The Olympian Gods

The Olympian Gods are the rulers of the world of Hercules. They reside high above on Mount Olympus where they discuss affairs related to the mortal world or matters regarding monsters or disorders in nature. They primarilly serve as members of the High Council of Heroes.

Olympian Gods

This list consists of gods who only have any significant role in the Animated Series.

  • Apollo: God of the Sun and music and twin brother of Artemis.
  • Ares: God of war, brother of Athena, and founder of Sparta.
  • Artemis: Goddess of the Moon and the wilds and twin sister of Apollo.
  • Athena: Goddess of wisdom, sister of Ares, and founder of Athens.
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love..
  • Demeter: The Goddess of nature and elder sister to Zeus and Hades.
  • Hephaestus: God of the forge and fiancee of Aphrodite.
  • Hera: Queen of the Gods, Goddess of marriage and womanhood
  • Hermes: Messager of the Gods
  • Hestia: Goddess of the hearth and family.
  • Poseidon: God of the seas and brother of Zeus.
  • Zeus: King of the Greek Gods

Minor Gods

  • Amphitrite: Goddess of the Sea and wife of Poseidon
  • Aurora (Mentioned) : Goddess of the Dawn. She never appeared physically in the series but was mentioned in Hercules and the Jilt Trip.
  • Bacchus: God of parties and wine.
  • Boreas: God of winds
  • Cupid: God of passion whose duty is to make others fall in love.
  • Iris: Goddess of Rainbow. She never physically appeared in the series but was mentioned in a song in Hercules and the Kids.
  • Morpheus: God of sleep.
  • Muses: Goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes.
  • Nike (mentioned): Goddess of Victory. She never appeared in the series but mentioned in Hercules and the Poseidon Cup Adventure
  • Persephone: Goddess of fertility and daughter of Demeter.
  • Phantasos: God of dreams.
  • Trivia: God of trivia.
  • Triton: God and messenger of the Sea and son of Poseidon

List of Olympian Demigods

  • Hecate: Demigoddess of Witchcraft.
  • Nemesis: Demigoddess of Vengeance.
  • Fear and Terror: Sons of Ares.
  • Otis: Aquatic Demigod and son of Poseidon. Appeared in Hercules and the Trojan War wherein he was a foreign exchange student at Trojan Academy who fought against Hercules during the Prometheus Academy raid on Trojan Academy.
  • Hercules: Son of Zeus. Main hero in Hercules and the series.
  • Megara: Princess of the Gods.

Physical Appearance

The Olympian gods are human in appearance with above average height and an aura of divinity emitting from thier body , they possesses a wide range skin and hair color .

Powers & Abilities

The Olympians Gods are very powerful beings

Gods possess a wide range of powers and abilities :

  • Immortality: The Ability to live forever and be immune to injury
  • Superhuman Strength : The Ability to be extremely physical Stronger than
  • Shape-shifting : The Ability to alter ones appearance
  • Teleportation : The Ability to materialize across Large distances
  • Omnipresence : The Ability to be Present everywhere and anywhere at the same time

Some Gods Possess Energy Base Abilities such as:

  • Magic Abilities : The Ability to Perform magic
  • Energy Projection : The Ability to project Energy

Role in the series

The Olympian Gods reprise their roles from the movie. they reprhase their role, which, oddly enough, isn't very much big, just side characters.

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