some prime exsamples of the disney portion of the villain leage.

A long time ago, but not long after Malefor became a dark Spawn lord and took over the role as leader of all darkness from Chernabog, there was a witch doctor. Not an all powerful sorceror with enough magic to conquer the universe, but just a voodoo sorceror with little to no magic at all. And this voodoo sorceror was, at the moment, dead so to speak. This is because he had failed to pay up his debt with the Friends on the Other Side. to try and take over New Orleans. This witch doctor was named Facilier. Now he was stuck in Hell, with his debt paid through his death, and with no way of escaping. But Facilier was determined to escpe the other side somehow. Eventually, he discovered that whenever a shadow demon was sent to the mortal realm, it would open up a dark portal and enter the portal to make mischief. Facilier quickly took advantage of this, and when one of his former shadow demons opened up a dark portal, he quickly entered back into the mortal realm before anyone could notice.

Now that Facilier was back in action, he wanted to seek revenge on Tiana and Naveen for causing his defeat. But he stopped himself just before he could make up such a plan because he realized that making such a plan would end up with him getting killed again. So, he decided to let Tiana and Naveen go on with their lives without his interference, and began to think of a new plan. Now Facilier wanted to take over the worlds to try and elevate his status, but he needed some new hired hands to help him achieve his plot. Not only that, but he was quite short on magic to use. While pondering on these facts, Facilier suddenly discovered that he could open portals to other worlds based on his will to do so. Using this new power, he decided to travel to Enchanted Dominion, where he believed that a dark faerie, Maleficent, could help him gain new helpers and more dark magic.

When he met up with the dark faerie, Maleficent refused to help Facilier, believing him to be nothing more but a common fool with no future in sight for him. But suddenly, she sensed a great dark prescence on him that was almost as equal to her level of darkness, and that there was a sort of family connection between the two. Realizing this, Maleficent decided to let Facilier gain more dark powers as well as the ability to ressurect dead villains to his aid. So she cast a spell on him, giving the voodoo sorceror just as much dark powers as her. Not only that, but just after Maleficent gave Facilier his powers, the witch doctor suddenly was able to summon a dark keyblade due to the strength of his heart.

Now that Facilier had become all powerful, he decided to form a league of villains that would help him take over the universe. Maleficent willingly joined him in order to teach him how to control his powers more efficiently. She taught him how to drain life to replenish himself, kill and fry people with a single look, corrupt people to his cause with a mind trick, unleash lightning from his staff, choke people with a gesture of his hands, and to bring back people from the dead using a magic spell and his staff.

When Facilier was done being taught by Maleficent, he decided to put these powers into good use. So, he asked Maleficent for the Great Book of all Villains so that he could figure out which villains he should recruit. He found his first ally in Scroop, a deceased alien pirate from Treasure Planet. Using the resurrection spell he learned from the faerie, Facilier summoned up enoguh dark powers and brought forth Scroop's soul to make him living again. Scroop demanded to know what was going on and why was he alive again. So, Facilier introduced himself and Maleficent to the alien, told him about their history, and about their plans for the future. The witch doctor then asked Scroop to join the Villain League, to which the alien accepted. So now there were three villains in the team, still not large enough. So Facilier continued to read the Villain book some more until he discovered about the Cheetahs from Timon adn Pumbaa. They were not dead yet, so Facilier merely had to teleport them to Maleficent's castle before he could recruit them to the Villain League.

After a while, Facilier continued to read the big book on Villains until he had nearly recruited every villain there was to recruit. Unfortunately, once nearly all the villains were recruited, they immediatley started to fight amongst themselves, hoping to become the ultimate leader of the organization. This civil war was the reason why so many villains listed to be Villain Leaguers in this wiki never appeared in the series, they ended up as the losers who were forced to stay in Hollow Bastion for further orders. In the end, it was Facilier who reigned supreme as the Villain League Leader. Just as Facilier was about to finish recruting more villains into his following after the war, he was suddenly greeted by a holographic image of Malefor, who introduced himself to the frightened witch doctor and told him of his history. Once Malefor had finished his story and had Facilier calmed down, he told the voodoo sorceror that he desired to bring forth Dark Cynder from the dead in order to help free him from Hell. When Facilier asked why should Dark Cynder be resurrected when she clearly betrayed Malefor in the end, the dragon sheepishly admitted that he loved her and wanted to bring her back as a mate. Facilier reluctantly agreed with the Dark Spawn dragon to bring forth Dark Cynder by any means necessary. But first, Malefor ordered, he had to create a new villain or two from the mystical computer game of Spore in order to provide the League with a leader. Facilier disagreed, saying he could be a better leader than any lame Villain Sue invented by the Spore game any day of the week. Malefor warned him angrily not to disobey his orders, and Facilier immediately went to work, creating a Villain Sue with a totally unoriginal background. The villain was Cobra, and he was given the desgination of Lord because all villains sound scarier with Lord. When he was given the amulet by Facilier, it turned him into a clone of Rasputin and Tai Lung, and then immediately went about to capture Cynder, corrupted her back to Dark Cynder, thereby bringing forth the Villain League we all know and love today.

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