Outer Hawk Wasp

Outer Hawk Wasp.

Outer Hawk Wasps are Outer Goddesses are the second most concerning devients, above Quantom Eaters but behind only to Plainspawn and Butcheroth Protothus. This is because this is an Outer God race that depends it's reproduction on capturing other outer gods to lay it's asexually reproduced egg in for the egg to absorb the captured Outer God into becoming another Outer Hawk Wasp. Espeically shockingly that their prefered prey are Destructor Class Outer Gods because their destructive power encourages stronger daughters. Though with Deity Quellers protected heavily by Deity Burglers, these tribal-sytle outer savages settle for other opitions, primarly Erasers due to decreased risk factors of being MEANT to be defeated, hence why Erasers tend to hang out the most difficultly reached places and have heavy craft security, it's not just secludion from mortals, it's also to keep away from Outer Hawk Wasps. The creatures however, are scareingly brave. In thanks to having a very high taste for Destructors, Outer Hawk Wasps are very powerful and strong devients, taking down many crafts that stand in it's way with great power before finally reaching the Eraser. The Battle would get intense, but the Outer Hawk Wasp would ultamately preveil and finally defeat the Eraser, and do so enough times again and again until it wears down the Eraser's chances for defeat until it would start to fade into the Hybernation Realm, of which she will distrupt by laying her egg in it, then the egg will absorb the fallen energy, then hatch into a new Outer Hawk Wasp, another to be raised to hunt and target Destructors. Particularly bold Outer Hawk Wasps, and/or alphas, tend to go after the likes of The Xexaxez, even at the adversity of it's many creations at it's defence. But Outer Hawk Wasps have a very special defence against both Erasers and Xexaxez, cause in absorbing their particular powers, they would also have immunity of being either mutanted by Erasers or just plain absorbed by Xzars, though Xzars are none the less more difficult due to not being meant to be defeated as eliminators of dimentions at risk of having inter-dimentional empires. These bolder or higher-status Outer Hawk Wasps have a common stragity, first, the defeat of all Xirds, including their smarter comrades who often offer more serious fights compaired to the others, then the more brutal Xoldiers that do sometimes manage to get an upper-hand on an Outer Hawk Wasp due to their fearlessness, but tactics ultamately preserver over mindless nilistic brute-force, then down to the X-Fate itself as a last line of defence, which are often the more serious contenders thanks to the indestructable xlanturns, but thanks to the Immunity, Outer Hawk Wasps are able to touch the xlanturns with little trouble, and defeating the shocked X-Fate, then finally, the Xexaxez that had produced all of those defeated oppendents, as it angerly moves in defeat the intruder itself, aiming to absorb it, but that's what the Outer Hawk Wasp wants. It defeated all of that Xexaxez followers for the purpose of sending all of that energy back to it to ensure it's egg absorbs all of it, as while inside of the Xexaxez, it'll lay it's egg in it, then escape, surprising the Xexaxez that realised it's grave error, then in it's panic tries to find the egg to get rid of it, but even when it would grab it, the egg already started the process of absorbing the now doomed Xexaxez as it whale-moan in angish in the absorbsion, the last of it's image swallowed up into the egg, as another Outer Hawk Wasp child is borned. Outer Hawk Wasps commenly live in dead or neglected dimentions, living in large tribes with an amazon-like culture. Though they famously hunt Destructors, that is only for reproduction, for subtensence, they target weaker Outer Gods, like Verse Hiver Drone Classes and/or any Verse Raider caught without a gang, and commonly most other Devients like Quantom Eaters, Mischievers, even any ill-fated Plainspawn that picked the wrong part of the multiverse to appear in if it's too weak to defend itself, to suck and swallow their quantom-force energy, basicly leaving what doesn't get suck to be re-forged into the Hybernation Realm. They stay clear of Devients protected by stronger Outer Gods, and that of the order retainer class due to their extreme impourence, and that it would both risk Amoral One Ire and risk being sought after for Hybernation Realm banishment, and often just stronger outer gods in general, nor the Outer God races they can relate too, like Pathmakers and Romancers. Still, often both intended and devient Outer Gods give the Outer Hawk Wasps a massive deal of distence, espeically Destructors. Even The Sleep Reapers are weary around having to go after a rogue Outer Hawk Wasp, and often it would take nearly 5000 to even minorly overwealm and eventually subdue with some persistence.
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