The Omniweapon

Omniweapon is a powerful superweapon created by Baron Wu Hao. It is 100 feet tall, weighs 100,000 pounds, and was made to be 'The Ultimate Weapon'. It is equipped with any kind of weapon imaginable: lasers, fire, missiles, grenades, fireworks, strength, size, guns, death rays, plasma cannons, electricity, and tractor beams. The robot itself is powered by a nuclear reactor housed inside it's chest, a clever power source that Wu Hao ensured could work as a defense against anyone wanting to destroy it since a puncture inside it could cause a nuclear explosion. The reactor powers most of Omniweapon's weaponry. It takes the shape of a dragon except for the tail, and it's size ensures that nothing can prove too much for it.


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Aside from it's size and physical strength, the Omniweapon is armed to the brim with every kind of weapon imaginable. It's powered by a nuclear reactor which provides it with all the power of it's energy weapons. It's strongest weapon is the 2 lenses on it's chest, which is so close to the reactor, the death rays are powerful enough to incinerate anything. It also has laser-lens eyes which aren't exactly as deadly as it's chest laser, but very deadly. It's fingers shoot fireworks, sticky thermal, ion, and hydrogen explosives, heat-seeking missiles, they can generate electricity, and the palms of each hand have a laser-lens for heated plasma-blasts, and they both serve as tractor beam-lenses. Since it's design is based on a dragon, it has mechanical jaws which it can use to chomp into metal. It can also breath fire, and concentrate it into some fireballs for accuracy. It is also capable of flight through the rockets on it's feet, as well as a few other thrusters on it's body.

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