(Keep in mind that what you are writing on the characters pages, is kinda inaccreate to how the story is discriped in the Summery). King Buuull has been reported missing while on a mission to seek out and "dispose off" a Pro-USRA terrorest that threaten to destroy the forcefiled of the Beta Core Sector. UIS instructed the Lougers, HA and Gazelle to go into the isolated systems to locate him, and to strictly avoid planet contact unless it is absolutely imperitive. However, after the ship of the now dead USRA supporting terrorest was found, it was now the matter of finding King Buuull's vessel. But signels all lead to one place: Outishira. A stormy planet under an expansive global drought as the result of a comet strike, leaving water and resources the main currency, and raiders and bandits wandering the expansive whitish desert trying to survive. Once being the homeworld of the cnidarian Teadr 1.5 Outtians, who lived during Outishira's ocean world era, and died out under mysterious means, leaving their creations of organic and machincal nature to fend themselves, along with 7 pieces of a powerful artifact that, at the cost of a sacrivice, can be powered by the sacriviced soul to bring back a loved one, or if placed on a machine called "The Great Resserector", The combined artifacts can revive entire races and cleanse away any possable reason they died if it was by sickness, making collecting their technology a challenge worth a fortune, and that the artifacts are highly valued by those that want to make death a none issue, or even secure a place of power in a struggling world. Thus making the "Soul Forgery Pieces" a symbol of power to the folks of Outishira. Given that Buuull's ship was nowhere seen in space, they desided to go into the planet while being sure contact with native forces is incredabily avoided. But let's be honest, does THAT ever go precisely as planned? No, alchourse not. Cause the heroes found themselves in a midst of a conflict between two powerful factions, The Elder Dominated Faction of O.P.E.N. and a faction of once O.P.E.N. soldiers rebeling against O.P.E.N. for reasons yet to be understood, O.U.T., or demonsterly simplyfived as, The Outists. The Van was shot down by the termoil as the heroes were contained by O.P.E.N. forces. O.P.E.N. has taken the group into the buried kingdom of O'pen, as they are introdused to the council of leaders, head by the leader, Elder Indoorus, who explains the full story of everything about Outishra. As far as O.P.E.N. had told the misfits, The Outists are the conquering regime out to use the anichent technology to take over the planet, all under the lead of the Outerboss. Some scavengers are brave enough to stand against or steal from the Outists just to survive, including Caleb Ohm, his girlfriend Cyley Zapp, her sister Dynda Zapp, a comically annoying robot called Pilly, and an ex-Outist and Dynda's love interest Bount Hunter. Indoorus gave the assumtion that Buuull was likely captured by the outists for a means to get at UIS tec as well, but some heroes can't shake certain feelings about Indoorus, or the legitamency of O.P.E.N.'s intregaty in all that they are heavily focused on the Soul Forgery Pieces but refraigned from explaining anything beyond "General Goodnessness". The heroes worked togather and engaged the Outists in a rough but otherwise easily won battle, up until the Outerboss used a last minute trap to contain the entire group. However, then comes the biggest bombshell of this adventure: The Outists are actselly the good guys. They were not conguring Outishra for themselves, but only annexing the terratories to secure the Soul Forgery Pieces from O.P.E.N., who Indoorus and the other not at all rightious elders want to use it to give them enturnal youth as a secondary fuction of the pieces when combined, as it turned out that the Elders are artifical immortal beings created as the genesis fores of every spieces in Outishra by the Outtians, who Indoorus and trope wanted the artifacts to become gods and re-create Outishra in their image, but the Outtians refused, so Indoorus cursed the Outtians to die of a sickness of his creation, of which can only be cured by the Great Resserecter, of which O.U.T. had been protecting for the purpose of reviving the Outtians once they contained all seven, so not only will O.P.E.N. be disbanned, but the Outtians would fix the planet as well. All they need is the final one, the Forgery Centerpiece, but it resides as the heart of a powerful Outtican Destroyer that serves as a guardian of final tests. Thus, the Lougers and the HA, and the demoralised and relucent Caleb and friends after discovering a world shattering truth, go forth to seek out the Outtican Destroyer, espeically when it is discovered that O.P.E.N. were the ones that captured and held Buuull hostage, of which Indoorus quickly figured that the heroes were not his puppets anymore and threaten an ultamatum, that either the group get the final Soul Forgery Piece for them, or they will kill Buuull. A purpose revitalised Caleb suggests that the Lougers and the HA worry about saving Buuull while he and friends go to hunt down the Outtican destroyer and to do it quickly as O.P.E.N. forces prepare a final violent assult against O.U.T. in framing the Lougers and the HA as traitors to the planet, as Buuull is being set to exicution, furthering the ultamatium in because Indoorus has gotten desperate and fears that the Outtians will kill him and his fellow elders by taking away their immortality which will biologically degrade them, as he will not lose his life, nor his ambitions to become a god so easily. Can our heroes congure this incredable dry spell of a problem?

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