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The gates of Hell, and the Banished Realms.

Over 4 billion years ago, the worlds were created by the High Council of Elder Gods. These worlds were to be governed and ruled by a select number of gods evenly amongst themsleves. But there was one god who refused to follow the rules. It's name...was Chernabog, dark lord of the hell regions and it's banished realm prisons. He wanted all of the worlds to be under his control, and he would stop at nothing to get them all. So in secret, he fashioned himself an elite organization of like-minded demons, and together, they became the first Dark Spawn council, Lords of Hell and the Negaverse. This original council of the Dark Spawn included:

The Banished Hell Realms

This evil group of demon lords and gods then set out to take over the High Council by force. The first Cartoonian War began as a result of this hostile takeover. It was a bloody and devastating war, with many worlds being destroyed in the process. It was during the war that Chernabog created the first Heartless and Nobodies to serve as his soldiers for the Dark Spawn, with the Unversed being created from all the negative feelings everyone has felt in the past. For a while, Chernabog got to the point that he had nearly conquered the entire united universes from his conquest, thereby effectively making him the ruler of the universe, with his closest Darkspawn allies as lords of their territories.

But eventually, 14 Guadians of Light, assembled from some Grey Wardens and wizards, rose up to confront Chernabog and end his evil once and for all. Chernabog tried to stop the 14 Guardians, but in the clash between them and his 13 Seekers of Darkness, the x-blade was created for the first time, and used by a young Yen Sid during the last great battle of the First Cartoonian War, the Keyblade War, to defeat Chernabog and his villainous minions. With this, The Dark Spawn were thrown in, one by one, into Hell where they would stay for all time, trapped in a prison they could never escape from. Chernabog, in particular, was trapped in Bald Mountain, where he remains to this day and the x-blade was shattered into twinty seven peices: 14 of Light and 13 of Darkness during the conflict.

Disgusted by their loss to conquer the worlds, many of the Dark Spawn, including the Friend Masks, Prime Evil, the Emperor of the Night, and the Beldam, quit their roles as Dark Spawn, and took every means necessary to escape the Banished Realms and pursue their own goals of collecting souls for themselves. The remaining Dark Spawn who stayed loyal to Chernabog, including Hexxus and the Titans, now had to find a way to obtain themselves a new leader, one far younger and possibly more powerful than Chernabog, to lead the Dark Spawn out of Hell and into the conquest they always dreamed of. Diamond Ryugu, Chernabog's former disciple, was disgusted at Hexxus and the Titans' disloyalty to Chernabog, and used her dark powers to begin her own war against the realm of light.

Finally, they found one all right, but it wasn't a demon lord that died. In fact, it was a purple dragon named Malefor, who had tried to take over the worlds just after the Dark Spawn were imprisoned, but failed due to the suprise attacks of Spyro and Cynder killing him for good. The Dark Spawn lords then realized that here was someone who could be the one to lead them to victory once and for all. Using all of their black magic and satanic rituals, they converted Malefor from being simply a powerful dragon, into an all powerful demon in dragon form.

Now that Malefor was in control, he immediately began seeking a way to escape the Banished Realms, free Chernabog, and conquer the United Universes forever. But first, he had some rules he had to dictate.

  1. All Dark Spawn lords are equal
  2. No dark spawn must ever try and betray me or take over my position
  3. Only obscure, mortal villains shall become Dark Spawn from now on.

At this rule, the other demons objected to why only obscure villains should get to be Dark Spawn, and not the more famous and popular villains. Malefor responded that this is because that usually the most obscure villain would be the one that people usually dismiss as not much of a threat, but in reality, that villain would actually cross into the Complete Monster territory and be completely evil with no hope of redemption in sight for them. At this, the Dark Spawn agreed half-heartedly, understanding Malefor's purpose, but still disgraced nonetheless. Using these rules, Malefor was able to create Dark Spawn lords out of the obscure villains: Bowser, Joe, Fagin, Dr. Nefarious, Horned King, Mirage, The Makuta Teridax, and Belladonna. However, a great new deal of demons not from the first council soon heard about Malefor's induction, and they all wanted to become Dark Spawn Lords so that they would be rewarded with positions of power when Malefor would take over the worlds and free Chernabog from his prison.

These new demons that have been inducted alongside the obscure villains are:

  • Sootini
  • Ayam Aghoul
  • Shadow Blot
  • SkullSatamon
  • Duskmon
  • Beelzemon
  • LadyDevimon
  • Devimon
  • MetalPhantomon
  • Davy Jones
  • The Kraken
  • Cheshire Cat Nega
  • SkullGreymon/BlackWarGreymon
  • The Bionicle Warriors

To this day, this second council of Dark Spawn Lords remains in the Banished Realms, still trying to figure a way out of their prison.

Meanwhile, Makuta, one of the newer recruits to the Dark Spawn lineage, also figured out a way to escape the Banished Realms. But it was only able to escape in spirit form, where he waited for the time when he can finally escape to the real world in his mysitcal form. He was able to get that chance when he discovered the young dark heart of Fang, twin brother of Hiss, who desired to be known as a great leader in the United Universes. Makuta heard his plea, and then appeared to the snake, saying that if he pledged allegaince to him, Fang would gain great powers and become the leader of an empire dedicated to only him. Fang accepted, and became Emperor Fang of the Fang Empire, with plenty of Dark Magic and Dark Spawn Bionicle warriors to back him up.

Also, Diamond Ryugu has also begun to make her move on the worlds. After all, she was the foremost disciple of Chernabog during the Great Wars, and has begun to resurface herself to help her old pal, Kin Einmortal with his problem in the form of the burger brigade...


if there's any inaccreites to this ofittal page, point them out by adding them here.

in Spongebob and Friends go on the quest for camelot, the dark spawn seen in the battle with the human army are Malefor, The Earth Golum, Hexxus, Joe the fish, the shark mansevrvent, the dark spawn warriors, and the dark spawn crabs. it was before the creation of this page. It could be that the battle took place after Malefor was recruited into the Dark Spawn, and after he was able to convert Joe, the shark, and the crabs.

In the start of Spongebob and Friends meet Hercules, the Muses mentioned Malefor with their song about the first cartoonian war, when Malefor was truely just a powerful dragon at the time. but it could mean several ways: Malefor, after his recrution, could of released Hexxus's sons, the Titans, to the world of Anicent Greece as a last minute assault, but was defeated by Zeus. Further inactitness is that Phil mentioned that Merlin gave Malefor and others a run for their money, mentioned that a dark spawn crab defeated Achilles, and of course, lack of mention of Chernabog, mistakes now ofittalised as such with the exsitence of this page.

Fagin's origin was also conflicted, in the video, Spongebob, Simba, and Friends Meet Bambi full story clip, Fagin claimed he unwillingly ended up in the banished realm after his death, but in the page, Fagin, tells you that he willingly went there. it could be a result of Scroopfan forgetting about the page or had to work with the flow of the song.

a common mistake is that the first cartoonian was offen refered as the one cobra started, noted in an unknown number of Moisodes, but more famously in Spongebob and Friends on the quest for camelot, and more notably in the fight sence with Shifu and Lord Cobra. with this page in exsiting, this mistake is noted as such. it's likely the second is also nicknamed the "The first" since the one made by Chernibog, implying there wasn't another one since Chernibog's time, and before Cobra's corruption.

Ryugu was mistaken to be male, till Legoland eventally found out that, Ryugu is appearently female (and a manish looking one at that, and a very deep non-femimin voice to boot).