Overmaster Blekaconaoma

Overmaster Poice Dordir Blekaconaoma

Overmaster Poice D. Blekaconaoma is an Alternate UUniversal Coneganna from Planet Klenamark. He is very powerful, evil, and obnoxiously arrogant, prideful, and insulting. He ambitiously desires to be the ruler of his own evil empire, that he considered the Villains Act to be inferior to what he planned to do. He refused every attempt of Qui to make him join the Villains Act that eventually, Qui just gave up and stated she had better things to do than talk to ignorant 'Blag-farts', and left angrily muttering. Blek was slowly but steadily making his own robot army to create his empire, but he then caught word of a rumor that supersoldiers were being used against the Villains Act, and to him, the opportunity of having an elite army couldn't have come at a convenient time. Sometime after the VA's fall, he kidnapped Zurkútar's family, forced him to betray his own team to swear allegiance to him and to be subjugated for experiments for as long as he wanted. Because he was a result of incest, his mouth was extremely ugly, and he had to hide it with a mask that covered part of his face. The mouthpiece does open up so he can eat properly, and the mask also strikes fear into the heart of his foes. With that mask on, nobody could stand against him. Especially since he had his own array of built-in gadgets inside his suit. He's basically a deformed freak who's ashamed of what his heritage is and this extremely-independent evil is compensating for his condition. This is why, when he is under extreme pressure that is capable of removing his mask, he is a coward that constantly tries to keep a secret from being revealed.


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Blek is a skilled marksman and combatant who learned 5 martial arts, and he was even capable of stealing some prototype augmentation serums, which didn't necessarily turn him into a supesoldier, but increased his strength, intelligence, agility, and reflexes. Though he constantly has to have a weekly dose of it because it only lasts a week. He has yet to steal himself a stronger and more permanent augmentation serum. Like a lizard, Blek has a regenerative healing ability that allows him to regrow lost limbs and heal wounds. Though he is a crocodilian, his species is not semi-aquatic since it's evolution left them with a small lung capacity. But that doesn't mean that he can't swim. He also has night vision and good smell and hearing.

His hide may be tough, but not against advanced weaponry. That's why Blek wears armor made from neutronium and Kevlar under it. The armor is wired with a 2,000-volt electrode network, and he has rocket boots that allow him to fly. He also has shock gloves like Gordon the Animal, only they're a different brand. They allow him to penetrate Kevlar with a single punch, and even allows him to fire electricity at his victims, though these need to recharge after use. While his mask was primarily meant to hide his deformed face, it also has several other features such as an artificial electroreception system which allows him to pick up the electrical charges of people when they move just like a shark. It also has a voice-disguising device that makes his voice more intimidating than his real voice, which isn't the least bit menacing.

While his main weapon is primarily electricity, Blek isn't without any other kinds of weapons. He is equipped with a tesla rifle which fires a chargeable electronic blast that can bust through vehicle armor in a single shot. He also has a wide number of plasma grenades, and his final weapon of choice is a bronze vibrosword in case of melee combat.


  • " Pfft, I can do that A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!! I am an OVERMASTER!!"
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