 17, she was told that her race had to evacuate due to a villain uprising, and she is now, as they believe, the last human in the AUU. She has never interacted with non-Harbins and has been sighted and photographed multiple times. Though she likes a bit of thrill in her life including fighting pirates and sea predators. She eventually learns more about the world outside her island when she discovers a situation with Orrobe, a Korbiquat whom she falls in love with and rescues from his morally compromised adopted miner father, Mr. Tiris' mistreatment and blackmail, who originally was a nice-hearted business men until an oil spill caused by an incompident worker is causing his business to be threatened, driving the desperate tycoon to go to almost villain-like extremes to make sure he is able to provide for his family and not lose his business to the Grand Council, due it to it being STRONGLY pro-eviomental to the point that the oil industry is almost incredabily extinct. With Orrobe being threatened to be sent to an unmapped criminal planet forever if he tells anyone about the oil spill, and keeping a probation implant to prevent him from doing so anyway, Olarm rescued him by taking him to her island, removing the implant, and helping him stop the crime because her own family is being threatened by the oil spill as well. They both continue to provide for Olarm's family and each other by being partners, friends, and soon enough a couple.


Olarm was born in 1997 as the enthusiastic baby girl to a Human Protection Agency agent father and a lifeguard/swim instructor mother, and several months before the Villains Act started. Once the Villains Act itself begun growing with the destruction of the HPA, the unemployed father had to hide his wife and baby daughter to one of the last remaining survival bunkers on their home planet. Unfortunately, when the Villains Act started their takeover invasion, they found the bunker, and killed both Olarm's parents, but not before they shipped Olarm off to an orphanage. But unfortunately, the Villains Act shot down her transportation ship as she crashed into the Harbanisan Tezen Ocean as her pod was filling with water. But before the baby could drown, Harbins came and rescued her. Thus, surprised that Olarm was used to the water, which was likely because of her mother's career, they decided to raise her as their own, bringing her to Pooler Island where she grew up as a cute water-loving toddler who, despite being an outcast to many other Harbins, was able to get along with the help of her adopted brothers, and even her Neustoid friend Pearloscha.

Growing up, even the Harbins were surprised that Olarm was adapting to the water rapidly, noting her webbed hands and feet, as well as being able to survive underwater longer than she did as a baby. Thanks to the local hermit-crab-like sage, Sage Thellor, they discovered that her race had unexplained genetic diseases and mutations that allowed individuals like Olarm to adapt to any environment as they grow up. The bullies of her childhood were legitimately surprised that she had this, and thus started treating her better, finding her as cool and very amazing. Thus, getting greater confidence, she grew stronger as years passed, and adapted further in her surrogate family's environment, even learning martial arts from a shelled cephalopod hermit named Ääomtroy, and through these lessons, learned how to fight with these skills when underwater. Though she didn't discover the origins of her race until age 17, where she wished to go further from the ocean. Upon seeing much, her adoptive mother explained her races' origins and that they evacuated to another dimension due to a villain uprising, and that they believe she may be the last human standing in the AUU. Now hesitant to explore more of her homeworld, she disguises herself in multiple ways.

Later on, she starts getting drawn to the outside world more despite what she learned about her race. But one day, this ends up leading to her discovering the reason for an oil spill that occurs in her territory through the culprit's adopted son, Orrobe, whom she seems to fall in love with. Discovering that his father is blackmailing him using an implant, she knocks Orrobe out, disposes of his implant, and takes him to Pooler Island, where she can be certain he'll be safe. Despite a crazy first impression, Orrobe seems to get used to Olarm, especially being surprised that not only is she a decent-to-look-at female, but also that she's a human that was raised by sentient cetaceans away from the Villains Act. But he does say that the Villains Act was gone for a few years thanks to a crazy interdimensional surprise, yet says that she might have to wait to show herself to his world since the Villains Act has remnants that might take advantage of her. And after explaining his situation, the two become friends out to fix the damage his father has done, and still does to his very day. As time passes, the two end up getting attracted to each other more, yet are shy to admit their feelings. They continue trying to fix Orrobe's father's mistake while his father continues to find him, afraid that he will louse up his career. And later on, they might finally get that chance.


Olarm is a very excitable girl who has been raised by dolphin-like sentient mammals all her life. She is commonly seen in the Tezen Ocean of Harbanisan providing for her family by hunting for seafood, and harvesting sea fruits and seaweed for food, and even providing for herself by scavenging whatever she can to live a life on her own. She commonly swims near old shipwrecks and salvages whatever she can find including washed-up clothes for her to wear, and sometimes even household appliances. She is often accompanied by either Orrobe or some Harbin friends of hers when salvaging in shipwrecks for new stuff. She also scavenges from pirate ships that she destroys, collecting guns, clothes, and even food.

Olarm is often times a showoff, often wanting to make Orrobe laugh, or even impress him with her swimming tricks and breaches. She also doesn't talk much because most of the time she's underwater, an environment where she can't speak anyway. However, she is very social and can talk when she wants. She has a very soft tone of speech, having a 'cute' voice and can even communicate underwater through sign language and sometimes muffles. She can also be a little shy since hearing about her race being kicked out of their dimension left her afraid to show herself to the world outside of her island as the Villains Act might end up knowing and come after her.

Olarm is a very curious person who, despite not knowing her biological parents and not knowing her race's technology that well, has formed a hobby of collecting human technology since Harbanisan is a world that mostly utilizes human technology as most of it's cities and communities have been built by them. She collects their guns from pirates, but hardly uses them. Her main weapons of choice are her knives which she fashioned from a Junja Shark she fought in the ocean, which are useful for when she is searching for food. She is also very brave, as she will defend her home, family, friends, and anything of value from any threat. She has grown used to the dangers and mysteries of the ocean, and she has the uncanny ability to communicate with undersea life with special tricks. She is a good animal whisperer, and has been rumored to have tamed dangerous sea predators once or twice.

She also enjoys a bit of music, but her most common favorites are those from sailors, pirates, and sometimes those of the native Neustoid population. She has performed in music a couple of times, playing the musical instruments she salvaged from sunken cruise ships. Sometimes she even sings, and even her adopted brothers agree that her singing voice is beyond what any nymyan can possibly reach. But sometimes, Olarm can be a little shy when singing to strangers or enemies.


Olarm is a human who had been raised by sentient dolphin-like mammals, and thus adapted for life underwater. She possesses Cerwan's Mutation, an occasionally-occurring mutation common to AUU humans and rarely other species which allows the individual to rapidly evolve through their growth span when exposed to different environments. With this, Olarm developed an aquatic lifestyle, Thanks to years of breath-training shifts, Olarm can stay underwater for 2-in-a-half hours. She also has webbed fingers and toes after years of just using her bare hands and feet to swim, allowing for quicker locomotion, and she can use special swimming techniques developed by watching various forms of underwater locomotion to go even faster. She is agile, flexible, and can react very quickly as her senses have been heightened. Her eyes have developed to see clearly underwater, her ears have developed to hear efficiently underwater where sound is much more intense for a normal human's ears, as well as shrinking her inner ear so that she won't become dizzy in an environment of unlimited directions like a seal or whale, she developed an additional epiglottis from her concha nasalis inside her nose which acts as a means to keep water out when facing upward without the need of plugging it, and her skin became semi-smooth to resist the constant wrinkling, among other adaptations around the diving reflex. She can even track sonar with her accurate ears, and though she doesn't possess echolocation like her foster family, she can mimic echolocation using her developed ears and a highly-practiced low-frequency muffle that only she and her Harbins comrades can hear, and can actually hear when the sound hits something.

On land, Olarm is just as skilled. Years of exercise and jumping across the dense humid and wet groves of Pooler Island's rainforests, she learned adequate gymnastic skills, and thus her running speed, her reflexes, her agility, her jumping height, and her stamina are increased, besides the fact that her development in an aquatic lifestyle had a hand in it. Her senses are more accurate on land than in water, and thus she can fight efficiently. After some training from a sentient animal hermit, she learned efficient martial arts, and thus she can take down tough opponents, and she self-taught herself to fight efficiently underwater with these skills. Though sometimes, fighting underwater can cause her to lose her breath quickly. Regardless, she can survive even the toughest of sea predators, and even gained two knives fashioned from the teeth of a Junja Shark. These knives are her preferred weapons as they are useful for hunting, harvesting, and might even function as makeshift fins.

She is primarily for hand-to-hand/melee combat. She knows that firearms exist as the result of fighting against pirates, and she sometimes likes collecting guns and ammo to use them. However, she prefers to only use a firearm when she has to or as a last resort. Due to Harbanisan commonly using weaponry developed by her own species, the pirates whose weaponry she collects often comes from them. However, these weapons mostly don't work underwater. She is fast enough to avoid gunfire, but she is hardly untouchable.

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