Moscow Peven Overton

Moscow P. Overton is an Alternate UUniversal Monstrositid from Planet Sumbell Lesser. He is a large monstrous-looking alien being and the brawns of The Robonauts since his wife and daughter were killed and roboticized by Viction. Starting out a bully of Delux, he stuck up for him when seeing a passive side inside of him, and defended him from his much bigger brother Mongtolio. Eventually he defended his future wife from his own brother and got him expelled, only for him to get his revenge as a merciless robot after a deal with Viction, ruining him and forcing him to destroy his own roboticized brother and swearing further revenge on Viction, eventually by joining his friend in the Robonauts. He is similar in personality to MCU Drax the Destroyer, as his people are known to be aggressive colossal beings who are completely literal and cannot understand metaphors.


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