Para Knights

The Para Knights

The Para Knights are a team of Alternate UUniversal sky-riding vigilantes that originated from Planet Nygia. They are extremists who enjoy their jobs and get a great thrill out of fighting crime with their flying vehicles and their GravWing-10 Wing Packs. They originated from an old Nygian Interuniversal War Project that was meant to create flying paratroopers that were able to patrol the sky of oncoming invasion forces. Unfortunately, the project was discontinued, and only 7 students of the project were able to continue their legacy by creating their own personalized flying vehicles called 'Skewers', and created their own AI spaceship called the Skyscream, piloted by an AI named Airis.


Para Knights Symbol

Para Knights Symbol

The Para Knights originated on the planet Nygia in an old Interuniversal War Project called Project: Crystal Clear, which would create vastly-superior army forces that would make the skies of Nygia safe from sky pirates and invasion forces. A total of 56 people were specially-selected to take part in the project. Those 56 people went through training in martial arts, exercises that increased their brain power, given minor enhancements, and taught how to operate superior flying vehicles. However, since the project was going over budget and because the Interuniversal War had ended, the project was discontinued, leaving their 56 subjects to return back home to make uses with their improvements.

Only 15 people decided to do something fairly useful that would change not just Nygia, but the AUU in general. They named themselves the Para Knights and they spent a few dozen years training with their wise leader Captain Asapha Sonarr under the authority of a bug governor named Governor Buzz Ki Ller, who had hoped that Asapha's success in attempting to do something as useful as Project: Crystal Clear could've done would allow him to get reelected as governor of Nygia. Once the next election campaign came on, Asapha had decided that his teammates were ready to do their own thing and become heroes. The problem was that his brother, Arce the Arc, believed that Buzz was trying to protect the people of Nygia and wanted their group to stay the way they were. When Asapha refused to hear him out, Arce reported it to Buzz, and worrying that this would doom his chances of getting reelected, Buzz scolded Asapha for it. After a big argument, Asapha inevitably abandoned Buzz and took his teammates to leave, but was disappointed at Arce and 7 others for betraying them. While they left, Arce and the other 7 soldiers became Buzz's personal enforcers called The Buzzwings.

Outraged by the disobedience of Asapha, Buzz labeled the team as renegades and constantly sent the Buzzwings to turn them in. For the next few weeks, the Buzzwings and the Para Knights have been fighting against each other in battles that have shaked the entire sky. However, because the Buzzwings have been failing for so long, Buzz decides that they were of no use to him and betrays them by having them arrested for 'being Villains Act terrorists' and sent them to Oranos, thus setting off events that got him reelected at last. Asapha, felling horrible that Arce has finally suffered for not knowing any better, decides that they avenge him and prove the Buzzwings innocent, unaware that they have already escaped and had been plotting revenge on Buzz as well. Now Buzz is forced to send the military after both teams so he can do his best to keep his position as governor. To this day, he still keeps his career, and the 2 teams have been forced to occasionally work together to put Buzz in his place.



  • Governor Buzz Ki Ller- A fly-like creature who is the Para Knights' current arch nemesis. He has been searching for ways to destroy the Knights for years on end with no success ever since he tricked Arce and his comrades to turn against the Para Knights and manipulate them into becoming their enemies after Asapha refused to be a governmental enforcer sell-out to ease Ller through an election campaign.
  • The Buzzwings (Formerly):
    • Arce the Arc- The younger brother of Asapha, and the leader of the Buzzwings. He is a very skilled and deadly adversary even for the Para Knights. He was tricked into serving Buzz to get revenge on the Para Knights for nearly costing him his position as governor, but then their failures have lead Buzz to betray them and have them sent to prison. Upon realizing their mistake, they were able to escape soon afterward to become antiheroes.
    • Typhona Typhoon- An echidna-like creature who is the navigations expert of the team. She is also very good at statistics and engineering, and often helps Cyce in inventing.
    • Snipewing- A lapwing-like bird who serves as the sharpshooter for the team. He is very stealthy when sneaking up on his targets, and his plasma crossbow can auto-lock on targets and strike them with heat-seeking blasts.
    • Captain Rainex- An oddly-crested dinosaur who serves as the second-in-command of the team. He has brutal skills, versatile weapons, and durable armor that can resist almost anything.
    • Moonstrike- A black-and-white tiger who serves as the scout for the team when they are on the ground. He works with a cloaking device and some energy knives and is lightning fast.
    • Black Scar- A gliding tree frog who is named after the dark scar on his right eye, and serves as the demolitions expert of the group. He is not only an expert in explosives, but he is an expert in acrobatics and martial arts.
    • Cyclone Cyce- A cat-like fox who serves as the inventive genius of the group. She helps build the teams' inventions and machines, and is responsible for creating most of their equipment and weapons.
    • Molti the Monsoon- A giant Gila monster-like lizard who serves as the heavy operations of the group. He is a muscle-bound maniac who's poisonous bite is about as deadly as his fists.
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