Pailey D. Pimple is an Alternate UUniversal Human from Planet Graphene. She is a human child born in the movie business, but she was mysteriously psychotic and evil with no explanation as of why. Though an orphan born to parents who returned to the AUU since the Villains Act's disbanding, she grew up raised by a studio head named A.V. Mammon, but when he had his hands full once Pailey became a movie star, he was convinced to hand the burden to Ragen, who was posing as a rather brooding anti-animal human executive named Rev Reagan after joining The Villain Legion, who later took Mammon's business and turned it into one where animals were no longer leads and second-class employees and actors, all because he could once again be a sadistic bully in style, and had Pailey to play to as she hated animals though pretends she loves them, and had two Triyskan executives, both named Walto, one acting as Pailey's butler, and the other acting as Ragen's agent, and the two were loyal bodyguards, yet they did not know about Reagan's secret identity, but he had the ability to taint them into agreeing with his orders. Pailey didn't know either, but like Walto and Walto, he could taint her onto his side, but when she eventually discovers his secret identity, she doesn't care and wants in with the Villain Legion because not only is her career at stake upon discovery, but upon getting fired thanks to the efforts of the Clam Lounge Squadron, she fully becomes a member, and though Walto and Walto would renounce their loyalties, the two would have clones to take their place. She is the AUU version of Darla Dimple.


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