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The Outer Force is a group of former UUniversal Crusaders who see the secrets of the UUniverses as too dangerous after the events of the Second Cartoonian War and formed what was at first called the SCP Foundation, but eventually spawned as a minor branch that acts as a public agency for protecting the universes from the dangers of the unknown secrets and anomalies of the UUniverses and beyond. Headquartered on the world of Gravity Falls, the Outer Force is continuing to do this even today. In a nutshell, Outer Force specializes in things related to inter-dimensionals and cosmic entities, even of Outer-God status. Under the leadership of the mysterious Mr. Lifecraft, Outer Force is armed with group exclusive tec capable to counteract even against the presence of outer gods or other cosmic anomalies, with agents trained to withstand harsh influences like that of the Xzars and Erasers, and trained in ways on how to combat things like defects or devients, wearing specialized gear that protects from radical differences in physical laws or influences like that of the Magic Realms, among other things. Outer Force has been known to be connected to governments' quickness to downplay reported incidents of cosmic bro-ha-has as nothing more than normal goings-on to reduce risk of civilian casualties against would-be dangerious forces. Imagine a cross between Men in Black Meets X-Files with a dab of Cabin in the Woods. Their Pan-Dimension Cells are built to hold even the strongest of cosmic forces, nullifying their powers for as long as they in the cells and monitored heavily by Ultron/Omnic looking robots capable to comprehend these beings where normal bots would fizzle out in trying to analyze their complexity. The facility can also hold beings connected or affected by the cosmic forces, like cults or effected victims that were transmuted by their powers, though Outer Force does do a fair share of containing beings, creatures, and objects beyond persons' understanding.


  • Personal Statement from Lifecraft:

"Likely you're curious as to why the Outer Force is very insistent on being as distant from the SCP Foundation as possible.... All I can say is, that I still wish I can forget about the madness of SCP-5000 and it's GROSSLY mislabeled designation! The necessary evils of D-Class usage and things involving that giant eel SCP-3000, I'd begrudgingly forgive. The terminations I would reluctantly understand. But, what SCP-5000 had done... I can't thank the All-Mother enough for taking SCP-5000 away from us and restarting the timeline back in the UUniversal Crusade days. That was my wake-up call that the Foundation's power needed to be balanced. It can't be the only group facing the anomalous anymore. I would rather they not end up facing another SCP-5000, or something worse. SCP-5000 was a madness-emitting suit of armor created from SCP-579, a Keter SCP so highly restricted even the description is redacted, was a trap to make the Foundation ruin itself. I, will never, let another SCP-5000 scenario happen again. The Outer Force will be MORE than just a counter-group for Outers. We will bring a better understanding of what the anomalous, or as I would rather call them, Anominalians, can do, so those erased events, can never happen again. Latimer Lifecraft, President of the Outer Force."

The Outer Force was founded by a former SCP member, Latimer Lifecraft, after the crisis involving SCP-5000. SCP-5000 was a cognitohazardous sci-fi suit that was seemingly an antisensory suit capable of cloaking anyone from senses and cognitohazards. Instead, it induces madness in who wears it. It makes them see a post-apocalyptic future where the SCP declares war on the world to exterminate all of humanity, using SCPs as weapons of mass destruction, with the inside explanation being Project Pneuma, an experiment on the collective human consciousness called ‘Psychospace’, and breakthroughs and orders occurred on mapping it out, all of which were redacted, causing loads of resignations and suicides, followed by new orders to disseminate the materials of those serving under them, stopping the resignations and suicides. The following year, their objective to exterminate all of humanity has begun, believed to have been the loss of their souls and giving the entirety of the SCP Foundation, including the O5 Council, the same mindset as SCP-682, an indestructible reptile who hates and destroys life, making them no longer feel emotion nor pain. A survivor named Pietro Wilson manages to find the suit which was recovered in the presence of SCP-579, an entity almost entirely redacted. The suit’s capabilities allow him to escape and find the information regarding the SCP Foundation’s declaration of war, but he could never get all the answers. He would be subconsciously given the task to deliver a briefcase containing SCP-055, a self-classifying entity, to SCP-579, after being blacked out for 3 months, progressively against his will. He is unable to see the contents as trying flashes him unconscious and closer to SCP-579’s location, but he takes advantage of this to get closer to his destination, but this makes him only lose progress and get headaches as he continuously does so, all the while hearing stories about how the SCP destroyed and how other organizations like the Global Occult Coalition, an organization that destroyed anomalies rather than contain them, have been unable to get information out of them before losing their headquarters in a shelter settlement called Ganzir. He arrives at Site-62c where 579 is located and makes it there wounded, but dies delivering 055 to 579 while leaving one last message asking why things turned out like this. It is transported to the main SCP timeline near 579 and the suit is no longer operational except the data files, and the Pietro of that timeline denies any knowledge on it where he is at Site-06. Investigation shows that, according to Roget’s Proposal of SCP-001 and the article of SCP-2998, bringing 055 and 579 together resets the timeline in the event of an XK-Class (apocalyptic) scenario.

Lifecraft was horrified by the purpose of the suit itself, especially for the reasons behind the purpose itself, as it was delivered and taken by the Roget SCP-001, who is actually The All Mother in all iterations, who helped save the timeline. This horror made him feel that the SCP had to change how it worked to prevent this post-apocalyptic future from actually coming true or prevent something like it. But since his claims were ignored by the O5 Council, denying and revoking his reward of starting a new branch for his accomplishments, he abandoned the SCP and founded the branch anyway. This branch would become known as the Outer Force, which deals in things anomalous even in the realm of cartoons, founding the headquarters on the world of Gravity Falls.


Though the Outer Force may seem like the SCP Foundation capable of interacting with multiple worlds, all it has in relation to them is that it is merely a branch-off of them. Everything else operates much differently from the SCP Foundation, and not just that it takes the SCP's place in most places in SAFA lore. It is also more fair in its performance than the SCP, as Lifecraft personally promises that the Outer Force, while still insisting the importance of secrecy, aims to be more moral in comparison.


Latimer started his goal of making the Outer Force more moral than the SCP Foundation by banning the Foundation's infamous treatment of D-Class Personal, which were classified as 'expendable' test subjects and the mistreatment as such because of albeit not-always-pleasant backgrounds such as criminal pasts, among other things being deemed cold and absolute. As such, the Outer Force has personally shed off the Foundation's D-Class usage absolutely. In it's place, interactions with Outrealmers will either be volunteering test subjects known as T-Classes, which instead of being of criminal background, will often be either new recruits or those of the OF that may express difficulty in handling anything dangerous. T-Classes will not be subjects of any and/or all Keter-class SCP and OFs nor near-dangerous Euclid SCPs and OFs, and instead interact with safe entities or abnormalities only, and the occasionally-safe Euclid anomaly that can only do minor damage such as OF-012 and OF-016. Other interactions are restricted and discontinued of tests. High-risk interactions are performed by look-alike biomechanical androids called R-Class Units, or just R-Classes. R-Classes are designed to be durable and have human-like minds and behavior, capable of comprehending anomalies, often dubbed 'Anominalians' or 'Anomalites', can resist robotic manipulation, and are upgraded to certain additional protections based on the anomaly they interact with. Keter-Class anomalies and/or high-risk Euclid-Class anomalies are restricted from any interaction of T and R-Classes if even R-Class Units face risk in interaction. However R-Class will face limited exceptions depending on circumstances.

OF-Staff is trained to avoid similar mistakes committed by the SCP staff. They're given a full understanding of standard containment procedures, are given the training to interact with any and/or all OF or SCP anomalies, with as much respect as possible, as to discourage 096 incidents or other mishaps, and any concerns of anomalies being more dangerous are to be brought to Lifecraft and the OF-Council. Approvals will encourage R-Class Tests to the requester, and if they supply even minor evidence of concerns being true, then approval of heavier restrictions (or the rare termination request) will be permitted. These concerns are not to be ignored unless proven unfounded based on emotion/opinion or if the anomaly is not consistent with these concerns, though Lifecraft and the OF-Council are experts in anomalies and will insist their concerns will need to align accordingly to their personal viewing of any staff member's concern, whether to see if whether or not they are overanalyzing, even if only slightly correct, or if they barely scratched the surface. Though even if a proposal doesn't come true, Lifecraft and the OF-Council still won't demonstrate caution with the concern. They remember that these forces can be tricky and/or inconsistent, thus compensation restrictions and strict R-Class Unit usage would still apply as an air of safety, as to prevent OF staff from going the way of 'Dr. Danials' and to force an example of why their desired outcome needs to happen. OF-Staff must feel like the Outer Force doesn't take things lightly nor have conflicting interests, even if entities are contained. If staff feels any confidence that caution is a priority, risky behavior is lowered. It's also advised that any staff does not 'go the way of Dr. Blight' and pull shenanigans based around entities and/or personal life, nor so out of random acts of curiosity. Mental evaluations are also considered as those of questionable behavior are to be shown to OF-237 for the purpose of curing cognitohazarous ailments. It's also advised to not try to get something out of even Safe-Class entities (I.E. the infamous case with the 'Psycho Printer' and it's confusion with cats), since Lifecraft cannot stress enough that his disapproval of OFs being used for personal pleasure, as it is why a lot of these entities are kept away from the outside world to begin with, and thus a strict advisory for even well-intentions or personal means being motivations for certain interactions with specific anomalies is held in place. Violation of these rules or disrespect to an anomaly will often lead to strict punishments and a week of T-Class duty dependent on the severity of the violation of protocol or disrespect to an anomaly. The Outer Force also avoids hypocritically-risky acts and last resorts that might get just as much get attention as any SCP would do, which are called "Covered In More Careful Containment" Strategies.

The most infamous concern of the Foundation's "Termination" practices is absolutely restricted. The use of termination of any staff in Outer Force and even towards anomalies, baring facts of pointless gestures because of OF-199, is forbidden. Though exceptions CAN apply if based on prior knowledge of the Foundation, such as the case with OF-696, or based on Lifecraft's and the OF-Council's formal decision. Should the termination attempt of an anomaly be successful, remains are to be held in a specialized OF Morgue capable of tuning out OF-199's sensing abilities with systems that emit anti-resurrection properties, provided remains are kept in the OF Morgue. The Foundation has even donated neutralized specimens in their captivity to the OF Morgue upon understanding OF-199's existence. OF staff are never subjugated to termination despite exceptions applying to irreversible infections and/or permanent changes done by anomalies, but only if it is ensured they wish for it or if the person's nature is lost. Any problematic person is instead reprimanded and given a punishment in accordance with the crime. Severe enough causes lead to discharge, amnestic application for memory-erasure of all OF-related knowledge, applying as well to connected family of the individual in question, as the former member will be returned to civilian life as if Outer Force never came to them.

More Careful Containment Strategies

Though the SCP Foundation is not suggested to be devoid of risks and haphazardly with their containment attempts, they do practice caution. Lifecraft expresses the critiques that SCP Troops often get too close to dangers, whether the SCP is known or unknown, they have extremely high fatality rates and/or other risks, they are rarely diversified in specialized classes, they are easily sabotaged (I.E. The 096 Incident), and they, recovery agents, on-field researchers, hazmat troopers, or any type of staff seem often vulnerable to unpleasant surprises. As such, the OF has made improvements to the Foundation's standards, with some minorities that are nevertheless important, while others are very radical:

  • OF-Troopers are to approach with strategy and caution first for the safest method to contain present entities, whether it be escapees or first-encounters. They are to take time to prepare extra weaponry if hostile or for self-defense, be equipped with extra-protective armor and anti-anomaly/Outer God equipment, while also ensuring systems operate as they should, and above all prepare containment devices. This caution is to be maintained even with familiar entities, as some may adapt to previous strategies, and/or may hold grudges.
  • Fatalities and/or any scenario related to certain entities involving control, hostification, infections, and more, of OF-members and civilians alike, are to be reduced as can be. Be cautious that harm to civilians may not always be avoided as with the nature of first encounters or reported cases, but it does well to prevent more, which includes keeping OF-members from being added to that list. It also does well to ensure further civilian harm is reduced. Any witnesses deemed incapable to hold secrets are to be applied Amnestics, as with the Foundation, but if certain individuals can be trusted to keep secret, no administering is required. (This applies to Hero Teams, Super-Heroes, Partnership Organisations, Etc.).
  • OF-Squads are to be made more diverse in classes then just standard troopers. They are to also have medic classes in event of injury, specialized enlightened mind effect-treaters, tech-masters to supply needed mission-related tec, an expert that understands the specific anominality best (For previous captures), and augmented elites (For heavy cases).
    • In addition, sometimes the OF will have dedicated side-teams covering all sides during especially high-intense situations, such as dedicated Amnestic Teams armed with standard equipment and specialized amnestic sprays, to cover mass witnesses and/or prior witnesses to an OF-Discovery. Recoverors, standard-issue gear, weapon-optional, diverse classes, and well-trained skills, are often utilized to retrieve removable-and-containable first-discoveries and will behave accordingly to certain situations. On-Field Researcher Teams, weaponless save for protector drones with stun rounds but still process gears that protect from anomalous effects, for entities of not readily hostile nor readily friendly natures that seemed to reside in isolated places or within monasteries. Tracker Teams are specialized with probes and drones with cloaking capabilities that actively look for first discoveries and/or for on-going containment processes, which are also helpful for escaped entities. Quarantine Teams,  though sometimes referred to as The Hazmats, prepared with both hazmats, armor & entity resistant gears, in occasion would bare entity-specific treatment guns and standard issue-weaponry for self-defensive purposes, plus in cases of a specific area of effect's capabilities, are utilized in an event true containment is not made readily possible. They contain places of high-anomalistic activity, whether buildings, bodies of water (Even certain sections of Ocean), patches of land, any form of town and city (If necessary), entire planets (Less they can be made small enough for conventional containment or are like OF-74, which is about the size of the world's largest yarn), even quadrants of Space, anything that might not be readily taken to conventional containment without a specialized method and/or discovery of external force, and is designed to keep more persons from any further interactions from these Anominalian-infected places. Any persons already within places will always be considered for rescue operations when applicable or depending on the severity of the effects of the anomalous area. If a rescue is approved, any designated Rescue Teams are given specialized gear related to the area of effect and would recover victims/hosts based on specific instructions. Specialized Squads may vary, are given high-priority missions if deemed capable, and will be covered in "Squads". Elite Squads cover the dangerious cases, often Keters, High-Level Euclids, Escapes of such examples, Presence of enemy forces from enemy groups, Invasions, Mass Anomaly Sightings, along with being readily capable to face anomalies breaking-IN to sites for purpose of aiming to cause a breach for whatever purpose. Elites are often augmented with physical and mental durability so to be better-protected from any such cases. Members are to be given self emotion control training so as to avoid emotional outbursts or making mistakes based on them (Along for basic level resistance to Empathic Parasites) and are to avoid letting entities "Toy with them" in trying to expose this vulnerability. Members are also to have a standard or higher understanding of certain studies, I.E. history or anything pertaining to the animal kingdom, so to better understand certain anomalies and how to better contain them. Air, Sea, Volcanic Lands, Underground, Mountain, Wildlife Areas, Space, Cross-Dimensional Exhibition Divisions are utilized when needed and bare the standard equipment. New Members are to be introduced safely into simulations of typical missions and are not go on actual missions as often new members may either only had started sessions or have yet to start. This is so to avoid "New Guy Mistakes" on this line of work. Older Members that're showing signs of age slowing them, even with augmentations in place, I.E. becoming physically weaker and/or emotional training starting to fail, Older Members will be decommissioned and retired, Amnestics being optional to the retiree's choice, (Though those of Photographic Memory are insisted to take them mandatorily due to security risks), and the retiree will be released back into civilian life.
  • OF-Equipment is to be made sabotage-proof to normal means (Be cautioned for Anominalious sabotage), I.E., any equipment made purposely flawed for conspiring to cause a similar 096 event will be self kept inoperable and remain that way until properly set to proper design. Any persons purposely trying to compromise the devices is to be reported, and reprimanded.
  • And above all: OF-Staff are trained to "Expect the Unexpected". Be prepared for anything. Because the greatest power Anominalians process is the unknown. Guards are kept up at all times, save for absolute assurance a specific anominalian is not a proactive threat in any way (Be it 100% Level Safe or contained). Unpredictability is the anominalians' greatest ally, and not submitting to that, would lead to maintaining safety and normalcy for the Multiverse.


OF Council

  1. OFC-1- Alias "The Goatman", wielder of a Genius Loki Anominalian Summoning Staff which ranges to Anominalians in current OF-Containment.
  2. OFC-2- Alias "CouncilBot", current replacer of Judas Magidson and was once his first prized creation.
  3. OFC-3- Alias "The Intelligent Wistomful Space Eye", an omniscient demi-outer space eye.
  4. OFC-4- Alias "The Cat", a once normal cat affected by Anominalian Forces to have sentient intelligence in a world where cats were not meant to be such.
  5. OFC-5- Alias "The Ventriloquist", A Once talented Puppeteer whose entire soul was transferred into a ventriloquist dummy yet the original body still has basic functions and still moves like a person due to a complicated Anominalian Curse.
  6. OFC-6- Alias "Terra Dactyala", A once brilliant scientist transmuted into a Pterasaur after being victimized by a GOC raid gone south over the fact her partner found DNA through Anominalian means.
  7. OFC-7- Alias "Jarred Smarts", A Glowing Jar holding the brain of a man that gotten too smart and became too aware of the Multiverse that he was targeted by many of the Foundation's usual adversaries that he had to take his brain out and had it placed in a jar.
  8. OFC-8- Alias "Hen Lady", a once-promising congresswoman cursed by an old man with Anominalian Powers to have a chicken head simply because the person he voted for lost the election. She hopes Outer Force would catch this entity soon.
  9. OFC-9- Alias "Sir Octavious Pussinhowser", An Octopus that became so intelligent that it became sentient and with the mannerisms of victorian era noblemen.
  10. OFC-10- Alias "Fishbowl", A being cursed with a fishbowl head with a goldfish in it by a Wondertainment Experiment going array.
  11. OFC-11- Alias "Eye of Wisdom", A Humanoid with a glowing enlightened eye for-a-head. Once' pupil (No intended pun) of the original OFC-11 before the incident of Site-42-3.
  12. OFC-12- Alias "Teleweb", a tech savy TV spider that is the prime provider of technological knowledge.

(More OFCs to be revealed under authorization).


  • Doctor Rene Scranton- A young reality-bending technological expert and the daughter of Dr. Robert Scranton and Dr. Anna Lang, the head researchers of Site-120 and creators of many reality-bending devices like the reality anchors, who joined Lifecraft after her father vanished into SCP-3001.
  • Doctor Amelia Wheeler- The cousin of Marion Wheeler, the head of the SCP’s Antimemetics Division. Like her, she works on the production of amnestics, or drugs that the SCP and OF use to erase memories of the public after the sighting and capture of an anomaly. She also produces other memory-controlling drugs and even has memetic powers of her own.


  • SCP Team- The best of Outer-Force comprised of SCP-entities similar to certain heavily reckitnesed entities that came to help contain entities of heavy concern anominalians. Utilized when absolutely needed. Commander: Agent-1000. Wrecker: Agent-682. Enemy Disabler: Agent-173. Team Bumrusher: Agent-096. Saboteur: Agent-106. Anominalian Sedative: Agent-999. Medical Staff: OF-409/Agent-049. Team Transit: Agent-3000.
  • Gravity Falls Team- The New Rookies from the Gravity Falls world that already show promise for what they did to Bill and Vasco. Utilized when there's a call for a creative solution being needed. Members: Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Ford, Soos, and Wendy.
  • All-Tail Foxes- A Mixed pack of normal foxes and kitsunes trained to be utilized in cases involving either the All-Mother or directly connected Outers. They specialized in being able to handle Final Takers and Cosmic Powerians. Even capable to pacify the All-Mother if need be in an event of "Another one of those phases". Current on-going mission: Recovery of The Orderly 5th Born. Mission Hiatus Status: Mischiver complications. Team Members are lucky to escape with tails still intact.
  • Creational Team- A Team that specializes in dealing with defected, inexperienced, or emotion-highed distressed Amoral One Creators.
  • Order Keepers- A team specialized in handling Order Retainer Class Outers in event of defects or misplaced members of such outers.
  • Nemo Team- The Team of Commodore Nemo and his specialized team that're responsible for the defeat of Drainthus. Utilized for missions related to Erasers and occasionally non-Xzar Destructor Class Outers and most other Outer-trouble.
  • X-Team- A former Xzar Cult from Equestria (See The Weirdest Villain from Space) that since denouncement of Xzar Cultry were recruited by Outer Force to put their knowledge to good use. For when Xzar-related situations arise, espeically with Xhost cases.
  • Broader Horizons Taskforce- A team that specializes with Support-Class Outers whether the typical defect cases, Scrapper and Preserver Conflict, Edgewall support, among other things.
  • Devient Force- Teams of mixed-range that specialized in devient Outer cases, whether unique cases or devients with races. Devient Force members are often hybrids between inrealmers and such devients and inhered their powers and understanding of the nature of devients.
  • Hibernation Force- Specialised Troops armed with Lovecraftium Coated equipment and injected Sleep Reaper genes to be capable to combat possible cases of Outers escaping the Hibernation Realm.

(To be Revealed as they are Authorised).

Anominalian Rankings.

Just like SCPs, OFs are classified in the SCP classes. Safe, which is OFs that are safe and cause no harm, Euclid, which are OFs that can cause potential harm, and Keter, in which it can be nothing but harmful. However, to better specificity to avoid putting all entities in the same camp as eachother and risk mishaps, specific rankings are installed.


  1. Level 100% Safe: Entities so safe, true containment is not even required. Interactions are extremely laxxed to the point that the entities can be allowed free-roam of OF-Sites or even allowed to remain in natural habitats, albeit while tracked for its safety in case it were to face trouble. Interaction Levels: Omega Laxxed. If contained in OF-site, all persons are allowed interaction.
  2. Level 50% Safe: Entities with 50/50 chances of going either way. Often for otherwise friendly creatures but are noted to act fearful or defensive if wrong acts are done, objects that only cause problems when activated, or for entities that mean well but have powers that can be abused by undesirables or change more then intended if in the wrong setting. Interaction Levels: Dependent on Prior Interactions. T-Class are to be cautioned of not triggering negative behavior and to evac at the first sign of trouble.
  3. Level 10% Safe: A Rare Ranking granted to Entities that may have been miss-classified or were Level 50%s that can demonstrate much more damage if handled REALLY stupidly. Level 10%s are often eligible for Euclid classification, Keter in a worse scenario. But this rank can sometimes be reversed back to Level 50% if a Level 10% can either be pacified during a certain mood or if it was always handled smartly enough that no risk factor exists. Interaction Level: Slight Restriction apawn first/certain number of mishaps. R-Class recommended for further interactions until further notice.


  1. Low-Level Euclid: A type of Euclid that at best may as well still be considered "Safes" cause of not meaning purposeful harm, at worse is an annoyance than anything dangerious. Granted to entities deemed minorly inconvenient, or bare certain powers ripe for abuse. Only this ranking of Euclid can be transferred to Safe rankings if enough good/positive behavior, and proven earnest in it, is noted. Interaction Levels: Standard Restrictions. R-Class only, unless any T-Class test is authorized with sufficient evidence of being more harmless, though even then the entity is still to be treated with caution and respect.
  2. Mid-Level Euclid: A type of Euclid that while not actively hostile, should be acknowledged that nothing nice happens neither. Often for activation sensitive objects or well-demonstrated aggressive but survival-based creatures, and/or entities that appear to operate for some sort-of lifecycle purpose for what they do. Interaction Levels: Standard Euclid Level Restrictions. R-Class Interactions Only (Exception to Specific Risk to Machines, I.E. Machine Influencer or Adaptive Aggressive Territorial Creature)
  3. High-Level Euclid: Basically the same rank SCP's 096 and 173 would share. These are Euclids that shown extremely high risk and always demonstrate damage no matter what the circumstances. These Euclids would pocess powers that if left unchecked or if under the wrong people, can be as disastrous as any Keter. In fact, this is the Euclid Rank that can allow for Keter Ascension, and even be the only Euclid Rank eligible for Termination. Interaction Levels: Heavier Euclid Restriction. R-Class Interaction vastly more limited unless authorized otherwise.


  1. Low-Level Keter: A Rare Keter Class that shows Keter-Entities that don't intentionally mean harm if in fact sometimes mean the best of intentions, but often their powers are still as dangerious as any other Keter or bare high levels of abusable power to individuals connected to it. Also for Entities that're activation based, viral in nature, or behave mostly on instinct and/or not of higher intelligence, or may not even be sentient, but bare powers that can do major harm if directed in a dangerious way. Interaction Levels: Clearance-required Restrictions. Limited R-Class Interactions if applicable.
  2. Mid-Level Keter: For Keters with enough powers to do SERIOUS harm if they wanted to, but often behave like deities and would only do so in accordance with such behavior. They often range from entities wanting to control our destinies and our very reality, often to personal benefit, to entities that only destroy if meant to apparently be apart of ushering balance into worlds/dimensions/Multiverse. Interaction Levels: Standard Keter-Level Restrictions. R-Class Test Restricted unless allowed.
  3. High-Level Keter: The Keters that destroy for absolutely no reason, or at least no reason inrealmers would understand, helped little that sometimes such entities would think so low of inrealmers and inrealm reality that they just want it gone. These kind of Keters are often contributing factors for Occult Wars, and thus are the kind of Keters that're marked for Termination (If Possible) and are often the highest of high priority containment projects, more then even other Keter ranks being high priorities of their own right. Interaction Levels: ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED! Any suggestion of tests is to be OUT of the question for reasons of safety.

Emergency Scenarios

A sort've rebranding of the Foundation's "Endofworld" or what have you scenarios, but something that covers broader topics.

E.S. A-Class Events.

Emergency Scenarios that aren't "Apocalyptic" in necessary nature but are considered "Normalcy Killers"

  • E.S.-"Prehistoric Resurgence"-Event- An event pertaining to anomalous "Prehistoric Resurgence" involving the return of prehistoric creatures or beings. Preventative measures include isolation of the affected area, cover-stories, and immediate research for origin and purpose of the resurgence if not readily associated with known OFs.
  • E.S.-"Arthropod Uprising"-Event- An event pertaining to anominalian insectoid/other arthropodian situations typically involving a swarming event of such creatures. An event now associated with the Misery-Taker Wasps due to the time of a normal sickness pandemic. Anominalian anthropods are to be immediately misidentified to the public as common anthropods (I.E. framing the Misery-Takers as the Japanese Hornet) so to encourage persons' separation from the creatures for best possible containment scenarios. This event is also associated with cases of outside colonies of Butt Roaches or Cheesedoodle Colonies, and both are to be covered up and contained accordingly.
  • E.S.-"Nature's Revenge"-Event- An event pertaining to anomalous cases of "Nature Going Mad", an event that would've easily activated if the Meat Trees had not been immediately contained or if the A.R.M. reserve had gone more south. Preventive measures are more preferable, but in case of initial failure, areas of effect are to be quarantined as with the effector area.
  • E.S.-"Rogue Entertainment" Event- Events pertaining to anomaly corrected to things of entertainment. This can relate to either anything released by Wondertainment/Dr. Chilldhood (This was active in the discovery of SCPals), the mass discovery of the Carnaval of Endless Joy, Multiverseal Studios, or the Animatronic Factory, or mass spread of the "Unlock Everything" Lootbox Game Bug. Amnestic Operations and misinformation campaigns are immediate musts for this. A specialized code-warning made for possible discovered Everplay instances outside of OF containment is granted the name "Code-Everplay".
  • E.S.-"Empathic Parasite Invasion" Event- Events pertaining to a mass exidus arrival of empathic emotion and feeling parasites coming to one or more inrealm dimensions. Active containment missions and misinformation campaigns highly recommended. This E.S. can also be triggered if the area of effect for the Carnival of Endless Joy should ever start to expand, or if related instances start showing up.
  • E.S.-"Forced Companion"-Event- Events connected to anomalies that force themselves into the lives of persons. The event was invented following the discovery of OF-244 and will trigger in event of OF-244 attempting to gather more "Cast Members", but it can also be triggered for similar anominalians.
  • E.S.-"Monopoly Warning"-Event- Pertaining events of where a monopoly, a common risk factor for Inter-Dimensional Empires, is about to be triggered by anominalian means. Related OF is to be immediately contained. Cover-story and/or inferior replacement, optional.

E.S. H-Class Events.

Emergency Scenarios that still aren't doomsay worthy persay but are considered to be historic in nature.

  • E.S.-"Social Collapse"-Event- Events related to anominalian-caused social unrest or even asperations of revolution. Commonly triggered and associated with French Revolutionary. OF-Agents in political positions are bested utilized to maintain order.
  • E.S.-"Morgue Compromise"-Event- An OF-Morgue or that of related groups, commonly the BGA, get discovered by OF-199 and cause a revival of terminated anominalians. This occurred with the downfall of the Organisation of "Cabin In the Woods" infamy and BGA's incident with the Martial Arts Horse. This can be prevented by having morgues resistant to being sensed by OF-199, via anominalian-sensory resistant devices. In the event of compromisation, revived anominalians are to be immediately contained to prevent too much damage.
  • E.S.-"Quarantine Compromise"-Event- Pertaining to the failure of Quarantine of an Anominalian-effected area. This applies to every quarantine project. (Yes, even with the building of the "Fake SCPs". Even parodies of actual SCPs can still do real damage if allowed). Escaped anominalians are to be contained and taken back to the quarantine zone.
  • E.S.-"Anominalian/Cosmic Virus Outbreak"-Event-  An event triggered in the event of Anominalian and/or rogue Pestalancer viral outbreak. Both the causers and the virus are to be immediately contained and quarantined.
  • E.S.-"Tainted Essentials"-Event- Pertaining to an anominalian getting control of something essential to society, food, economics, enforcement, etc. Anominalian in question is to be immediately contained and on-field amnestic doctors utilized. Additional steps vary on the severity of the anominalian's effect on the essentials.
  • E.S.-"Compromised Leader"-Event- An Anominalian managed to take control of a political figure or even managed to make itself a leader. Anominalian is to be immediately contained, and a heavy amnestics campaign to follow suit.
  • E.S.-"Compromised Heroics"-Event- An Anominalian that manages to gain complete control of a hero or hero groups and gains absolute influence. The heroes in question are to be quarantined and the anomaly captured. This event is commonly triggered in the Marvel and DC Worlds. Not even Kratos, the world of Superiors, is immune to this event. Be cautioned that this is often a preliminary to a greater event, as with the "Compromised Leader" event.
  • E.S.-"Crimeiside"-Event- An H-Class event that can either be the following event to "Compromised Leader/Heroics" H-Class Events cause of Anominalian-controlled figures or can occur independently if a Justice-Sensitive Anominalian is found in high-crime areas, I.E. a Pack of Unusual Whippets instances and/or Justice Snake being in Mugshotra or if OF-191 and OF-259 start to get violent to criminals. Justice Sensitive Anominalians in high crime worlds/dimensions or in control of powerful heroes or political figures will trigger a "Crimeiside" event, where the anominalian in question aims to permanently bring law and order to the realm with whatever means necessary. Such anominalians have to be contained and pacified immediately via removal from the world and removal from figures powerful enough for its interests.
  • E.S.-"Forced Peace"-Event- An H-Class event that can also happen during the possession of heroes and powerful enough figures. Anominalians preferent to times of peace and/or aversion to war and strife would often aim to force an era of peace even between known enemies and force peace in in-natural ways. These Anominalians are perhaps previous victims of past Occult Wars and possibly grew to hate wars in general. These Anominalians are to be contained immediately and are to be treated with visits to OF-237. Personal Note from Lifecraft: Even regardless of your personal feelings on war, you need to understand that peace needs to be ushered in a more progressive and natural way.
  • E.S.-"Forced War"-Event- An H-Class counter-event to "Forced Peace", triggered by anominalians with conquester ambitions or even darker intentions. It could even transpire to an Occult War. Such Anominalian is to be captured and contained as quickly as possible.
  • E.S.-"Lifestyle Progression/Degression"-Event- Another event that can be triggered by French Revolutionary and/or other Usurper Anominalians. In the revolutionary's case, he once caused the downfall of monarchies at the same time they would've gone out of style on their own and caused revolutions to dispose of them. The Revolutionary is now displeased with modern democracy and wants to degress life back into Monarchies. The event itself is to be prevented at all times, any possible capture of Anominalian optional, espeically if it's an entity as clever and unpredictable as French Revolutionary.
  • E.S.-"Birthing Process of Inter-Diemsnional Empire"-Event- An event involving an Anominalian being an aiding process of birthing an Inter-Dimensional Empire. Outer Force is to immediately engage with the would-be intervened kingdom and disband it, and above all, secure the capture of the Anominalian.

E.S. Omega Events

Events related to cosmic sensitive events related to outers or based on their-powers, and can in-fact be apocalyptic and/or cause permanent change.

  • E.S.-"Unpresidented Change"-Event- Pertaining to any event that changed reality, time, dimensions, and the Multiverse as is, whether with wish-activated entities or reality bender anominalians. On top of containing the anominalian responsible, the created changes are to be reversed in the process.
  • E.S.-"Anominalian Caused Genocide"-Event- Pertaining to Anominalians either directly or indirectly causing a genocide of any caliber. This can relate to events involving Vasco and his brother going unchecked or extreme high-risk Anominalians.
  • E.S.-"Cosmic Droughts" Event- Events that pertain to the sudden limitation or hindrance of Magic, Chi, Super Powers, and Imagination. A recent event was triggered by the actions of Star Butterfly apawn the Magic Realm initially being destroyed in-due to her poor response to a genocide event. Energy-aide to realms being harmed by the fiasco is encouraged, though alas in due to the sudden nature of the event as suppose to more natural or Anominalian-caused droughts, such operations were not able to be successful in time. The casualties of magic-dependent entities are still being counted.
  • E.S.-"Wardrobe Rampage"-Event- An event dedicated to the forever infamed OF-325 on if and when it would go on an unstoppable ramage dependent on reacting to OF-324 being woed or wronged. It happened once on the first time it was introduced, and Lifecraft personally prefers it to NEVER, HAPPEN, AGAIN! OF-325 is given the most extreme security restrictions as a result of nearly triggering an Occult War, in absolutely trashing the GOC and BGA to unrepairability. The best preventative measure, keep OF-324 from being upseted by anything by absolutely protecting any of his creations.
  • E.S.-"Active Inter-Dimensional Empire"-Event- An event relating to an active inter-dimensional empire found outside of implied sources from the Unknown Rims. Ahead of any Xzar attempt to discourage this, Outer Force is to immediately disband the Inter-Dimensional Empire with the arrest of individuals involved. Individuals responsible for the attempt are to be detained for life and their influence and existence erased from memory by a super-aggressive Amnestic campaign. This event is a companion risk-event to "Xzar-Day".
  • E.S.-"Outer Upset"-Event- The Entire Outer God Community throws an extreme fit in response to unsatisfactory results. This was triggered during the Magic-Drought crisis brought on by Star Butterfly.
  • E.S.-"Devient/Defect Detected"-Event- An event relating to the discovery of Defects or Devients within Mid-Rim or Center Rim Realms. Appropriate teams assigned depending on Defect or Devient in question.
  • E.S.-"Xzar-Day"-Event- The worst-case scenario of a Dimension being sentenced to consumption to Xzars. The best possible preventions are early prevention of Inter-Dimensional Empires or getting Ressor intervention.
  • E.S.-"Active Eraser"-Event- An event pertaining to an Eraser being active. Due to specific outer god rules, direct-aide is not possible. The best way to handle events is early preparation and to train troubled worlds to be able to fight off Erasers and connected creatures. However, if Erasers are not obedient to these same rules, intervention via Eraser Team and other outside forces can be allowed.
  • E.S.-"Rogue Wipers"-Event- An event pertaining to an unauthorized appearance of Wipers in realms not related to their duties. Eraser Team can be utilized against the creatures, along with the securement of possible guilty parties involved in the affair.
  • E.S.-"Weirdagotten"-Event- Mostly connected to Bill Cipher, (Though Vasco had attempted a hand in this), is where the barriers between inrealms and anominalians are broken and lead to the chaotic rule of the causer in question. This event is known to trigger Occult Wars, or at least open up tensions to such, so a weirdagotten must be prevented as all costs.
  • E.S.-"Occult War"-Event- A new Occult War begins cause of any possible reason. Preferably to be prevented from ever happening period, cause once started, it may be beyond a current lifetime before it ends naturally.
  • E.S.-"Kingdom Hearts" Event- An event that is triggered based on Kingdom Hearts related fiascos. This even covers "The Great Cycle". Ever since the recent case of the Great Cycle, extensive training to handle another possible case has been issued ever since the sudden surprise of such a scenario. Fortunately, at least the OF prevented breaches from occurring during the event.
  • E.S.-"Foundation Loses Their Marbles Again" Event- An event triggered only by either the return of SCP-5000 or appearance of similar Anominalians that make the Foundation into crazy madmen again. This is Lifecraft's most feared scenario. In the event of SCP-5000 returning or if the Foundation found a similar entity, Outer Force is to immediately seize all assets of the foundation, including SCPs, contained or otherwise, the O5 are to immediately lose privileges, and all Foundation Staff are to be detained on site for until SCP-5000 or simular entity is taken away again. In the event of failure to do this, the OF-Council is authorized to trigger the "Do-Over Project", a specialized anominalian time machine that resets things before SCP-5000'S arrival or that of similar entities and preemptively acquires the All-Mother to prevent that arrival. Preparation training for this event is practiced Ad nauseam to the point it is a permanent mental image to understand the protocol to the letter.
  • E.S.-"Permanent Containment Failure"-Event- An event that whether in-cause of anominalian means or even an act of an outer, true containment is no longer possible until it gets reversed. If shorce is not immediately correct, the inrealms will fall to Anominalian control. This event is to be preemptively prevented with as much up to date, anominalian/outer resistant tec as possible. A such, upgrading is a way of life for Outer Force.
  • E.S.-"All-Mother Code Red"-Event- An event that triggers if the All-Mother enters another one of her "Complicated Phases" in her life. Outer Force, espeically All-Tails Foxes, is to immediately dedicate time keeping her stationary and pacified so to prevent "Any more regrettable actions". The All-Mother is still to be treated with respect, even at the face of undesirable behaviors, so as not to risk an "Outer Upset" Event.

(More as they are being authorized for viewing by the OF-Council)

Occupants/In process Containments

Statement from OF-Council: Due to data complications with updating files, the OF list will have to be given a dedicated system. Even with advanced tech, we need to conserve data and put less strain on the systems. That is all.


Partnership Organisations

  • S.H.I.E.L.D.- For whenever something relating to Super-Powered Beings of Marvel and/or DC alike if need be appeared, along with great supplies in being able to make half
  • Monarch- Covers Kaiju Cases if they're not like OF-109.
  • The Center- A Group that specializes in entities not necessarily anominalian-based but is above inrealm standards all the same. The existence of this group has drastically reduced Outer Force's need to contend with inrealm abnormalities on top of Anominalians save for prior discoveries or if they were outside of the Center's range.
  • Project Astral- A simular group founded within the AUU that covers for Outer Force for cosmic oddities in the AUU.
  • The Dimension Jumpers- The Organisation stationed in the AUU's famed Portus Prime and the best experts for things related to portal shenanigans. They came-VERY-handy in containing OF-17.
  • Secret Powers- A Superior-owned organization that covers all of Kratos given that an all super-power'd planet is bound to attract some especially HEAVY anomalies interested in Superiors, along with the craziness quantonium produces.
  • Bio-Elites- The group that covers Mutantus.
  • Snake Tribe Watchers- A Group that watches over the old Snake Tribe Worlds to watch out for possible activity.
  • The Skullian Prime Blockade Unit- Self-explanatory name. Around the events of Icky and Iago: Road to The Dragon Realms, this group was commissioned under High Council approval to strengthen restrictions on entering Skullian Prime, along with the side project of looking for the Architect on suspicions of darkspawnic conspiracies. Alongside this, they also seek and banish any reported higher level Darkspawn that can pose a potaintional threat.


  • The Organisation from "Cabin in the Woods"- A false equivalency group to the SCP Foundation and Outer Force that only collect anominalians to appease "The Ancient Ones". Disbanded apawn sacrifices going awry, espeically in the states. Apawn the various anominalians being revived immediately by Mother Reviver, the fallen containment sites have been converted into OF bases, refurbished and renovated to not allow any release ever, along with containment of connected trigger objects, though certain technologies remained unaltered and even were adopted to certain OF-bases, with moderate tweaks applied, where the revived creatures are treated with proper protocols. The Ancient Ones' active state appears incapable to activate ever again, cause of failure of appeasement only once. Please refer to the list of these things in The OF's Catalog of Recovered and Contained CWs (Priorly Approved for Review), a specialized term for these entities that not been priorly discovered by the SCP Foundation nor Outer Force. It's also noted the entities are no dissimilar to horror movie monsters/antagonists, implying these may not be particularly powerful anominalians or just as likely they're Inrealm-Late Borns. Though now that they don't appear attached to the Ancients, it should be cautioned that one way or another, some members of this collection may demonstrate their true nature, it's even to be cautioned that some of them already do bare minor anomalous capabilities.
    • Personal Statement from Lifecraft: THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO, PEOPLE?! This is why the Foundation behaves as it does, even with practices the OF distance itself from! When it's not the BGA attempting mindless destruction of anominalians, Void Market's greed, un-necessary devote crazies, well-intentioners, and/or those of dubious and risky motivations of those like MR and the Initiative, SOMETHING LIKE THIS, COULD EXISTS?! You can argue to me that it's all The Ancient Ones' doing, the people were manipulated to DO these things! And okay, fine, I don't disagree with it, but, IT DOES NOT, NOR WILL IT EVER, EASE MY PERSONAL DISGUST AT WHAT THESE PEOPLE, BAD OUTSIDE INFLUENCERS ASIDE, OF WHAT THIS ORGANISATION DID?! Cause understand this..... Yes, I do still believe we're protecting humans and sentient members of the animal kingdom and what have you, from dangerious, parasitic, god-aspiring, usurper-level, unrestrained reality bender, or even world ender SCPs and OFs! But, keep in mind.... Not every mortal would fear these entities or objects. the SCP Foundation and OF alone, proof this. If it's possible for us, how did you think our other adversaries happened? Obviously not every person would either scream and run away or turn into an immediate hostage//host/victim of any anominalian! Some individuals will try to face this problem head-on, whether reason that may' be, you all yourselves would know. But, not every inspired or braver soul would show honest intentions, or not fully understand the Anominalians. Even we are still only starting to scratch the surface of what we know. And it's why we have to take in every reported anominalian apawn sight if possible or applicable. Yes, even "Safe" Designated beings, creatures, objects, and incorporeal anomalies, and it's NOT just for a possible risk of a negative under-scored side-effect or associated hostile event! I like to be believed, we're also protecting the Anominalians from inrealmer kind. Don't get me wrong, CERTAIN SCPs and OFs have NO issue of self-defense, but what I mean is.... To protect the Anominalians from being mistreated, abused, sensationalized, and treated as an idol, spawning fanatics, purposely or not, among other things! ESPEICALLY NOT IN THE WAY, THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE?! Now, yes. I still acknowledged the main goal of protecting our worlds and realities from THEM! But, I would like to think, that the OF, is also protecting the anominalians, and very fragile secrets of the Multiverse, from Inrealmers that're sometimes worse, then anything from the Crust. That said, the creatures and beings apawn being revived by Mother Reviver all around this copy earth, are thankfully immediately contained even after some struggles. I thank all OF-Troops and our capable teams, for their bravery in the face of adversity. At least this horrendous, abusive, Occult War risking mistreatment of anominalians, fell apart as it did. But let us work, to never, EVER, allow another "Cabin in the Woods" fiasco to EVER occur AGAIN?! For now on, if cases of "Emulated Horror Movie" situations occur, they're to be corrected IMMEDIATELY?! I think we would all rather prevent and stomp out the rise of, "Copycat" Groups.
  • Bureau of Global Anomalies- Acronym BGA, (But sometimes can be typo'd as "GBA" due to the fact they were originally called "Global Bureau of Anomalies" before the old acronym caused confusion between the initials for Game Boy Advanced and had to be changed) The Outer Force's equivalent of the Global Occult Coalition that, like the GOC, believes more in destroying anomalies rather than containing them.
  • Discord Insurrection- The Outer Force's equivalent of the Chaos Insurgency, made to use anomalies as weapons for the benefit of mankind, believing that they and the Outer Force itself is an anomaly.
  • Void Market- The Outer Force's equivalent of Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. who sell anomalies through the black market for profit.
  • Church of Machinists- The Outer Force's equivalent of the Church of the Broken God, who believe in apotheosis through advancements of technology and the reassembling of their god, the same Broken God called Mekhane.
  • Corpsics- The Outer Force's equivalent of the Sarkic Cults, the rivals of the Machinists who believe in apotheosis via nature and mutation, worship disease, and all in the will of the Sarkics' god Yaldaboath.
  • Holy Initiative- The Outer Force's equivalent of the Horizon Initiative that was founded to protect the sanctity of the world via doing anything it takes via combating or containing these anomalies.
  • Magidson Robotics- The Outer Force's equivalent of Anderson Robotics, founded by former Outer Force Councilor Judas Magidson and makes magic-technology products.
  • A.R.M.- The Outer Force equivalent of The Serpent's Hand. They're a group who are a problem unique to Outer Force (Because as we know, the foundation isn't so generous to such a concept), that exists to give rights to OFs and SCPs. Fortunately, the public generally proceeds A.R.M as a bunch of eccentric weirdos that are making things up, but this benefit of their secrecy being safe is a double-edge sword as often A.R.M. activists attempt to bring back proven evidence of SCPs and OFs, of which while it is to be noted that they bare the good intention of wanting to give these anomalies "Rights", being critical to the idea of them being contained and especially critical to "Inhumane" treatments, (Often on the Foundation's part), along with side-criticisms of the treatment of D-Class (Which is why Outer Force doesn't adopt D-Class Usage and instead has robotic personal as helpers in such tests or cleaning service) And general civil liberty concerns. It's also noteworthy that in cause some OFs and SCPs are animals, some A.R.M. members are also animal rights activists, sometimes with PETA connections. A.R.M. is to be kept as uncreditable as possible with the use of agents posing as media personalities, internet agents posing as internet personalities, and A.R.M. is to be restricted from funding with well-placed-aide of OF-Accountants assigned to every bank possible. Agents with expertise in politics are also assigned to every government facility in the worlds of the United Universe, and are to maintain government opinion to view A.R.M. as "Not worth their time" to prevent govermental endorsement onto A.R.M., any politician even remotely considering to benefit A.R.M. will be applied amnestics and nurtured to feel the same way about A.R.M. 
    • Personal Note from Lifecraft: Though A.R.M. is well-intentioned, it cannot be stressed that A.R.M. poses an enturnal risk. Let it be reminded that "Euclid" and "Keter" designations exist for a reason. Certain Anomamlites would often use A.R.M. as "Useful Idiots" to ensure their escape, often either enslaving them or terminating them afterward, certain others would not even understand these intentions and harm them regardless, and less said about apocalyptic entities, the better. Above all, A.R.M. members would always pose a containment breach risk, and are always to be contained, erased of memories and placed in private OF-Jail facilities for those of OF and SCP adversaries, along with being for POIs. Let it be reminded that not every entity is not designated as Safe or Thaumual for a reason.
  • Mr. Childhood- Sometimes surnamed as "Dr. Childhood". The Outer Force variant of Dr. Wondertainment, he is a shapeshifting all-powerful entity that makes entertaining and often very mysterious playthings, such as anomalous toys and is in essence a child himself.

(More coming soon...)