Supervideomaniac's future backround

first few members of the louge. also an earlier design.

This is the Origin, Rise, and History of the Shell Lodge Squad. In the early days of Scroopfan's video-making, when he didn't have a lot of clips and was a simple spoof-maker, he always planned to create his own adventure series, but back then he lacked clips needed. After finally getting some, he made his first moisode, SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King


When the UUniverses were linked once again after WB King Arthur pulled Excalibur from the Stone, many other-worlders began traveling through them. Spongebob and his friends traveled into the Disney Universe to Pride Rock after discovering they could breath on land in other worlds except their own. So they were made special guests by Mufasa and Sarabi to see the birth of their son, Simba. Also, Mr. Krabs went with Rafiki for some unknown reason. But what they didn't know was that Dennis, the Thug Tug Thugs, and Plankton (After being released from jail by the Villain League after the events of the SpongeBob movie) had allied themselves with Scar and the Hyenas in an attempt to get back at SpongeBob and his friends, and in return, help Scar rule Pride Rock. After a few weeks, SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward had become extras to Simba like what happened with Johnny/Jondugu (Not brothers, however. Rather friends and room-mates). During the Battle for Pride Rock, however, the Hyenas decided to reform (An idea Scroopfan had for a while during the making). When SpongeBob's group won the battle, the Hyenas joined their heroic group, and call themselves 'The Shell Lodge Squad'.

Early Days

The Shell Lodge was known by so little people during the events of SpongeBob and the Hyenas Get Lost in Madagascar. During this adventure, they wind up in Madagascar where they cross paths with the infamous exiled main founder of the Villain League, Lord 'Mang' Cobra, who tried to control the Lodgers' friend Alex the Lion into attacking his friends by using the power of his Darkspawn medallion to have Alex think he is surrounded by giant talking steaks and had a steak-related dream prior before in hopes to turn him into his pawn. But his plan failed when Shenzi ultimately caused his defeat by destroying his meddailian, which caused his abominations to turn on him and maul him to death.


As the Shell Lodge continued to grow into fame and adding more members while battling the forces of the Villain League, they eventually became the adopted family of a Princess of Heart named Kairi, the longtime friend of Sora the Keyblade Weilder, who ended up becoming a valued target for various Villain League plots lead by the Black Dragon, Dark Cynder, in an attempt to ressurect Lord Cobra following his death. Cobra's death launched the Villain League's interest of Kairi since the evil sorceress Maleficent presented her while she was in a deep sleep. During the events of SpongeBob and Friends join The Rescuers, Kairi meets the Shell Lodge and tells them about Dark Cynder's past, prompting the Shell Lodgers to find a way to cure Cynder of her darkness. Their next adventure leads them to a wise dragon named Ignitus, who leads them to an adventure in England with the notorious Robin Hood. Since their victory, the Lodgers and Kairi have begun living in the Dragon Guardians' Temple under the care of Ignitus and The High Council. Soon, they discover a purple dragon named Spyro, who helps them defeat Dark Cynder, and finally cure her from her darkness during the events of SpongeBob and Friends go on The Quest for Camelot. Soon, the Villain League begun hatching a plan to kidnap all seven Princesses of Heart to help free the fearful purple dragon, Malefor, and his Darkspawn armies. During the events of SpongeBob and Friends Meet Lilo & Stitch, Kairi's family bond with the Lodge is suddenly made stronger after SpongeBob reveals that he loves her as a friend/love. After Spongebob and Stitch rescue Kairi and Lilo from the Villain League, he tells Kairi that he loves her as a friend and expresses his feeling for her, and since they both have their own likely soulmates, they could just be friends.


In Spongebob and Friends in Brother Bear, during a camping trip, the Shell Lodge was surprised when they discovered that Kairi was raised by Po's old nemesis, Lord Shen, who was the son of the noble peacocks of Gongmen City and the corrupted apprentice of Lord Cobra who taught the corrupted bird black sorcery and harnessed the secrets of his family's tradition of making fireworks as a weapon for darkness, chaos and destruction. Shen then led an army to exterminate Po's entire village after the Soothsayer fortold that "a warrior of black and white" would defeat him if he continued to follow Cobra's deception. Shen's parents, horrified at this atrocity and unaware of Cobra being behind their son's poisoned and corrutptive lust for power, exiled a vengeful Shen who fled to Kairi's homeworld, Radiant Garden, where he lived in peace bonding with the young Princess of Heart and adopting her as his own god-child. Unfortunately, Lord Cobra discovered this, and destroyed Radient Garden with the help of Malefor and the Darkspawn. But when the Firebird prepared to take Kairi's life, Mickey Mouse came to defend Kairi even though he knew he was no match for the Firebird. As the Firebird tried to finnish him off, Lord Shen fired his cannons at it, defeating it. Mickey Mouse retreats while Kairi is taken somewhere safe, while Cobra punished Shen by corrupting and poisoning him into the evil vengeful bird which lead to his defeat at the hands of Po in Kung Fu Panda 2. He is eventually cured from his darkness and reunites with Kairi, and makes things right between Po and the Shell Lodgers, joining them as their new general.

As their adventures continued, the Lodge discovers the magical world of Equestria, where they discover that Lord Shen had a past experience with it's ruler, Princess Celestia, involving Lord Cobra, which proves that she is Kairi's god-mother. They soon help Celestia, her protege, Twilight Sparkle, and her 5 friends, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity defeat the Villain League when they ally theirselves with their enemies Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Queen Chrysalis (Who Lord Cobra develops a crush on). The Lodgers and the ponies become well-known allies, and Lord Shen develops a crush on Princess Celestia. 

The Lodgers soon discover that Spyro and Kairi have a special connection and ties to the UUniverses' legendary hero, Tyro the Kung-Fu Indigo Dragon and his keyblader friends who defeated the Darkspawn, jailed them in the infamous Banished Realms and ensured peace in the UUniverses. But an even greater enemy from the past has returned to help the Villain Leage accomplish their ambitions. And that enemy is none other then the infamous Master Xehanort, A former Keyblade Master whose obsession with the ancient Keyblade War and First Cartoonian War led him to give his heart over to darkness and became the closest friend of Malefor himself. The two villains tried the forge the most powerful weapon in the history of the UUniverse, the χ-blade, and sieze control of the legendary Kingdom Hearts which would put the UUniverses into an eternal age of darkness under Malefor's iron rule. But their plans failed when Tyro and his friends got in the way and stopped them in their tracks. But victory came with a heavy price. Terra was transformed into Terra-Xehanort, Ventus became comatose after his battle with his dark half, Vanitas, Mang became the villain everyone knows today, Aqua sacrificed herself to protect Kairi and Shen along with helping Tyro battle Malefor thus trapping her in the Realm of Darkness and Tyro split his heart in two, passing their halves inside Kairi and Spyro turning them into his chosen heirs, and used his powers to encase himself into crystal to protect his body from fading after sealing Malefor and the Darkspawn in the Banish Realms thus sending the sleeping Tyro to join the fallen Aqua in the Realm of Darkness. Now Malefor and Xehanort still continue their ambitions to create the χ-blade and trigger The Third Cartoonian War with the help of the leage by gathering thirteen strong beings to fill with fragments of darkness known as Organization XIII (who Sora vanquished in the past) and infuse Xehanort's heart into all its members.

In Spyro/Spongebob and Friends Get Spirited Away, the witch-doctor, Doctor Facilier and his Friends on the Other Side has The Lodge, as well as their new friend, Chihiro, trapped in the Realm of the Spirits where they encounter a myriad of creatures, ghosts, and Japanese beasts of folklore that bear a striking resemblance to SpongeBob's friends in Wonderland after Chihiro's parents are magically turned into pigs. But the most strangest of all these beings is a mysterious teenager who looks like a black-haired version of Riku, named Haku. While meeting the inhabitants of the Spirit World, Now, Spongebob, Spyro and their friends re-encountered Young Xehanort,  the alternate past self of Master Xehanort and Teen Mang, the alternate past self of Lord Cobra dressed in a black coat who had been waiting for them since their encounter in Spongebob and Friends Meet Little Nemo in Slumberland, along with the ghosts of old enemies form their past and revived new ones like Xehanort's Heartless (Ansem Seeker of Darkness), his Nobody and leader of the original Organization XIII, Xemnas, as well as Vanitas who made a camo apperence. During a brief distraction by the masked spirit called "No Face" who posessed Fagin the Darkspawn Bird and wreaked chaos in the Bathhouse, Spyro has been seperated from his friends and is teleported from the Japanese Spirit World to the World That Never Was where he meets up with the original Organization's # II, Xigbar, Teen Mang and Young Xehanort who revealed a startling truth, the disembodied Ansem before he posessed Riku, has sent Young Xehanort on a mission to travel to different periods of time to gather various incarnations of Xehanort to build the Villain Leage's Organization XIII while Teen Mang served as the spy for both Ansem and Xemnas on upcoming events in the futrue involving Kairi and the Shell Lodge Squad. Spyro makes his way to the castle, but is intercepted by Xemnas and ends up with his heart damaged, whereupon he falls into a coma and is taken to the castle by Young Xehanort and Teen Mang. Upon learning of Spyro's whereabouts from Yubaba, the witch who runs the bathhouse, Kairi searches for Spyro in the world where she was kidnapped and taken to as a prisoner in Kingdom Hearts II with the help of Haku who is actually a dragon and the biological son of Maleficent and finds him in the castle, where she confronts, battles, and manages to defeat Young Xehanort and Teen Mang with help from Mickey accompined by Twilight Sparkle and her asistant and close friend, Spike The Dragon. After the fight, Kairi is reunited with Sora, Riku and the other Lodgers. The Villain League appears with the fully revived Master Xehanort who reveals the League's true intentions once Malefor and his Darkspawn return: following his failure to forge the χ-blade to summon Kingdom Hearts and seize control of the UUniverses by pitting a heart of pure light against a heart of pure darkness (Ventus and Vanitas). During the Second Cartoonian War, he has learned an alternate way of creating the powerful weapon. Before the First Cartoonian War was at it's prime, Spyro and Malefor's purple dragon predecessors were the sacred guardians of Kingdom Hearts with the χ-blade as its counterpart which means that Spyro's real "destiny" of all purple dragons is to be Kingdom Hearts' watchful protector besides bringing about the world's destruction. However warriors and other magical creatures either good or evil came to desire the power of light contained within Kingdom Hearts, and they clashed together, with their keyblades and other powerful weapons in hand. Their greed and jealousy introduced darkness into the world, thus beginning the Keyblade War and the First Cartoonian War. As the two wars came to an end, the χ-blade was shattered into 13 darknesses and  lights and it's said that only the Clash of those lights and darknesses along with the soul of a pure hearted misfit (SpongeBob) can forge the mighty weapon again. From the start of Spongebob's journey in SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King, Malefor and Xehanort have been planning this from the creation of the Lodge, Dark Cynder's reign until her downfall in Camelot, Mirage's takeover, and the creation of Organization XIII made out of thirteen incarnations of Xehanort as the "Thirteen Seekers of Darkness". Once Xehanort has his darknesses clash with the High Council's "Fourteen Guardians of Light" and the leage kills off SpongeBob for Malefor to harvest his soul, then they will recreate the χ-blade, start the Third Cartoonian War and another Keyblade War thus plunging the UUniverse into an eternal age of darkness under Malefor's iron rule. As Mirage prepares to take SpongeBob's life while Master Xehanort moves in to transform Spyro into the 13th and final vessel for the Organization, Lea, the revived human form of the orginal Organization's Axel, Haku in his dragon form (Before Chihiro brakes his curse while taking her to her final test to return to the real world), Donald Duck, Goofy, The Mane 6, The High Council and Circus Zaragoza (Lead by Alex, Marty, ShrekDonkey, Puss 'n boots and the Penguins: Skipper, PrivateKolwalski and Rico the penguin with the elite rescue squad that helps the Lodge in it's battles against the Organization dubbed "The Shell Louge Afro Circus") arrive to aid SpongeBob and the others and a massive brawl occurs where the Villain Leage and Master Xehanort were forced to retreat with Young Xehanort, Teen Mang, Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar, and Saix while his six hooded vessels return to their timelines until Spyro offically becomes Xehanort's last needed thirteenth vessel for the Organization. Now the Shell Lodge Squad with Kairi, The High Council and their friends at their side now battle enemies and other evil forces that no adventure team in the Pooh's Adventures League can withstand while making their fans smile and laugh out loud at the same time.

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