Overlord Gen I Side

Genston Iuxlor Sidebottom, AKA Overlord Gen I Side

Genston I. Sidebottom, AKA Overlord Gen I Side, is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Trecene (As of the current base of his group, otherwise his birth planet and the true base planet of the group is unknown but debated on). Dispite his unbelieveably laughable last name, which is the shorce of why he prefers to go by his nickname, a play on the word "Geniside", cause nobody (NOT an insane madman) laughs at that word, he is the infamous leader of a group of anti-human Rabodans called The Extinctioners, one of the most troublesome enemies of the USRA, behind The Byzankans and Dr. Infernus and his army to name a few. Gen is among the Rabodans who consider the humans an abominable disgrace to the AUU, considering that the Humans advancement was sort've exsellerated with the creation of the "Abominable" USRA and the fact most other races shared their tec with them. You see, Rabodans were the biggest supporters of not sharing tec to less advance races to an incredable extent and these beliefs, among other reasons, were the shorce of why the Rabodans fought the humans at all. Gen was the desendent of the Baron who ignited that war, Baron Sidebottom, who viewed the humans as "Filthy Monkeys" and "Blastfomus Primitives", figured that eliminating the humans will be a sintch. However, by the end of the war, the Humans surprisingly lasted longer then the unchanging baron expected, who wanted the war to continue reguardless of this. However, the more senseable council felt the war is becoming a waste of money, time, and even rather pointless and not a very good first impression for the humans and desided to have the war ended by having the Baron impeached and having the Sidebottom name blacklisted from any other polotical position ever again. This did not at all detered the baron, though he felt that he can't relie on the entirity of his race anymore to destroy the humans. So with help from loyalists and legit anti-human rabodans to form the "Extintionors", an anti-human Rabodan splinter cell that originally did a good job keeping the Rabodans from becoming friendly with the humans through intimidation and threats. However, within time, they were clearly unpopular for it, to the point they have been declaired enemies of the planet and the Rabodan race and each members, the Sidebottom bloodline espeically, were made wanted for public exicution. However, the Extintionors adapted to these changes and simply went underground to avoid this, creating an underground splinter cell socity as a result. Natrolly, The Sidebottoms predicted that without their enfluence, the Rabodans will eventally join with the USRA, and very well did. So this only motivates the Extintionors to seek out and destroy the humans even more, becoming an infamous USRA foe ever since. However, when the USRA disbanned, the group only minorly rejoiced, cause it wasn't how they figured would happen and that the victory is too small, considering that a new USRA would eventally be born and that the real victory would be the humans destruction. However, by the time of Gen's coming into power, the Humans have escaped into another plain of existence, which is only another small victory because, again, it wasn't because of them, but rather A bunch of fanactical ner-do-wells even they don't nessersarly approved of. Gen however, did saw it as an oppertunity to seek out the humans without problems from even the other rabodans and destroy them. He does this by making plans for his own Interdimentional Portal and then for the Extintionors to destroy the Humans from there, once and for all, and thus finally completeing his ansisters' mission, provided the same force that ruined the fanactical issue that chased the humans out of the AUU doesn't turn it's sights on the Extintionors next. He's noted for his broken smile by the scars, due to him being a self-harming masikist in deminstraighting that he's not afraid of pain NOR death for as long as his desires to wipe out the humans are still waiting to be met. He gained all the power he needed to defeat humans. His family was vastly knowledgeable of the humans' technology, society, and military tactics which were adopted by his Armed Forces to easily counter against them in a fight. He even gains a genetic regression serum which, according to his top scientist, Doctor Aberrant, could weaken the humans as they were strong fighters thanks to a recently-discovered genetic anomaly they possessed which could be a grand concern, though cause of being untested, Gen is being cautious about the throey to avoid ending up beliving in something that could just be paranoia and what the humans have is just unfortunate coinencidence. This serum he will intend to install within the RAPTURE Nuclear Bombs hidden within Trecene, making the bombs more overkill then the presence of nuclear engery alone, and thanks to spying on Villains Act villains briefing with Grand Duke Kafar-Ja, he has long since formulated a plan of attack once he reaches the humans' dimensional sanctuary. He was even capable of stealing a RAPTURE Walker, a large walking tank manufactured on Krallest, a warmongering world in the Beta Core Sector, that is capable of launching nuclear missiles, as well as other forms of less-lethal weaponry for physical combat, which basicly means he's gone Metal Gear Villain on everyone. Surprisingly though, dispite Gen looking like the sort've guy who would use this sort've power as the first move, he actselly considers the walker too powerful to just use all the dang time the oppertunity presents, as well as not wanting to alarm the group's enemies more then assumingly that they have a powerful mech on their side, perhaps deminstraighting that dispite his appearence, he's still capable of showing tact and grace in battle as suppose to being a true-hearted madman, though only by a margin. As such, he has declared he would only use the walker as an absolute last resort.


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  • "No Humans means No New USRA. And in the likely event those fanatics can't achieve this, my group will make that permanent."
  • (About Tether) "You insult me, Tether! Your very EXISTENCE is insulting to me!"
  • "Mark my words, humans are NEVER going to avoid extinction. There will ALWAYS be a race STRONGER than them no matter IF they have some ridiculous anomaly powers. Their extinction is STILL inevitable! Those humans will NEVER be safe, DO YOU HEAR ME?!? NEVEEEERRR-"
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