Overlord Strangle

Overlord Strangle and Imp Minion

Overlord Strangle is a powerful demonic being of Non-Darkspawn origin. Long ago, during the Keyblade Wars, he made a Faustian deal with Darkspawn-worshipping beings that gave him the strength to become an iron-fisted near-immortal overlord in exchange for allowing them to serve him and be supported by him. He has made these beings into small imp-like creatures with unbelievable powers that are only half of his power. However, after 70 years of conquests, he was imprisoned in angelic crystals along with his entire legion, and hidden away in a volcanic cave to never be unleashed. However, when a certain merc with a mouth accidentally sets him free during a trip away from his own worlds and ends up annoying him, he will soon go back to attempting to rule the UUniverses. He wears golden armor similar to Marvel Cinematic Universe Thanos, though has devil-like horns, a variety of powers, and is not an easy enemy to tackle due to both his power and near-immortality. This near-immortality only allows him to live forever and out of the effects of aging, but it doesn't protect him from the laws of death such as stabs, disease, and so on. Even so, he is still difficult to defeat. Even as a demon, he doesn't underestiamte nor overestimate any foe after better understanding them, and never results to insults and mockery, not even when he wins. This is pretty much a left-over trait of his former life as an honorable being. Though he is still not above being judgemental to those of questionable intelligence, motivation, or even if they look like the easiest wins ever, though he's capable of learning from such mistakes once proven wrong.


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Overlord Strangle is a demon-like monster with unholy abilities and near-immortality. This immortality can allow him to live forever, but not make him invulnerable. He is a powerful and tall being with the ability to lift up to 1 million tons, has unbelievably-long endurance, able to stay fighting for a whole day, and though he doesn't have invulnerability, he is still very durable and can resist any kind of firepower.

He is potent with unholy magic and witchcraft. He has telekinesis which he uses to levitate or strangle anything and everything. He has the ability to teleport rapidly, and his screams are unbelievably horrifying when he glows in power. He can also perform high-speed flights, and can amplify himself with a temporary boost of power that increases his strength, speed, and durability. He also has a healing factor, though it takes time and requires isolation to complete.

His greatest defense and arsenal is his golden armor and golden sword, which are all made of a durable gold titanium alloy that can withstand bullets, and was just as durable as adamantium. The sword was just as durable, and could deliver fatal blows and stabs, and was too heavy and big for any normal person to wield. He even carries a durable left gauntlet which was the most durable of his armor and could reflect any projectile back to sender. This gauntlet could, when combined with his strength, could crush a human skull with ease, which is what gave him his name.

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