During a visit to Kratos, Ororo introduces her new boyfriend, Wade Furyclaw, a violently abusive sabretoothed tiger with the powers of Wolverine who seems to act very aggresive at Ororo. The Shell Lodgers and Ororo's friends begin to get worried about Ororo with a boyfriend like Wade, but she knows that there's still some good in Wade from the inside. But the Lodge doesn't believe it, and tries to find a way to get rid of him, making them the culprit when Wade ends up getting murdered the next day by a shoot in the head from a sniper. The Lodge is banished from Kratos by a relucent but firmly by the book Master Algor, and the only one who finds them innocent is Grotch's ghost. Turns out Grinchgrog sent a remorseless assassin named Sid Cloudscratch to kill him and frame the Lodge for it. But unknown to all of them is that Wade has a healing factor, and is intending to kill Grinchgrog by himself. Can Ororo realise that it's just Grinchgrog's dirty tricks again, and that Wade needs some attutude adjustments, and get the lougers back to Kratos before Gritchgrog finally goes through his plans for an eviler Kratos?

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