Orthos as a cyclops

Orthros is a two-headed dog, and a son of Echidna, dark spawn ally to Hades. Unlike his siblings who went off into the world to become feared legends and guardians who only ate the most richest and noblest humans, Orthos chose to stay in his mother's forest eating delivery boys. He is now a monster used by Team Nefarious to provide them with a giant mook. But Orthos is, instead, lazy and cowardly to fight. Orthos does has the power to transform from a two-headed dog into a two-headed CYCLOPS to provide more power.


Hercules and the First Day of School

Orthos first appears when he is visited by his mother Echidna, who puts them on a strict hero diet as opposed to their days of eating delivery boys. When Hercules arrives on the scene to fight Orthos, they have an easy time defeating him and see him as a nobody. But when discovering Hercules' Student ID and that Prometheus Academy has a lot of choice meals, they target the school. Hercules manages to defeat Orthos, though Adonis and his soldiers end up taking the credit.

Hercules and the Epic Adventure

Frustrated with the humiliation they received after being defeated by Hercules from the monster community, Orthos plans a revenge scheme and figures he can track Hercules down to the Pita Pit.

Role in the Series

Orthos ( two headed dog form)

Orthos mega-form of a two headed demon dog with simuleriaes with a doberman or Rottriler.

Orthos has not appeared yet in the series, and is possibly considered to be unconfirmed to appear. But if Orthos does appear, Scroopfan has made a spore verson of this "Two headed dog form" if comes the event Scroopfan should consder.
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