Overlord Exeter

Overlord Tuar Baslom Exeter

Overlord Tuar B. Exeter is an Alternate UUniversal Spintasaur from Planet Jarvix. He was a warmongering commander that participated in several wars long before the Villains Act. He eventually retired from the military since a bloody battle left him crippled, and leaving him to forever be in a hover-chair. He soon became another benefactor for the Villains Act, and while being obscured, he wasn't at all to be take for granted since he gave his hover-chair some improvements. He became a powerful war monger feared by many, till he ended up eventally getting a sickness that would proceed to kill him convinently after the VA was disbanned for 5 days. Yet when Xemantha changed the past, Exeter was saved from death that because Exeter never wasted money on the VA, he was able to afford medcine to save his life, yet he was still crippled and still a successful war monger, yet still did so without the Villains Act. He was also able to afford creating a giant mobile space fortress called the Bulwark, with several levels consisting of a wildlife sanctuary, lower catacombs, and an advanced security system and defense network. He also commands his own private army of clones of himself that are all capable of walking and fighting. He has yet to make his next move.


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