Orchid Underlink

Orchid Underlink is an Equestrian griffin who is the top assassin in the Griffin Mafia and the niece of it's leader, Boss Grouse. Like her uncle, she has an Australian accent, yet is red violet and white in color. She was raised by great parents who didn't seem to get along with her once she reached her teen years since she was rather autistic and tended to burst out with temper-tantrums for nothing. This usually ended up with her own parents threatening her with bad things such as disowning and even jailtime. When this temper got her expelled from her college, she was met with disowning from her parents, and she was raised by Grouse from then on. Angered for her parents' actions on her, Orchid became a grand assassin for Grouse in the Mafia, and even managed to become the top assassin after defeating the previous top assassin Trillium. Orchid was a very brash griffin who was an expert in marksmanship and melee combat. She preferred to be single since she refused to have anything to do with family except for her uncle, which is why she always turns down Grouse's flirting bodyguard/assistant Bart von Stellar.


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