Oraco Ceal Melphino is an Alternate UUniversal Anacondoran from Planet Adora Minor. She is a wise snake-like mage that is a member of an apparently-extinct race called the Anacondorans, which are well-known as a wise, adaptive, warrior, and high-cultural race spread out across multiple worlds. Adora Minor was among the average-known colonies for the Anacondorans due to it's calm and cool environment. They built several temples there, and when they eventually disappeared, Oraco died and was reincarnated as an oracle in a scepter. Her scepter remained unearthed for a long time until it was discovered by the Adora System's aristocratic Cunone rulers, the Oborlodeon family, as they discovered her as an oracle that could tell the past, present, and future. And she immediately told of a prophecy that Doc Gearhard, a Qlarg whom the Oborlodeons admonished for his "hazardous" invention of a virus that could turn people into robots for immortality to the point where he failed in his political campaign, and after falling victim to a temper-tandrum gone wrong and resulting in him being what he is now, would get his revenge on them by attempting to hunt them to extinction after he usurps the system and uses his virus for evil and create an empire out to get them. When the Oborlodeons were threatened and their giant palace was destroyed, the Oborlodeons spread out not just their descendants, but also hid Oraco's scepter away in a place only they can refind so it wouldn't be used for evil, especially when Gearhard could use her to locate the Oborlodeon descendants before they can make this prophecy come true. Oraco's scepter still resides in an unspecified location in the Adora System.


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