Ooze the Black

Ooze the Black (Main Base Form)

Ooze the Black, formerly named Oozarnus, is an Alternate UUniversal black slimy demon created on Planet Crazo during it's First Cartoonian War. The creature started off as a god of mischief and death who, instead of using his 'Magic Tar' invention to grant life, used it to destroy mortals and make them into demonic henchmen so he can take over Crazo and it's gods. As punishment, Hrinjor banished him from the god world and send him to the mortal world so he can use his discoveries for good, only to realize that he was brought back in a sacred tar pit located in a religious courtyard where the Crazosians planned to bring a form of resurrection to their world with the use of their holy chaos magic powers. Ooze was brung to this world through the tar pit taking the shape of Hrinjor, making everyone in Crazo think he actually was Hrinjor. But when he was created, he began using his new godly powers, as well as his tainted demonic tar, to lay waste to Crazo, turning it from a lush temperate planet into a surreal wasteland planet where chaos and nonsense surrounds every perimeter. People soon began standing up to Ooze, but only one manages to survive: a wise priestress named Crazona-Lacka, who was able to banish Ooze into a tomb which she buried far away from the tar pit so he could never escape and pretty much the only one capable to realise that Hrinjor would never betray his own creations like this and was able to sense it is actselly a rouge creation of Hrinjor that was accsidently brought here but wasn't able to convince everyone otherwise. Even Hrinjor was unable to undo the chaos that Ooze had done to the planet, and so, it was left as a world of craziness and chaos. Regardless, the people learned to live with their new world, and remain in peace for thousands of years. Ooze shares a similarity to Shadow Blot, but has the personality and powers of the Doll Maker from Alice: Madness Returns. His form is however, baseless. He has no direct form and can take many shapes, his most popular at the time is to mimic his former master Hrinjor.


Ooze the Black's Baseless Form

Ooze's Baseless Form

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Powers and Abilities

Being a demigod beast, Ooze has magical abilities similar to any other god of Crazo. Being meant to cause chaos and mischief, he uses his powers to alter the environment at a chaotic rate. With his tar-based body, he can shapeshift, manipulate the natural elements, immobilize people with his sticky tar, create slimy demonic minions by sculpting them with tar, natural elements, or other objects. Being the creator of Magic Tar, he has the deadly ability to consume his victims, and can manipulate their life force. He can use this tar to kill people or bring them back to life when desired, no matter how decomposed they are.

Even though he is godly, he isn't immortal due to Hrinjor taking it away from him. Yet, he can use his magic tar to absorb the life force from other people when on the verge of dying, and to heal wounds, repair missing body parts, and gain strength the more life force he gets. He is capable of flight, creating or destroying matter with his tar, and using his tar to create slimy tentacles that can be used as weapons or for retrieving something.


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