Originos is a UUniversal traditional holiday in which each universe (At different times each) celebrate their time of original creation and the births of their historical animator idols. In every world each year, cartoon characters and OC characters love to go to a place where an Originos Celebration is held, and put on shows, do great activities, and charish their success in entertaining and warming the hearts of millions of people throughout history.


This holiday tradition has existed long after the First Cartoonian War since Walt Disney first created Mickey Mouse in 1928 (Or more notably, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the 1920s until he was temporarily taken away). With permission from Walt Disney himself, Mickey had created a world of his own by starring in Steamboat Willie. The popularity gave Mickey and Minnie the idea of creating a yearly event known as Originos.

At that time, however, the UUniverses were still separated due to the events of the First Cartoonian War. Also, at that time, Oswald, having been taken away by the Universal Universe, was told by the High Council to stay with Disney, but must not return, which is what lead to Oswald living in Wasteland, an isolated world for forgotten Disney characters only accessible from Yen Sid's Workshop in the World of Fantasia.

When Fantasia aired in 1940, Mickey was told to star in the movie with Yen Sid. MIckey's appearence made history, and Mickey himself gained more popularity than ever before. But then, Mickey, being in his early days, had grown interest in Yen Sid's magic ever since Fantasia. He was soon surprised to find out that the mirror in his room was a portal that led straight to Yen Sid's workshop. There, he accidentally created the Shadow Blot. He quickly fled back to his room, and had forgotten of the events of that day for a long time, and was also unaware that he had created an evil that led to devastation in Wasteland, especially for Oswald.

While that was long forgotten, and the only ones who had known about it was Mickey and Yen Sid, who kept silent to avoid the High Council from worrying and losing trust in him, the UUniverses soon prospered. And when Arthur pulled the Sword from the Stone in the Warner Bros./Cartoon Network Universe, everything changed. As the other universes gained their own names upon their foundations, Originos' popularity spread as quick as a flash.

While the Second Cartoonian War was devastating, the legacy of Originos still remained grand for the people of the UUniverses. Soon, the Shell Lodge Squad had emerged, and Mickey became relieved that events like the Second Cartoonian War would never happen again. Mickey had decided to bring the Shell Lodge Squad to the Originos Celebration in the Walt Disney World Resort in the Fantasia World in their honor.

But a year later, Mickey got into a scrape when Epic Mickey was created. Mickey was forced to right his wrongs and stop the Shadow Blot before he destroys Wasteland. He eventually won, and after learning about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for the first time in his life, he was happy that he had more in his life to live for than he had thought. After telling about his adventure to the Shell Lodge Squad in the Originos Celebration in the Fantasia Sector, he had proclaimed that Oswald's old fate would be a symbol of what would happen if evil would soon gain the power that Shadow Blot posessed, especially if the Darkspawn should be released once more. Ever since, Originos was one of the greatest events in UUniversal history.


Disney Universe

Being the largest and most well-known Originos celebration ever, the Disney Originos celebrates the creation of Mickey Mouse, as well as his technical brother due to sharing the same creator, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and the birth of the one and only Walt Disney. These celebrations take place in every world's Walt Disney World Resorts and each star Mickey Mouse himself (Having to be on a TV screen since he can't be in two places at once), and sometimes Oswald. Every year, Disney Originos will display dancing ballets, plays, light shows, magic shows, and other whimsical shows that shine the magic of Originos all over the UUniverses. Though it does have controversial points including the times of it's past when it was anti-Semitist because of the infamous rumors of Walt Disney himself being that, something of which has long been banned of mentioning in the Originos celebrations themselves as it has been known to lower the spirit of Disney in the past.

Warner Bros/Cartoon Network Universe

As equally festive as most other Originos celebrations, the Warner Bros/Cartoon Network Originos is the craziest, and also the most important, celebration of it's kind. It celebrates the creations of the Looney Tunes and the Warner Brothers themselves: Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack. It is celebrated at the Warner Bros. HQ in each Burbank, California in each world. It is celebrated by pulling pranks on people (While people who do this never care if they get laughed at or not), and even a complex game called 'Laughter Beater', where the player watches several screens showing multiple Looney Tunes cartoons that are considered the funniest, and has to make it through a minute without laughing. Soon, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck appear on screen and wish everyone a Happy Originos after a great and hilarious speech.

DreamWorks Universe

A festive Originos celebration which celebrates the birth of DreamWorks Animation and it's founders: Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. They take place in every DWA Studio in Glendale, California of every world, and sometimes even every Universal Studios Theme Park. Showing up at these celebrations are many of the greatest DreamWorks mascots like Shrek, Po, Shifu, the Furious Five, Team Alex, the Penguins, RJ and his friends, Ginormica and Monsters, Hiccup and the Dragon-Trainers, The Guardians of Childhood, and even other non-apparent mascots like Z (From the movie Antz, needs to be given a closer look due to size), Barry (From Bee Movie, also needs to be given a closer look), and even Megamind (From the movie of the same name).

Fox Universe

A lesser known Originos, but still a more exciting one. It celebrates the founders Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller, and takes place in every Fox HQ in every L.A in every world. The Originos has very few stars showing up, but some of them are from the CG Animated ones from Blue Sky Studios such as the Ice Age Gang, Rodney and Friends (From the movie Robots), Blu and Friends (From the movie Rio), and even Horton and the Mayor of Whoville (From the film adaptation of Horton Hears A Who, the Mayor basically needs a microscopic camera for view). Other animated stars are shown like The Simpsons, the Griffins, and many others.

Paramount/Nickelodeon Universe

The Paramount/Nickelodeon Originos is one of the most famous for a few obvious reasons. Since Paramount and Nickelodeon share their universe with each other, 2 different Originos celebrations take place. The Paramount Originos takes place in every Paramount HQ in every Hollywood in every world, and the Nickeleodeon Originos, being the most famous and the most craziest Originos in the UUniverses, takes place in about every Nickelodeon attraction in every world (Such as the Nick Studios in Burbank, Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, Nickelodeon Resorts, and other theme parks). The Paramount Originos seems to have normal parties, and is also pretty famous for having it's actual old cartoons such as Popeye, Little Lulu, and the great Betty Boop. Though the Nickelodeon Originos is considered the most fun, still retaining the oldest traditions of getting dosed with green slime for fun. All the Nickelodeon mascots have showed up here every year including SpongeBob, Timmy and his Fairy Godparents (And even Jorgan von Strangle in case some visitors need to have their memories erased), Otis and the Barnyard Animals, Tak, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F, and even ones from the distant past such as CatDog, Ren & Stimpy, The Angry Beavers, The Hey Arnold Gang, The Rocket Power Gang, The Wild Thornberries, The Rugrats, Rocko, The Monsters from AHHH!! Real Monsters!!, and so on.

Miramax Universe

Miramax celebrated the founding of the studio, and it's founders, Bob and Harvey Weinstein. This is a lesser-known Originos due to not making that many animated movies, but it is widely celebrated by the live-action characters who live in it such as the ever-famed NeverEnding Story franchise. They take place in every Miramax Studio in every world. Like the Paramount Originos, it has less-exciting parties, yet still keep good attractions for the cartoon-lovers. Though the most festive world with this Originos is in Paradisa, which makes it look as much exciting as the Disney Originos.

Video Game Universe

This Originos is much different than others. It celebrates the origin of video-gaming in general, particularly the many minds that came into developing it. Though it was proven by critics like the Angry Video Game Nerd that video-gaming didn't start out very exciting by today's standards, they hopefully gave birth to better games. The celebrations and activities of this Originos varies in each of it's worlds. For PlayStation 2, it comes with three of the most famous PS characters: Ratchet and Clank, The Cooper Gang, and Jak and Daxter. For Nintendo, it comes with the arrivals of Mario and Luigi, Zelda and Link, Samus Aran, Solid Snake, Kirby, Pac Man, and so on. For Sega, it comes with the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. Other great video game heroes arrive in the various Originos parties such as those of Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Banjo & Kazooie, and several others. The common activities associated with this Originos includes arcades, interactive activities, virtual reality activities, and even video game conventions. It also celebrates how the VG Universe inspired game-based sports such as combat racing, game board-like game events, virtual reality, combat gladiator matches, and so on.

Anime Universe

This is a very different Originos to some. It celebrates the dawn of Japanese anime, particularly the famous Hiyao Miyazaki. The Originos parties here consist of common Japanese conventions and parties, including Japanese cuisine, and even the sights of iconic Japanese characters such as Totoro. It even comes with the arrival of great-known anime characters such as Ponyo, Kiki, Princess Mononoke, Totoro, Haku and Chihiro, and several famous Japanese series characters such as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, the Digidestined group, Naruto, and the most fan-catching, Dragonball Z.

Universal/Columbia/Tri-Star Universe

Because this universe shares over 3 companies, they each have 3 types of Originos celebrations. The Universal Originos is the most prevalent. It celebrates the many founders: Carl Laemmie, Pat Powers, Mark Dintenfass, William Swamson, David Horsley, Charles Baumann, Adam Kessel, and Jules Brulatour. These 8 people, while not kept track of by most, was kept track of by everyone in this universe. Thus this Originos takes place in every Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida, and certain Universal characters make an appearance such as Little Foot and his Friends, Fievel and his family, and it's famous cartoon characters such as Woody Woodpecker, Homer Pigeon, and Chilly Willy. The Columbia and Tri-Star Originos celebrations seem to be together since they have shared projects together since they are both owned by Sony Pictures. They are often as much celebrated as the Universal Originos. They also show characters from Sony Pictures Animation such as the cast of Surf's Up, Hotel Transylvania, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Open Season, and even cartoon characters appear in these Originos parties such as Gru and his kids, the Lorax and his friends, and so on.

MGM/Don Bluth/IC Universe

This is a very famed Originos celebration like most of the others. It celebrates famed cartoon writers such as Don Bluth and Tex Avery. It is celebrated in California in every world, and several known MGM and Don Bluth characters make an appearance such as Charlie and Itchy, Mr. Brisby and her children and friends, Hubie and Marina, Tom and Jerry, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, and even the Pink Panther. And because this is also the world where most lesser-known movie companies share their own worlds with, then they have their own lesser-known Originos celebrations which they have characters like Alpha and Omega appear.

Hasbro Universe

This Originos is almost as equal as Disney Originos. Because of it's popular influence with TV shows and Discovery Family, this is a very famous Originos. It is where various Hasbro merchandise is sold, and it's where the most BronyCons take place. The activities vary here depending upon the brand being represented. Characters of Hasbro occur here such as the Mane 6, and the cast of other Hasbro TV shows.

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