Gwen R. Pacificious, AKA nicknamed the "Pacifier" in the comics, is a fictional Superior Pacific loon who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. She was portrayed as a former scientist of Sanitary Techs who had been trying to gain the credit she deserved, and she was mocked by everyone because she wasn't respected or admired, even with all the amazing inventions she creates which cause casualties 20% of the time. She was denied on any project she tried out for, and after so much oppression, she decided that enough was enough, and created a device called the Youth Probe, a device that she designed for Project: Child's Play as an earlier design before Pedokinea 16 years later. She secretly designed it to turn the entire lab into her baby slaves. But Grotch was in on it the whole time, and battled her. She tried to use the Youth Probe on him, but it malfunctioned and turned her into a newborn chick instead, but Grotch had assumed she was dead. She has since waited 16 years to get revenge after getting adopted by a family of geese. As a 16-year-old, no one seemed to recognize her as she applied for an intern at Sanitary Techs. She redesigned her Youth Probe as a device called a Refresher, which she disguised cleverly with a new design and the ability to turn objects into younger and fresher stages. When the Challenger Children found out about her applying for an internship, Brawn Boy falls in love with her. While the other Challenger Children continued investigating her, Brawn Boy began sending her flowers and chocolate (Most of which he ate). When Pacifier finds out that Brawn Boy is part of the famous Challenger Children, she kidnaps him (Oddly enough by inviting him to a date at her lab) as an attempt to lure the rest of the Challenger Children to get him. Once they have an argument, they are trapped by Pacifier, and locked up after she explains her plans for Sanitary Techs and Kratos. She turns all the scientists into babies, and tries to find a way to recreate the Pedokinea serum so she can make them good slaves, as well as to get some quantonium that will allow her to manipulate their powers. When the Challenger Children escape and are so close to stopping her, she turns them into adults. Because they are not yet used to having adult bodies, they are unable to fight properly. Luckily, with the help of The Stand-Lone Kids, they get their normal ages back, and together, all 20 kids battle against Pacifier. They defeat her and send her to jail. Since she was a baby twice in her lifetime, she has developed her own child-like naïveté, having a lust for anything that satisfies a child, and whining about her own life. She gets pushed to her limits sometimes, but she still has a strategic mind. Her powers include super-agility, teleportation, telekinesis, and force-field generation.

  • MCode: FfgSaTkTpo


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