Oranos is a snowy prison planet in the Alternate UUniverses located in the Eta Universe, the Dalimpir Sector, and the Dorkk System. In 1668, the United Sentient Races Alliance colonized the planet after a violent war to imprison the most dangerous and powerful of warlords and criminals. Since then, the planet has kept millions of villains imprisoned all from the Third AUU Cartoonian War, The Interuniversal War, The Villains Act, and even the wars before that like the lesser-known Second AUU Cartoonian War, the violent Exo-Wars, and so on. The planet has no villages or cities, but it contains only massive military bases and fortresses, and 60 high-class penal colonies. This planet has been successful for keeping prisons for years due to the cold climate and highly-advanced security that's locked up tight and magic-proof. It's basically the Prison 42 of the Alternate UUniverses. However, the founders of these prisons never realized that Oranos was more alive than it looked.

PTE Redux Conditions: There will be a prison on Altrus that is essentially a redux of this world.


In 1668, after the violent Exo-Wars (A 1598-1668 AUU war where a corrupt robot military force created by a mad cyborg scientist invades and declares war on the AUU for Globex Industries' stolen technologies, and used cybernetic war machines to kill 5 million people), the USRA colonized Oranos, which was viewed as an uninhabitable frozen planet at the time covered entirely in ice, and terraformed it into a snowy planet. The USRA decreed the planet a prison planet for the mad cyborg scientist and several other war criminals.

Since it's establishment, Oranos has been colonized as a planet meant for imprisoning the most dangerous of criminals inside it's 60 penal colonies that are spread across the planet's supercontinent and the military fortresses and outposts for guarding them. About a million criminals have been locked up here. And for centuries, the cold climate has caused escaped criminals to freeze to unconsciousness, and allow the guards to use healing tanks to heal them, and lock them back up. However, prisoners that are from races that adapted to cold environments put up more challenge, but the outposts make up for that by sending scouts around 24-7 through hovering vehicles to ensure that won't be a problem. But even with that quality, criminals are rarely capable of making it out, though it's not that much of a problem since it still does well.

As of 1986, there has been numerous sightings of strange human-sized ant/mantis-like creatures running around and causing trouble for the local prisons. This has brought massive uproar for the OPSW (Oranos Prison System Wardens), but it's leader, Warden Croker, plans to have this settled out swiftly and quietly to avoid notice from the AUU Grand Council, knowing that if they discovered what these creatures were doing, and start 'going soft on them', they would shut down all prisons on Oranos, risking the criminals' very confinement. That's why he's tried to keep these rumors a secret and has always found perfect lies to cover it up. But baring people who are smart enough the guess, the only ones who know the creatures' intentions of getting the prisons removed for their agricultural troubles were him and his daughter, Warden-in-Training Chokera, who had secretly ordered all prisons on Oranos to get some AFT (Artificial Flying Terrain) systems installed so that the prisons could fly, thereby restoring the agricultural systems for the creatures. She never let her father know about this, however, because not only is he afraid of heights, but he also prefers the prisons stay exactly where they were, no questions asked. Since then, the AFT system was not yet completed until a rotine event involving the Lougers bringing in King Jall turned into a much needed life changing event for Oranos.


Oranos World Map

Oranos World Map

During it's 'uninhabitable' days, Oranos was an icy planet covered entirely in ice (Similar to the Snowball Earth), when volcanic activity never occurred for millions of years. The temperature was over -533 °C, allowing no possible means for life to flourish, or so most would traditionally believe. By the time it was terraformed, ice melted, creating a snowy supercontinent called Arctonia. The temperature lowered to -89 °C during terraformation (Same temperature as Antarctica). This allowed the planet to easily be habitable by thermal-regulated animals. The snow falls almost every day, but it isn't cold enough to freeze the salty global Rinarcoian Ocean.

The cold temperature gives great advantages for those who live there. The planet may not be able to have villages or cities in it, but penal colonies and military bases are more than capable of handling the cold. Prisoners who escape have a hard time leaving the planet due to the cold temperatures, with given exception to those that are naturally-adapted to cold weather that have to be dealt with traditionally. The prisoners that are not used to the cold freeze into unconsciousness until they can be healed by a special healing tank, and locked back up.

Prisons and Colonies

Oranos Prison Cells

Oranos Prison Cells

There are over 60 prisons on Oranos. Each of them are capable of holding over 1,000 criminals. Each prison colony is watched over by the Oranos Prison System Wardens (OPSW) Commission, and over 60 wardens run the commission. Each warden controls their own prison colony, and command all of it's security. The guards of the prisons all wear durable armored combat suits that are as strong as titanium, they carry energy shields for riot control, and they wield rapid-fire laser rifles that can either be set to stun or kill. There are also juggernauts that are more armored and wield stronger laser rifles.

Because each prison is built by different people from different worlds, the types of cells vary in each of them. Each prison cell contains 3 bunk beds built into the wall, a toilet which automatically creates a censorship field when in use, and has a camera on the ceiling which automatically monitors the cells 24-7. There are also light screens above each cell that show the information of the prisoner through voice recognition and DNA scanners. Basic cell types are common in every prison, whereas there could be only one basic cell type for every prison. Basic cell types, called CT-1s, include:

  • Laser Cells- A cell with pure laser bars. They don't disintegrate anything, but they burn whoever touches it.
  • Energy Cells- A cell covered with an energy field that fries whatever touches it.
  • Neutronium Cells- A cell which has bars made of neutronium, the strongest metal in the AUU. Common not just for storing basic criminals, but even the strongest of them.
  • Aquarium Cells- A cell that is composed of a durable glass called duraglass, and is filled with either freshwater or saltwater. Appropriate for aquatic criminals.

However, each prison has specific types of cells for those that are not fit for the basic cells. These are called CT-2s, or Super Cells. Each of them have the same accommodations as CT-1 cells, and are specially designed for any type of super-criminal, whether it be magic, mutant, or robotic, these cells ensure that it is difficult to escape. CT-2s include:

  • Transmagnetic Cells- Cells meant for evil wizards, sorcerers, magicians, or telepaths. It is an energy cell that surrounds a prisoner with a transmagnetic shield that blocks psionic, telepathic, or magical abilities.
  • EMP Cells- Cells meant for robots or cyborgs. It is an energy cell that surrounds a prisoner with a metal-sensing field that will blast an electromagnetic pulse inside the cell to disable the machinery of the prisoner and immobilize it.
  • Auto-Environment Cells- Virtual cells that consist of a basic prison door which has a virtual AI room that is only visible through a virtual window. They are meant to accommodate a villain that is best suited in a certain environment such as cold, hot, poisonous, or even restrain a certain physical power.

Though the cells are difficult to escape from, getting out of the prison is the toughest part. Each sector of the hallways are secured with either AM (Audio-Motion) sensors and DNAR (DNA Recognition) systems that automatically trigger the alarms and activate several laser turrets that can either be set to stun or kill by voice command. There are also lockdown protocols that surround the building with neutronium barriers that are almost impossible to break through.

The military bases of the planet are meant to scout for the prisoners that are either lucky enough to survive in the cold, or are naturally adapted to the cold. These military colonies are run by another commission called the Oranos Military and Recon System (OMRS) Commission, which has just as much power as the OPSW Commission. This commission is run by several Recon Generals that each run a single military colony. The scouts that work in each colony are advised to travel the planet in search of anything sensitive such as escaping prisoners or others. They travel through hovering vehicles called Hovering Recon Carriers (HRC), or 'Hracs', that can carry up to 15 scouts each. Scouts are armed with the same weapons as prison guards, and wear similar suits that are camouflage-patterned and temperature-controlled.

These prisons also have a fair share of technological sources thanks to their Base of Sciences (BOS) currently run by Uonan scientist Dr. Grinheart. He has provided the planet with a few powerful robotic forces such as it's anthropomorphic robot foot soldiers called Watchers. He has also helped Oranos buy the rights to have certain drones protect the prisons. The two mainly-used models are T-05 Aggressors, which are small ball-sized drones armed with either laser cannons or miniguns, and the T-26 Desolators, which are usually deployed in space and can do maximum damage with either laser miniguns or rocket launchers.

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