Orrobe Jasgon Waterman

Orrobe J. Waterman is an Alternate UUniversal Korbiquat from Planet Harbanisan. He is an orphan who lost his biological parents during the Villains Act and was raised by a mining business tycoon named Mr. Tiris. He is the only one of his children that is adopted, and has 5 adopted sisters. All his life, Orrobe had been a little skeptical about his adopted father's choice in life as a miner for oil, despite it's other mining source being the gemstones found in Harbanisan's large oceans. However, when the business' unauthorized oil reserve causes an oil spill, Orrobe finally had enough and tried to call the authorities until he was caught by his adopted father. He was blackmailed into not telling anybody by being threatened to be disowned and cast off to an uncharted criminal world, and had been given a probation implant that would report when he disobeyed or if he tried to take it off. This went on for a year until Orrobe went missing one day. Turns out, an ocean-dwelling girl named Olarm discovered his situation, removed the probation implant, and brought him to her home of Pooler Island where he would never be found, even by his father. Orrobe would form a close relationship with Olarm after being grateful for freeing him from this blackmail, and the two would work to expose the crime and fight off Tiris' enforcers and search parties. They have not succeeded to this very day, but thanks to two randomly-appearing birdbrains, he might finally have a chance to put the business out of it's misery.


Orrobe was born in 1996, a year before Olarm's birth. However, in 1997, the year that dawned the Villains Act, his biological parents protected the entire island country of Ollia, Cordica, a country in which sea-humans, or humans that adapted to water thanks to their Cerwan's Mutation making that as common an ability to them since the Cerwan's Dawn Period where the humans spread out across islands and adapting with the mutation, they died defending the humans against the Villains Act, thus leaving the humans defenseless. Orrobe was one of the survivors who was shipped off to an orphanage on Harbanisan, and 5 days after the baby Olarm was rescued from drowning in the Tezen Ocean when the VA shot down her transport cargo ship.

Orrobe, naturally, grew up with a love of water and sea life, and was adopted by Mr. Tiris, and had five adopted sisters: Durly, Vecky, Sosh, Piper, and Thallaqua. He was the oddball of the siblings and everyone, including his surrogate sisters, his peers, and everyone else made it hard for him to see his place in life. Tiris was especially pushing him to be the next head of the Tiris Mining Corporation ever since it was saved from the Eroxxon Corporation by a contractual loophole. But Orrobe always told his surrogate father that he didn't want to run the company, especially since he agreed it was inevitably going to be shut down, yet Tiris continued to push him on it, and saying that he sees greatness within him as he can better the mining company, but refuses to listen to his personal opinion of just handing it over to the Eroxxon Corporation, especially since he secretly wishes to work for them, yet because of Tiris' hatred for the company, he had to keep it a secret. He even has a hard time socializing with women since he had repressed private fantasies, and though his surrogate sisters tried to help him, it didn't help much, as he felt like he was missing a lot.

However, one day, he was distraught when his father's company caused an oil spill in the Tezen Ocean, considerably his favorite swimming spot. He intended to contact the authorities until he was caught in the act by his father, who made sure he couldn't risk his company being taken down by giving him a probation implant that was programmed to alert him if he disobeyed him or if he tried to remove it, threatening to send him to an unmapped lawless world where nobody would ever find him. This went on for a full year as he was never able to find a way around it. Then one day, when sitting on the beach, his expressed grief with his greedy father was watched by a nearby-swimming Olarm, who hid and overheard everything, and thus helped him as, since she fell in love with him and started feeling sorry for him. She knocked him out, removed the implant, and took off into the ocean with him, keeping him alive on her way to her home of Pooler Island.

When Orrobe woke up hours later, he was shocked that he was in the presence of a 'pretty girl', which was his first gut response when seeing Olarm for the first time, and discovering that she's a human raised away from the Villains Act. He started to feel sorry for the adolescent sea-human and as she showed her around her lovely home, he explained his situation and said that they could stop the oil spill together as what they both love was at stake because of it, right after assuring that a public introduction is best left for later when there aren't many people that could take advantage of her. Thus, they spent the next few years trying to stop the spill and have done considerate sabotage to it's cover-up operation. Tiris knows a bit about Olarm's involvement after seeing her footprints in the last place Orrobe was seen, and wishes to keep this quiet as it might risk his company being in even more danger.

As the years passed, Olarm and Orrobe got together 'swimmingly', and became inseparable partners, and good friends. But the two seem to secretly share romantic feelings with each other as they were both too shy to admit it to each other. Olarm loved how caring Orrobe was about humans and sea life, how smart he was, how kindred he was, and how considerate and resourceful he was. Orrobe loved how Olarm was so full of life and curious about her own race's technology and customs, how good she was at surviving the hardships of the AUU, how cute she was when showing off, playing, laughable, and having plain fun, having no care in the world and how she enjoys being free in open water, and enjoys swimming with her. The two started to open up to each other in recent years, and started getting signs that they loved each other, as they provided for each other, and did what was right all too well. They continue this carefree lifestyle to this day, and still seek to stop Tiris.


Orrobe is a very curious orphan who, despite living with a dream of working for Eroxxon, keeps it a secret from his greedy adopted father, but despite hating his father to certain degrees for his sacrifices, he loves his five sisters so much, he'll do anything for them, including offering them a place to live if their father ends up arrested, lost custody of his daughters, and was sentenced to community service. He loves his adopted sisters as if they were his own family, and they more or less did give him a chance to get social once or twice. However, he can get shy when interacting with females because he has repressed personal thoughts and fears that saying even a single thing would be too perverted, as he has plenty of personal and quite weird to say about them. Though meeting Olarm does give him a chance to test it, he ends up as shy as she is when he wants to admit his feelings.

As a Korbiquat, Orrobe has a good hobby of swimming, and is adapted for it, being a primate that evolved a cetacean-like body. With so many trips in the Tezen Ocean, he views all sea life as precious, which is why he takes his surrogate father's business consequences so seriously, and has several arguments about it. Though he still tries his best to care for him because he is his father, but when he ends up putting an implant on him and blackmailing him, he became convinced that he was just using him as just a means to an end, and because he wanted someone qualified to take over his company since none of his daughters wanted to do it. And after being freed from that, he decides to abandon him and stop him with a friend who seems to be quite as nice and caring to him as his sisters, and shows him the purest of love.

Aside from his shyness to the opposite gender and love for swimming, he discovers that he has a lot in common with Olarm as they seem to share a lot of chemistry. They are both orphans, they wanted to go farther in life than what they have, him wanting something more exciting than running a company and her wanting to explore his world, they both like surprises and to have good clean wholesome fun however they can, and they wanted someone who could offer them both a chance to do big things, and they both offered it to each other. This makes them more comfortable with each other despite how attractive they are to each other.

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