was the name of Rahkshi of Shattering, making him the dark spawn prince of destroying, and the dark spawn warrior of demolition, propbuly used as the break in guy for doors or blast away far-too determen guards. Panrahk was chosen by Teridax to be sent for the Avohkii because Fragmetation is the enemy of Faith, the principle of Le-Matoran. Its Kraata is sand yellow metallic and brick yellow. Teridax's Panrahk was one of the six Rahkshi that was sent to bring back the Mask of Light. Along with Lerahk and Guurahk, Panrahk was the cause of the destruction of Ta-Koro. Even though he succeeded in doing that kind of damage, he failed his mission by being trapped in glass. The glass was created when Panrahk was in a fight with Lewa Nuva and Tahu Nuva, who combined their elemental powers. Panrahk is a Rahkshi of Fragmentation. This serpent's Staff of Fragmentation could send a "bomb" through the ground and air, and cause it to explode on command. his powers are so powerful, that the ground under him cracks as he walked, in compliance to his explosive nature. currently, Pahrahk incredably become one of the vanguards of a new master, Emperor Fang, his evil presents similates the Makuta that he and the other rahkshis obey him without question (Rahkshis don't talk anyway) and now leads an army of non-dark spawnic Vaki.
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