Olcay V. Brocewond is an Alternate UUniversal Longcersaur from Planet Tammon. He is an ungulate-like dinosaur, dubbed ungulasaur, who wields two talking combat wands that were unearthed from ancient Magelian-Zyaūar Master war battles on his home planet that grant him incredible magical abilities. Raised in a dilapidated city that, despite being peaceful, was in poor condition and had been that way since what was reported to be a deadly ravaging by long-imprisoned-in-underground-stasis Zyaūar Master hunter Cighry Yuh Darkout, they suffered the oppression of a criminal guild that profited from the many Zyaūar Master remnants that were found all throughout the city, and Olcay's family were slaves to this treasure-hunting scheme until Olcay came across the two combat wands as they bonded with him, albeit him being confused of him being sentient, and having the personalities of famous AUU cartoons Biggy and Littly that had opposite sizes and voice tones, as they apparently got this way after eons of being unearthed. Despite managing to escape his slavery, not only did he not know how to use them, but they were too worn out to even be useful after so many eons. But eventually, he managed to improve his skills, and freed from the oppression and a possible civil war against the leader of profiting empire, a rogue Vocerkan Zyarjitsu Master, Lord Waverley Schamber, who wished to use the Zyaūar Master power to take over the AUU, yet was put in Oranos thanks to Olcay. After his achievement and bringing peace to his home, he was invited by the Magelio Elder Council to train under them on Magelio.


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