Outer Drinker

An Exsample of an Outer Drinker.

Outer Drinkers are devient Musquitonoid Outer Gods that, rivaled by Plainspawn, are amongst the most frightening and dispised of them for what their name intails: They drink Outer God Cosmic Blood. They started life as an atypical over-powered hostle mortal race in the part of the Multiverseal Seas known as "The Blood Multiverse" where they congured it in the timespan of a millendia ever since they entered space age and had discovered inter-dimensional travel. A power Cosmic Powerian named Blud Power of the Cosmic Powerians that lived in the Blood Multiverse, was assigned to psuh the beings back into obediance and to reverse their conquest. However, he made the mistake of showing up to them just as they discovered anti-matter metal, a metal capable of wounding Outer Gods. The creatures mobbed a helpless Blud and massicured him, absorbing his dark purple cosmic blood and through vampirisum they assended to Outer God status. They also became mindlessly addicted to it, thus they began to go after the Outer Gods of their Multiverse where outer god blood became their everything, even converting some into light purple banadges and patches that only fuel their obcession. They even wear bloodstains of previous exploits like a badge of honor. They practically hunted the Outer Gods of their Multiverse to nothing and had already massively distributed their blood across their ruled planets and realms. Not even the Amoral One Creator was safe from them. With even Verse Scrappers too afraid to scrap their multiverse, it was up to the Edgewall Guards to stop their savagery from expanding into the rest of the Multiverseal Seas, using the very wall ment to protect it from outsdie devients, now also became something to keep the Drinkers IN! The Drinkers began to symphaise and recreate the supply of Cosmic Blood they still have to keep a stedy food supply, along with starting the habit of farming Outer God Devients of their Multiverse like livestock. But sometimes, Drinkers can manage to breach through the defences of the wall and get loose into the Multiverseal Seas, putting Outer Gods on red alert. Even The All Mother is fearful of them. The Grosume actions of the Outer Drinkers, inspired the over-all existence of Destructor Class outer gods to begin with, the advent of Inter-Dimensional Empires with the Verse Hivers later down the late, did not help their now sour opinions on mortal kind. Outer Drinkers, like the Hivers, often had to be taken down and hybernation realm'd on sight by any outer god invidual brave enough to even think about going after them.
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