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Ororo Jillian Joltzen (Kratos)

Ororo Jillian Joltzen is a Superior ocelot from Planet Kratos. Her powers include super-strength and the ability to obtain the powers of anyone she touches. She was once a victim of a law forbidding her power of borrowing others' powers, just for the leader, Master Algorithm, to protect her from a dangerous cult called The Mimic Cult that wanted her to join them. When she rebelled with her friends as a result, she was placed in exile to Planet Paradisa after having her memories erased. Being raised for 2 years in a circus and an adopted uncle pelican, she barely wished to know where she came from, but thanks to the Shell Lodge Squad, she goes back home, and her old life is restored to it's former glory. Years later, she gains a career in a circus, and becomes the leader of the Justic Teens. But much later, she gets an briefly-abusive boyfriend, and she briefly sacrifices herself to save Kratos from a demonic beast, and is later brought back as an energy being.
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Ororo was born on Planet Kratos and lived in a family of scientist parents. Her mother, Margaret, was a xenobiologist while her father, Jeremy, was a biogeneticist. Both Ororo's parents knew that Ororo would be destined to be a scientist as well. Ororo loved her ability to borrow superpowers, and thought it was an amazing trait. She used it to perform magic tricks during age 9. While she was aware that this distinctive power was a victim of prejudice and discrimination in the past, she was sure that everyone appreciated it. But the ruler of Planet Kratos, Master Algorithm, was fearful of Ororo having this power for several reasons. He believed that power mimicry was a way for Superiors to become all-powerful and as a means to cheat in competitions, as well as it's tendency to put people in comas if physical contact is extended. But the most important reason he was worried was that he heard rumors that Ororo was becoming the target of an evil criminal cult called The Mimic Cult, which looked for Superiors like Ororo and seduce them onto their side.

Ororo Joltzar

Ororo's Paradisa outfit

When Ororo turned 14 years old, her classmates started to dislike her. They all wished she never had her ability to borrow powers because a bill had been passed that would forbid the borrowing of powers because of Master Algorithm himself after convincing superiors that abilities like that were considered 'stealing' one's powers. Because of this, Ororo's parents had lost their jobs, and have begun working at restaurants. But Ororo didn't like the rule, and had decided to take down Master Algorithm for his carelessness and cruelty, unaware Algor did it to protect her. Ororo had been at this for a year with the help of her friends Tyrone, Meg, Walt, Scarlett, and Tane. Then she discovered that Master Algorithm was a traitor to his country by causing the earthquake that nearly destroyed her homeworld hundreds of years before she was born (Which the Superiors refer to as 'The Big Shake'). She decided that this was the perfect way to take him down. However, before she and her friends could reveal the news, they were caught, they had their memories erased, and they placed Ororo in exile to Planet Paradisa.

Ororo, having no memory of her life, lived with an old pelican named Captain Pelly with an obnoxious pet crab, and ran a freak-show-like circus called 'Captain Pelly's Realm of the Odd', where she became quick friends with other members of the show. The show was considered even better than it normally was with Ororo a part of the act, and Pelly became like an uncle to her, and the other members of the show were like the friends she thinks she never had. But when she became 16, she met the Shell Lodge Squad, who helped her back to Kratos, where she not only gained her memories back, but she also helped save Kratos. After that, Algor, having a change of heart after realizing something consistent, legalizes power mimicry again, reunites Ororo with her parents, and she decides to live on Kratos and visit Pelly in certain occasions like on holidays.

When she became 18, Ororo became a member of a circus after she had gained some experience in one. She performed several feats all on her own, and was made a star. Of course, her friends mostly got new jobs and they all decided to live together in Walt's house. They soon found an opportunity to become something much greater than themselves, and discovers a crime that they successfully stop. They then get the idea to form a team called the Justic Teens, with her being the leader.


Ororo only has two superpowers: super-strength and power mimicry. She can lift objects 300 times her size without getting sweaty. But her most powerful gift is her ability to gain the abilities of anyone she touches. However, she can also obtain talents and memories the longer she holds on. However, if she holds on too long, she might put the victim in a coma. And another flaw is that the power she barrows only lasts 24 hours.

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