After Old Man Jenkins' false god incident is finally cleared up, Bikini Bottom is given a barely-noticeable revamp. But the joy isn't forever as it's revealed that the surface garbage is courtesy of a controversial method of the original branch of Bermuda Currents Incorporated called Loot Chest Inc, the famous suppliers of all garbage that make animal-scale civilizations on both land and sea. The one who dumped it for years is a rat named Mister Looty McTrasherson, who made a secret profit on this method to spite his superiors for denying his consolation prize after an act of greed. Now he's polluted loads more places in the Pacific Ocean as a gigantic marketable campaign. But when he fails to see that his campaign has serious and poisonous consequences, it's up to the Lodgers to stop him, espeically when the problem goes beyond the typical eviomental consiquences and turns into a dishastor of epic proportions when the garbage ends up awaking a hibernating Poseidon of the Spongebob World and inkured his wrath onto the surface world by forcing in a great flood. Can the Lougers calm a god's rage and make Looty clean up his act?

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