An ofittalised Othello.

Othello is Iago's rarely seen brother. While Iago is a loud-mouthed shnook, Othello is a very upper-class sort-of-guy. Iago has Bule feather tips and Purple tail feathers, while Othello, lacks such, making him a fully red bird. Origrnally, he had a yellow neck-bib design, shown in his early concept art, (the bule spot and the purple back feathers is presumed a misdrew, along with the orange teeth, and will be removed in the final design for Othello.) Othello, ofittally by Scroopfan, will now have a socialite bib and an oritcle, (which is like, a Cyclops reading glasses) and will now have dark red feather tips so it won't disappear. Othello is based on Iago's original, deleted personality from the first Aladdin film. He currently serves Emperor Fang as his adviser and pet parrot. interestingly, Scroopfan may actselly consider Othello, cause it actselly got his attention.

He probally resents his brother possibly due to their childhood where Iago was maybe better than Othello and got all the attention while he hardly recieved any.



test animation for Othello.

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