Or-Gan-I-Zation 2

"Sympathic Agony-a! It's all that's left of MEEEEEEE-HE-HE-HEEEEE-HE-HE-HEEEEE-HE, OHHH!"

or OGIZ66 is a Galactic Federation droid that was meant to do great things, until, due to being declaired too pwerful for it's own good and the death of his creater that it bonded to it like a father, had recently malfunctioned and went rogue. However, before it could be fixed, it disappeared without a trace. Eventually, Or-Gan-I-Zation will found The Dark Order.



Or-Gan-I-Zation (Former GFED Form before corruption.)

OGIZ66 was a Galactic Federation droid previously created by several GFed sciencetists. This included Dr. JarbinsDr. StoddartDr. Jumba Jookiba, and spear-headed and lead by top master genius Dr. Krobin Forkfacer, to create the first machine capable to have the extendive knowledge of the very universe itself, to connect to any internet, earth or alien, and to even be able to connect itself to long outdated devices, even something like an old record player. It can even influence organic beings by actessing neurological thoughts, memories, ideals, personally, and bodly funtions with a touch of it's extention fingers. Krobin had ideals to use the machine as well to preserve impourent files, be used to restore, refuntionalised, even upgrade long abandoned old tecknowagies like old fastion devines long rusted and broken, and even to bond and/or control people out of doing terrorable deeds and doing, implying this was an extreme way to corral the forces of darkness. OGIZ66 was the first of his kind, including sister and brother driods, OGIZ65 and OGIZ64. They are called "Or-Gan-I-Zations".

OGIZ66 was fitted with a speical chip that enabled emotions, cause Krobin, dispite that OGIZ66 was the 3rd created, believed he had the potainional to lead the Or-Gan-I-Zations to greatness. OGIZ66, began to bond with Krobin like a father, and protacted him greatly. Krobin invited the Grand Council Woman to see the Or-Gan-I-Zations for herself for her approveal. Krobin explained that the machines have the potainal to change the universe as they know it. They would be vast and intelligent, capable to intervine and resolve in the most difficult of conflicts. They would keep old fastion devices from being simply thrown out or louged in basements, which would reduce garbage intake, and send recycling into a new level. They would reduce crime and ease the plight of police from getting hurt from violence, cause an Or-Gan-I-Zation, being made of the finest indestructable metal, durable machery, and master of every form of physical prowless, they would tame and orgerised unruly and troubled indeviduals. They would make villains, criminals, terrorests, even demons and monsters, extint by neurologically malmitulating them into a more tamer and peaceful state. The Grand Council Woman admired such the potainional the machine would have for the community for both aliens and earthly universeals. The Grand Council Woman, however, warned Krobin that these machines, if they were to be allowed to intervine to the every-day conflicts of the universe, must be approved by The High Council. Krobin was confindent he would win over the most powerful and athoritive of the govermental forces in the Universes.

He met with the High Council leaders, and showed them the Or-Gan-I-Zations. He demenstraighted their powers, by having ORIZ64 connect to the internet and answer alot of difficult questions based on reshearh, ORIZ65 to bring a long outdated wooden 50s TV set into the 21st centaury as a sytilesed flat-screen-like device, and ORIZ66 to turn a furious Tiger into a pussy cat. Krobin was sure he was gonna be a shoo-in.

But, while the High Council were impressed by his accomplishment, they however informed him that the Or-Gan-I-Zations are too powerful for their own good for mass-production and to be allowed into the universes. The most vocal are Ignitus and the other dragon gaurdians, Master ChaoZeusYen SidKing TritonMama Odie, and the disney Emperor of China. Each of them, in their own various opinions, believe that the Or-Gans are just more harmful to the universes then Krobin would intended them. They warned that those of malevolent intentions would use them to hack into High Council or confindential data bases, revive long destroyed Darkspawn weapons, even turn people into villains to grow their numbers. It was voted that the machines are to be kept away from the public, never to see the light of day. This news, broken the heart of Krobin. And earned the concern of ORIZ66.

A year later, Krobin was dying of a broken heart, with ORIZ66 doing everything in his programiming to keep Krobin from dying. It was a valient effert, but noneoftheless, ineditable to end in sadness. Krobin finally died of a heart attack that finally came. ORIZ66 refused to think this, and began to malmitulate many heart revival devices to try and reserect Krobin. Krobin's three partners, were concern that ORIZ66 is not acting like the other of the Or-Gan-I-Zations, and were afraid that ORIZ66 would do something, insane. They reported to the Council, and Galactic Alliance Soldiers came and claim both ORIZ66 and his siblings, while Krobin has been taken to an undisclosed space graveyard. The Grand Council Woman ordered the more harmless siblings of ORIZ66 to be kept in a secret facility to work as file keepers, which was only once of what they're capable of, while ORIZ66, was ordered to have his emotion chip removed, only to then later joined his siblings. However, his sadness for his master and feelings of abandonment corrupted his programming. He escaped without a trace. He was able to find where Krobin was buried, and, in grostest fastion, began to bind and merge with Krobin's corpse, becaming a grousome mixture of organic and machine, and the horendus mixture of necormancy and science. In a way, what became of ORIZ66, which he started to go by on "Or-Gan-I-Zation", was most likely what the High Council were trying to prevent. Now, in a tragic attempt to honor Krobin's name, he plans to make a villain team of his own to bring the Universes into the age that the High Council denied, one where darkspawn worship is forsakened and create a new age of improvement to both good and evil. He soon included False-SayerProfessor Eagle BeakBoan, and many other of the lougers enemies to form The Dark Order.

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