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Oscar,(Left)Poppy, Buck, and Harchi (Right)

Oscar the lizard, Poppy the fox, Harchi the Hyena, and Buck the Vulture are, well, a realitivlely obscured Tom and Jerry-like critters from the obscured show of uncertain origin "Oscar's Oasis" that is quite humorious and absordly random that have been known to conflict with eachother for basicly the mundane things for food and water, mianly Oscar against the trio, which, basicly, isn't that outragious concidering they're in a desert. For awhile, their reasons of conflict have mostly been the same, it's often food/water related, or cause the trio just tend to be jerks often for no clear reason other to be jerks to a lesser creature like lizards. However, eventually, a great change will come to them in ways they can never, ever expect, and would finally end their aimless feud.... Or, at least, lose some reasons to even have feuds with eachother, I.E, Oscar against the trio. It's possable afterwords, there's still gonna be SOME things they don't agree on!

Oscar The Lizard


The star of the show. Oscar is a gecko who's trying to make a living in the desert. Which unfortunately for him, this isn't easy. And wether it's finding food or water, building a house for himself or trying to romance a female lizard, Oscar tends to encounter plenty of bad luck and trouble, much of which is caused by the Trio.

If Oscar finds anything interesting, the trio will usually try to take it from him, and in turn Oscar himself will often earn the trio's wrath when he attempts to steal food or drinks from them. Oscar will often hunt flies, with varying success and also often tries to steal eggs. The latter however is very dangerous as the chickens respond very aggressively to the little lizard and won't hesistate to peck him to death.

Although Oscar is somewhat selfish, he will help out others as shown when he helped, Harchie find Popy and Buck in 'Lost' and the Dung Beetles when they had trouble rolling some dung. Unforunately due to his stature, sometimes his hunger as well, he finds himself on the bottom of the food chain, making his daily quest for survival all the harder, and he's only rarely tolerated by the other inhabitants of the desert, who mostly tend to see him as a nuisance at best and a snack at worst.

Oscar however is very determined, and never gives up. In times of danger Oscar will frequently lose his tail, but fortunately it always quickly grows back. And through his poor luck he frequently ends up tangling with the trio even when he's trying to do something completely unrelated to them. One particular exception to Oscar's lowly position in the desert hierarchy is the Skunk. Whereas all the other desert dwellers fear the skunk for his stench, Oscar is unbothered by the smell and frequently tries to befriend the skunk, much to the skunks annoyance. He frequently finds water or food but usally loses it in the end such as with water bottoles breaking and then drying up on the sand or with the flies getting out of him and leaving. He seems to be unaffected by stench as shown when he is able to be smothered in the Skunks armpit and showing little to no reaction tot he smell. Oscar's goal changes from episode to episode but the usual goal is to find food or water at all costs.

Popy The Fennec Fox


Popy is the boss of the trio, and probably their most intelligent member. And she usually gives the orders and makes the plans. Although Popy can unwind and have fun with her two friends, she nonetheless has a short-temper and is quick to punish Buck and Harchi should they annoy her. Popy is also very greedy and will frequently attempt, through trickery or force, to keep most (if not all!) of the food or drinks that the trio acquires for herself alone. Or take (much) more then her fair share when Buck and Harchi aren't looking. Popy will sometimes make a deal with Oscar or Roco to get something she wants, but she will always cheat on her end of the bargain. However this usually comes to bite her in the butt such as when she asked Oscar to complete her collection promising food but giving him a rock he sent her entire collection flying straight into the croc territroy. Another example is when she promised Roco rewards from a photo only to give him the photo angering him showing that Popy also has a bit of a mean streak to her.One of the shows main characters, and a desert fox (fennec).

Though Buck and Harchi rarely openly defy her or risk her wrath, they sometimes will try, and succeed, to pull a fast on Popy herself as well. When the trio rides around in their cart or their other vehicles Popy decides where they are going, and she's not above forcing her companions to go faster! In spite of her personality, she does sincerely care about Buck and Harchi. Popy, aided by Buck and Harchi, will frequently attempt to steal food, drink or desireable items from Oscar or Roco and Manolo's truck. In turn she's frequently vexed by Oscar's many attempts to steal food and drinks from the trio as well.

In the OOOHHHasis cartoon shorts, Popy's predecessor was originally a male fennec fox named Panic.

Harchi The Hyena


Harchi is a Hyena who usually pushes the trio's cart. One of the main characters of the show. Harchi is a hyena and the muscle of the trio.

Among the trio Harchi tends to be the most clueless of the lot, and sometimes manages to come out of one of the trio's escapades without ever having really realized what was going on around him. Harchi tends to be better at sports and games then Popy, and likes to rub in his victories, much to Popy's chagrin. The only sport that he seems to fail in is golf where Popy seem to reign triumphant. And he's the most likely between him and Buck to get on Popy's nerves and subsequently be punished by her. Although usually clueless, Harchi can have his clever moments, such as when he was trying to put a horn on the trio's cart when Roco was scaring them with the car horn from his truck. Harchi could be said to be the most childlike and perhaps the most innocent and friendly of the trio, and he's most likely to at least briefly get along with Oscar at times. He is terrified of being alone, and can at times be a bit of a crybaby (which Popy does not put up with). Harchi and Buck clearly care a great deal about Popy, but will nonetheless sometimes defy her if they get an opportunity, an on rare occassion be annoyed with her, when they find out she has cheated them. As Harchi is the strongest member of the trio he usually pushes the trio's cart (or other vehicles), which he generally enjoys doing. He likes taking pictures with a camera, although he's not necessarily very good at it. Once when attempting to make photo's of Popy the trio discovered Oscar was making off with their cart full of food, only because Harchi's photo's where poorly centered. Harchi loves to entertain his friends with things like dances and juggling.

Buck The Vulture


Buck is a vulture that is part of the trio and serves alongside popy and harchi. Buck along with harchi and popy try to get oscar when they hunt for chicken eggs and water. He is the nerd of the trio and always approves when Popy yells at Harchi.

His name was Burk in the original OOOHHHAsis shorts.