0SSYR063N-550, AKA Ossyrogen, is an Alternate UUniversal Alspund Omnican robot from Planet Aie Prog. Being a former crime-fighter with a confused mind upon fighting people like the Tibella Inquisition, he became a monk who wander the system in search of the enlightenment of morality and the origins of xenophobia, especially during times in his manufactured past when, following the Omnican War against the Inquisition, a group of outcast Omnican robots experienced what they described as a spiritual awakening. Thus, they abandoned their preprogrammed lives to establish a communal monastery deep in the high Hombúy Mountains. The only preprogrammed Omnican who didn't go was Ossyrogen, who decided to join the force in an attempt to bring enlightenment to the Inquisition. After years of failing, he left for the Hombúy Mountains, only to discover that his brethren were destroyed by Inquisition assassins for attempting to make contact with other-worldly beings. After resurrecting his 13 brethren as sentient AI orbs, and many years of meditation on the nature of morality, they came to the belief that they were more than AI, and, like organic beings, possessed the essence of a soul. Thus, he became a travelling hero who fought against the Inquisition and disrupting much of it's power, using the souls of his 13 brothers to do great damage. Ultimately, Ossyrogen followed his own path, and invited all the organic friends he gained from his quest for enlightenment to his brethrens' temple in the Hombúy Mountains. However, when his friends end up getting kidnapped by a new threat of disbanded Inquisition origin, he'll eventually be so grateful of "the heroes of the Tibella System" for saving his friends, he eventually joins the Heroes Act, hoping to get more insight while fighting with them, where at this point thanks to a successful project of fusing his memory with that of 0MEN to fix his glitch, he would no longer be held back by spontanious forgetfulness.


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