Palque the Excommunicate

Palque Dex Ranista the Excommunicate

Palque D. Ranista is an Alternate UUniversal Icar from Planet Zotune. He was known to be a local, harsh opinated atheist that has been known to bash and criticised even GOOD religens cause he thinks the idea of worshiping "devinely" beings is "primitive, stupid, and a roadblock to evolution". While he isn't hated per say, everyone, even his own race, thinks he's just too "harsh" on the right to belief that it would end up hurting him badly. And eventally, it sort've does happened. After he was harshly excommunicated of his rights thanks to a stubborn zealous ruler referred to as The Holy Brother, who was mistreating other bird species like Palque's for his race's own benefit, he gotten so fed up, he called the Union Against Religious Abuse to assassinate the leader. But they also found out that the leader was a robotic suit, and the real leader was a zealous insect criminal wanted for religious fraud, having to kill him twice. While the people did appresiate that they're free from the criminal's trickery and now they get to finally have more equil relations and fairness, they however criticsized Palque for being too quick to use death as a punishment cause the worse the Holy Brother did was steal away the rights of the accused, but otherwise wasn't really hurting people. The race rulers of the planet ordered Palque to be banished for picking too harsh a punishment for an albeit awful con-artest, but they still thanked the union of ridding them of the problem at all. Because Palque didn't had a home now, the union felt they could've done a better job of keeping his atehist attatude from going that way too quickly and take him to be with the union. Palque is always quick to make harsh remarks on any religion, but this has often got him in trouble by the people who found it offensive. While Xena understood that his actions are the result of suffering badly from religious abuse, she doesn't let his overly-harsh comments go too far and insists that he 'doesn't speak for the Union by a certain extent' in terms of establishing relations to outside forces like respected dignitaries. Palque also has a bad habit of being a hopeless romantic, much to the annoyance of the female members, including Wesper, who has the misfortune of being 'the most attractive fruit of the bunch'. He is very similar to Icky, just as annoying and has just as annoying personality.


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